Obama: "Rooting out a cancer like ISIS won’t be easy and it won’t be quick"

But, how did the cancer grow, dear Mr.Obama? ... Read More

Macleans pimps Trudeau for past 12 years but Paul Wells says it’s the Conservatives who are obsessed with Trudeau

If Macleans’ Paul Wells had an ounce of shame he wouldn’t have even thought about writing this load of garbage about how the Conservatives are obsessed with Justin Trudeau: Justin Trudeau is the fifth Liberal leader the Harper Conservative government... Read More

This is what happens when Israel bombs Gaza

More intensive blowbacks are formed.  More potential terrorists are born.  More hatred engulfs the entire world.   More potential terrorist attacks here in the West are feared.  Why is it so difficult for the world’s supposedly “most intelligent” people to... Read More

Rob Ford threatens John Tory’s lead

Given the way Toronto voters choose their representatives in provincial and federal elections, I’m surprised to find that the two centre/centre-right candidates are leading the nationally known left-wing candidate. According to an Aug. 26 Forum Research public opinion poll, John... Read More

Globe and CBC also omit fact president of Native Women’s Association is a Liberal candidate

CP has kindly cleared up what happened after I pointed out their omission (see here) that Michel Audette, President of the Native Women’s Association is also a Liberal Party candidate: In the interests of transparency, here is how that story evolved:... Read More

Persecution Complex

When a North American Christian claims they are persecuted, I hear ‘I’m not allowed to persecute others the way I used to!’ Seriously, if anybody can give me an example that isn’t that or ‘Not allowed to treat our children... Read More

Ukraine is breaking up and Novorussia is extending …. so let’s look at a 75 year old map just before the last WW

The pro-Russian separatists, with Russia’s help by way of weaponry and manpower, are now progressing even further from areas they were controlling until now. The last few days have seen heavy fighting with Ukrainian troops and mercenaries, including US mercenaries,(I... Read More

Twerps On A Plane

Once again a plane intended to ferry party-animal Canadians to a booze soaked week in the tropics, has “had” to turn back to Toronto. No, planes don’t have to go back if there is a drunk on board. They have... Read More

Dollhouse Gone

It was destroyed by the artist last year in a fire. I stopped by it several years ago. ... Read More

Maps of where the wahhabi scum are holding sway and where they intend to go next

First map from AP show the areas the ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz monsters are supposedly in control of at this moment in time.  Second map, supposedly from the monsters themselves show their future intentions.  From both we can clearly see that Assad’s army... Read More

Three cheers for today’s youth

A couple of years ago, my friend’s son was in his final year of high school. At Christmas, he participated in their Christmas concert. Only problem, it couldn’t be called a Christmas Concert. The Toronto District School Board decreed that... Read More

The even more intensified plight of Palestinians in Gaza after insane warlord Netanyahu’s genocidal actions on helpless citizens and their infrastructure

Collective punishment that Israel metes out on the Gaza strip is one of the most shameful things that this our present world of today witnesses every few years. There can be no excuse for a nation whose military is, supposedly... Read More

Interesting Numbers

The latest Abacus poll was interesting as its numbers show how few people think anything would change under a Liberal or NDP government. For instance under a Liberal government, 46% don’t think there would be any difference when it comes... Read More

New Theme: Goran

We have a new free theme to announce today: Goran! Goran Designed by yours truly, Goran is a functional, responsive, multi-purpose theme that’s a perfect option for your business website. Learn more about the free Goran theme at the theme... Read More

Crazy Town is right

It’s Forum, so everybody needs to take a frigging Valium. On the other hand, however, this: ... Read More

The Canadian Environment: Who Can Speak?

News of this paper  arrived on my twitter feed last evening, and one of the author’s was kind enough to email me the entire thing.  It takes a look at the practical effect of the Candian  government’s attempts to narrow who... Read More

When Shaming Survivors is Not Enough: Police-State Motives Behind Sexual Assault Transit Ads

Photo credit Instagram: @the_noush. Permission to use granted. By Emily Griffiths The Transit Police got burned in the media recently, when rad feminist transit riders called them out publicly for their summer-line of sexual assault ads. These ads use language... Read More

Britishers come to a sad realization: "Too little too late"

Yup!  One has to pay for one’s sins sooner than later.   In the meantime, Canada is importing thousands of Syrians, Libyans, Egyptians, with some places in Canada looking like you are walking through a souk with Arabic speaking shoppers... Read More

What My Bike Has Taught Me About White Privilege

The phrase “white privilege” is one that rubs a lot of white people the wrong way. It can trigger something in them that shuts down conversation or at least makes them very defensive. (Especially those who grew up relatively less... Read More

Why \”The Fifth Element\” Is the Best Sci-Fi Movie Ever

So I get a lot of shit for liking The Fifth Element. I’ve never quite understood all the hate for the film online. Ernest Cline has Buckaroo Bonzai. I have Korben Dallas. I think the problem is that people just... Read More