Israel’s idea of a "ceasefire" is to let snipers carry on killing Gazan children and women

The Nobel Prize winners in every category under the sun are unable to come up with a diplomatic solution whereby they can live in peace and harmony with Palestinians.  What glory is yours if you have heaps of  those trophies... Read More

Libloggers Ascendant: Danielle Takacs For LPC Nominee

I should note that Danielle Takacs is running for the Liberal Party of Canada nomination up in Brant.  Danielle used to blog at  galloping around the golden horseshoe before deciding to jump into the political ring rather than merely snarking about it.... Read More

The Grudge: On the Journey of Writing Memoir

By Allison K Williams Words on the page. I am still married. My friend is still my friend. My lover is still my lover, and then he is not. Scroll up, and we are paying bills, or shopping, or sneaking... Read More

Kids Are Hard. Marriage After Kids is Harder.

My husband and I were brilliant communicators before we had children. I don’t just mean talking about mindless drivel over a pint or five. I mean discussing as in depth as was humanly possible about what our lives together would... Read More

Life on the Front Lines: AP in Gaza

The Associated Press team in Gaza is reporting the news as they live it, working quickly — under extremely difficult conditions — to verify and debunk information for AP’s customers around the world. Senior Managing Editor Michael Oreskes lauded their efforts... Read More Writers Share Their Favorite Baseball Books

Time for some summer reading? You’re in luck. We invited our esteemed writing colleagues at to suggest at least one favorite baseball book. Ball Four tops Moneyball, 8-6, for most mentions. David Halberstam has the most suggested works with three. Some... Read More

Video: Palestinian supporters shout “Heil Hitler” during Calgary For Israel rally

Canada’s newest hotbed of radical Islam was on display again this evening as a handful of Jew-haters chanted “Heil Hitler” at Israel supporters during Ezra Levant’s Calgary For Israel rally: What are the odds these vile racists will be shown... Read More

In Friday’s Sun: a thousand points of light. Stay the course. Persian Gulf.

Capricious, unstructured and even dangerous: That’s what American political thinker Walter Lippmann once wrote about the public’s views on foreign policy. “The unhappy truth,” he wrote in 1955, “is that the prevailing public opinion has been destructively wrong at critical... Read More

Savage Nation: The MH17 cover-up

This is from a few days ago.  There must have been more developments on the issue. I wanted to keep this as a reminder that a nation (United Kingdom) that is so  much against Russia is where the black boxes... Read More

From Florida with Jihad in Syria …. the story of just one of several American jihadis

And, with the stuff going on currently in Gaza,  you can take what I have to say, deposit it in the nearest bank and make a damn good profit in the near future:   There will be plenty more like... Read More

Channel 4 UK is the only Western world’s TV channel showing any humanity whatsoever ….

for the victims of Israel’s atrocities committed on a people as collective punishment for having voted  the terrorist group Hamas to power.  I hope Channel 4 does not have those endless Jewish billionaire shareholders,  otherwise Channel 4 will be toast... Read More

The Deliberate Ambiguity of Occupation

Israel has a policy of deliberate ambiguity about whether its control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip is ‘occupation’. Every other country on Earth including their closest ally the US says it is an occupation, Israel coyly argues it... Read More

Ron Paul: "End torture, shut down the CIA"

The evil powers-that-be kept Ron Paul from becoming the prez of the USA.  The world would have had far less wars if he had won and our world would be a much better place if people like him were leaders... Read More

New Themes: Edin and Espresso

Check out Edin and Espresso — today’s spiffy new additions to our massive family of themes. Edin Edin is a brand-new, free business theme designed by yours truly. It’s a modern and fully responsive theme that will help you create a strong —... Read More

Rallies held in Baltimore … July 31

... Read More

VIPS for Sanity’s Memorandum to President Obama

The Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity group wants the President of the United States to show evidence of Russia’s culpability in the downing of the MH17 instead of painting Russia black. However, their memorandum must have been thrown in the... Read More

What the Devil told his son about rulers on Earth

The song was supposedly written by Irving Berlin in 1914.  I found it at the War Is A Crime blog. Stay Down Here Where You Belong Down below Down below Sat the Devil talking to his son Who wanted to... Read More

Renewing Your Gay Card

Good afternoon, Mr. Elliot, It was brought to my attention that you would like to renew both your straight and gay cards this year? Now while that is certainly all fine and good, may I recommend merely renewing your gay card,... Read More

How to Bring Internet to the Masses

Like all good conversations, this one started out about sex. We’re just a tiny bit nerdy, so we started wondering about the data speed during conception. Which, of course, got me to making comparisons to our local internet providers, which... Read More

Fear of a White Rapper

I recently watched Ice T’s documentary Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, and I found it to be a very informative and entertaining piece on hip-hop. I definitely recommend that you (yes, YOU) check it out, if you haven’t... Read More