How it works

WSP believes:

What is the WSP?

1. The Internet is full of compelling blog news. 2. Readers need a comprehensive source for finding blog news. 3. Bloggers deserve a platform to give them the widest audience possible.

“WSP is a new kind of media, but it is also a common-sense kind of media,”

says Co-founder, Jerry Grafstein, Q.C. “We curate the issues that are

resonating deepest and the voices that are reaching farthest, combing through the Canadian blogosphere’s most

popular and most respected writers and provide for them a platform to reach a wider audience.”

The blogosphere contains some of the best and newest Canadian political coverage. But the internet is vast and it is difficult to locate the best of new and developing stories. The Wellington Street Post is a new kind of media, but also a common-sense kind of media. WSP uses innovative technology and unbiased political acumen to bring together the diversity of the blogosphere and social networks into coherent, timely and high-quality news.

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