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DNA of Engagement: How Organizations Can Foster Employee Ownership of Engagement

We are in an employee engagement crisis. This report explains how everyone in the organization, including employees, can play a role in creating an engaged workforce. Includes case studies. ... Read More

L’or « pas si noir » stimule notre économie, p. Web Debt Checkmark:  0 Le pétrole fait rouler l’économie d’ici.en lire plus ... Read More

William Watson: Trying to digest 159 ways to improve a country

I spent seven hours Wednesday confined with several hundred other columnists, reporters, financial analysts, policy wonks, cameramen, video editors, sound engineers and so on at the federal government’s annual budget lock-up.You line up at 9:30 a.m. in the Ottawa Convention... Read More

In the coming budget, Quebec must keep promise to reduce taxes

Montreal Gazette, p. A06 Debt Checkmark:  0 Comparaison entre les augmentations et les réductions d’impôts survenues au Québec au cours des dernières années.en lire plus ... Read More

The case for free trade should not rely on mercantilism

Writing in the Globe and Mail recently, Colin Robertson, vice-president of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, makes a good case for a bold approach by Canada’s government if NAFTA is to be renegotiated. Unfortunately, he misses a basic fact from... Read More

Guest Article: 2017: A Year for Ocean Conservation Decisions, Action and Accountability – Because the Ocean is Everybody’s Business

If we are keen to ensure a future for our planet and to give the ocean any chance of recovery, then we need to seize the key political opportunities happening in 2017, and make sure that bold action is taken.... Read More

Custom-made election rules may lead to abuse of power, discrimination among First Nations

Appeared in the Vancouver Province, March 23, 2017 Last month during band elections on the O’Chiese First Nation in central Alberta, incumbent Chief Darren Whitford won his seventh straight term after a new electoral rule, which required candidates to be... Read More

International Day Highlights Linkages Between Forests and Energy

The International Day of Forests was celebrated on 21 March 2017 under the theme ‘Forests and Energy’. The UN Forum on Forests (UNFF) organized a celebratory event at UN Headquarters in New York, US featuring a panel discussion on ‘Growing... Read More

Federal Budget 2017 proves the plan is failing

Appeared in the Toronto Sun, March 22, 2017 In listening to Finance Minister Bill Morneau (pictured above) deliver his government’s 2017 Budget, it’s clearly evident that the minister and his government believe their plan is working.“A year and a half... Read More

Nouvelle ère de sécurité : Innover pour mieux desservir

Présentations juin 1, 2017 Lieu:  Ottawa Présentation par Mathieu Bédard, économiste à l'IEDM, dans le cadre d'une conférence organisée par la Chambre de commerce du Canada. Plus d'information. RS:  Présentation par Mathieu Bédard, économiste à l'IEDM,... Read More

The Conference Board Economics Watch®—United States View

After a brief slowdown in Q1, the US economy returns to its slow growth trend. ... Read More

22 Truths about Performance Management: Insights from the Performance Management Summit

Companies are revamping their performance management systems to reflect a modern-day workforce and agile way of working. This requires a culture change, which can be challenging. ... Read More

Échanger la gestion de l’offre contre le bois d’œuvre

La Presse+, p. web Debt Checkmark:  0 Deux exemples de mesures qui seraient bénéfiques pour les consommateurs et les producteurs des deux côtés de la frontière.en lire plus ... Read More

Federal Budget 2017

In its latest budget, Canada’s federal government takes a “stay the course” approach. ... Read More

Saskatchewan and Alberta—two vastly different fiscal paths

Earlier today, Premier Brad Wall’s government in Saskatchewan tabled its budget for 2017/18.It was impossible not to immediately notice some obvious points of contrast between this document and the budget tabled by Premier Rachel Notley’s government in Alberta last week.Both... Read More

Federal Budget 2017 projects $28.5 billion deficit

With its largely status quo 2017 budget, the federal government has essentially decided not to decide until President Trump decides. And that leaves taxpayers, entrepreneurs and businesses guessing about what Canada’s economic policies will be.With the Trump administration and Congress... Read More

Rent control—proof bad policy ideas die hard

Appeared in the Toronto Sun, March 22, 2017 Some bad ideas simply refuse to die. The Wynne government recently proved this painful fact of life once again by suggesting that it is considering expanding rent control in an effort to... Read More

Guest Article: Investing in Sustainably Managed Forests Offers Energy Solutions Now and in the Future

The issues of forests and energy are closely interlinked, and this is why this issue was the theme of this year’s International Day of Forests. If the current trend of slowing forest loss, combined with forest restoration and plantation efforts... Read More

Alberta’s 2017 budget—a bad case of déjà vu

Appeared in the Calgary Herald, March 20, 2017 Many of us are guilty of failing to learn lessons from the past and then going on to repeat avoidable mistakes. Alberta’s 2017 budget is a prime example of this at the... Read More

Trump administration may undermine visa program, threaten Canadian-held jobs

Last night during a rally in Kentucky, President Donald Trump said, “We’re starting on NAFTA very soon”—a signal that renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement may be imminent.NAFTA created a special nonimmigrant classification permit called the NAFTA TN... Read More