New LPC Ad Is Pretty Clever

They’ve bought space during some of  tonight’s hockey games, apparently.  Probably for just a night or two, and then they’ll hope The Net spreads word a bit further.  They’ll get good media coverage out of it.  It’s clever and positive... Read More

Yet another mindless war robot from USA’s media: CBS … shilling on behalf of warmongers

There’s no end to the number of lying ghouls found in the MSM of the USA.  If not for conscientious individuals outside the MSM, there would be no outlet for our anger and frustration when we gauge that the MSM... Read More

CrossTalk on loony bin USA’s foreign policy boondoggles

... Read More

Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Your Account

Because we want to make accounts as secure as we can, we’ve made it easier for you to set up two-factor authentication for your account, so you can take advantage of the top-of-the-line security standard. has supported two-factor... Read More

Wynne’s budget: two linkless points

There’s not much controversy surrounding it, at all, because: She said, if elected, she’d invest in transit and infrastructure, and this budget is aimed at giving effect to that; and She (and we) know that, to pay for the aforementioned,... Read More

And in other news, Justin Bieber has reportedly brokered a ceasefire with ISIS

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The case of Oskar Groening

“The capacity of the gas chambers and the capacity of the crematoria were quite limited. Someone said that 5,000 people were processed in 24 hours but I didn’t verify this. I didn’t know,” he said. “For the sake of order... Read More

How to lose an election

Alberta’s election continues to be far more entertaining than the one here in the UK. Amid his party’s plummeting polling numbers, Progressive Conservative Premier Jim Prentice needed to re-connect with voters and rebuild trust for his party during the leaders... Read More

Rachel Notley Owned the Night

The story at the #abvotes Leadership debate was of Jim Prentice making the biggest tactical error of a career full of them.He spent the night building up Alberta’s already popular NDP leader into an unquestioned legitimate contender to the highest... Read More

Alberta leaders’ TV debate is the PCs last hope

TV dominates politics because it is the prime-time news and political ads that stream into our homes which grab our attention.  Radio, newspaper, and even outdoor signs combined don’t have the same total effect that a well-orchestrated TV ad message... Read More

State-entitlement: a little less of the same, please

From listening to remarks by the likes of Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau one could get the impression that the NDP and, to a lesser extent, the Liberals believe all income we earn—one hundred per cent of it—whether from individuals... Read More

New Themes: Ecto and Coherent

Today, we’d like you to meet the two newest themes added to the collection: Ecto and Coherent. Ecto With a light color scheme, bold typography, and full-width images that draw readers straight to your content, Ecto is perfect for blogs of all kinds. Inspired... Read More

Who’s going to win the next federal election?

Here’s what the CBC’s polling aggregator has to say: With the Liberals and Conservatives currently neck-and-neck in voting intentions, the tendency for polls to accurately predict the winner six months out is nullified.  But the trend of the Liberals under-performing... Read More

Saskatoon Riding the Coattails of History

Acknowledging that an important feature in Saskatoon was constructed by the government, then bragging that construction of a future valued feature (a wind turbine) was avoided by the government instead of an opportunity seized upon, is a repugnant attitude. People... Read More

How Stephen Harper Created the Duffy/Senate Mess ……

In a May, 2013 Buckdog post, I told you how the Duffy/Harper mess got started …May 20, 2013:”When Stephen Harper decided to add Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy to Canada’s unelected, undemocratic Senate, he started in motion a series of... Read More

Why did warmongering NBC and Richard Engel lie about identity of kidnappers?

Could it be because not just the NBC and their “journalists” but the lying gangs in the MSM of the USA, UK and Canada are in cahoots with each other and their orders are coming from the very, very few... Read More

Dr Ron Paul on the inconsistency of Obama’s foreign policy…..

and the arming of lawless Ukraine by the USA and allies From RonPaulInstituteForPeace&Prosperity Political Murders in Kiev,   US Troops to Ukraine.Last week two prominent Ukrainian opposition figures were gunned down in broad daylight. They join as many as ten... Read More

Never mind Stephen Harper’s granddaughter  

I’ll bet Stephen Harper is very, very unhappy about what Joe Oliver said. ... Read More

Ensuring Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Today, Google released a change to its algorithm that gives higher search scores to sites it deems “mobile-friendly.” Curious WordPressers might be asking: How can I be sure my site is mobile-friendly? What can I do if my site is... Read More

Another Media Party member exposed at Duffy trial – received $7,000 for writing one speech

We knew the Canadian Senate was rotten but now we have proof Canada’s media is just as ethically decayed. During the Mike Duffy trial it was exposed Press Gallery member Mark Bourrie had been paid by Duffy to look for... Read More