New Theme: Radcliffe

We’re excited to introduce Radcliffe, a crisp new free theme. Radcliffe is a contemporary responsive theme with beautiful typography. It puts your content in the forefront, featuring gorgeous full-width header images. Learn more about Radcliffe at the Theme Showcase, or preview it... Read More

Editors’ Picks of the Year: Notable Reads on

Our editors dove into the archives to resurface top posts published on this year, from personal essays to comics, and photography to fiction. Here’s a glimpse of what you published — and what the community especially loved — in... Read More

Field Notes: BlogHer PRO 2014

Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do when not in front of a computer — from talking about making great products to using design... Read More

Cozy little Conspiracy

It is unacceptable for the Alberta government’s coalition partner* (in all but name) to also be the official opposition.Wildrose’s leader and house leader and at least five other current Wildrose MLAs are now members of the governing party and the... Read More

COMMUNITY LINKS BULLETIN – January to March 2015

Dear friends,Happy New Year to all of you! And welcome to the latest edition of my Community Links Bulletin! The bulletin’s priority is to inform residents and organizations in East Van about the activities and services carried out in our community.Please join... Read More

One Central Hub for All Your Content

Last week, we announced a few updates to the interface, including faster stats and enhanced site management on both desktop and mobile devices. Our push to make all sites faster and easier to access and manage continues. This week,... Read More

Is It Time YOU Write With Politics, Re-Spun?

Hello! It’s time. Time to consider writing with us. We’re expanding our crew and you may be the kind of person we’re looking for. How would you know? Here are the four steps. Read the About Politics, Re-Spun page. If... Read More

Diversity in the atheist/skeptic communities: An evidence-based approach

Richard Dawkins has lost it: ignorant sexism gives atheists a bad name – Guardian Atheism’s shocking women problem – Salon Why atheists have a serious problem with women – Will misogyny bring down the atheist movement? – Buzzfeed The... Read More

Alberta Government Begins to Sunset Oil Production

Edmonton’s Eastgate: What are those cylinders in the background? This week, as an early Christmas present to the province, the world and future generations, the Alberta government has begun the process of completely ending oil, coal and gas production in... Read More

Personalities over Principals

Who cares what the locals want, this guy has better optics federally.Federal Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau denies his party’s nomination process is undemocratic, and said prominent Sikh businessman Barj Dhahan withdrew his bid to be the party’s candidate for... Read More

Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 9

Here’s more great reading for you: five stories we love from across all of WordPress. 1. Spaces of Freedom in Iran Jake Threadgould An account of one traveler’s stay in Iran: On my second night in Iran I was invited... Read More

Like A Rat Fleeing A Sinking Ship, Dick Cheney Throws George Bush Jr. Under The Bus On Torture Responsiblity

This is freaking hilarious! Dick Cheney, the former Vice President of the United States, has dismissed a key point in the report on CIA torture and has, as a result, thrown his former boss under the bus!”Dick Cheney discussed the... Read More

Confusing People with a Die-In in a Mall?

Shoppers didn’t quite know what to make of the whole thing. via Protesters Bring West London To Standstill In Solidarity With Eric Garner And Michael Brown – BuzzFeed News. I can see their faces, up on that top floor. Looking... Read More

Greenhouse gas reductions: US regulates oil and gas sector (despite Prime Minister’s claims yesterday), but not Canada

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, yesterday, the Prime Minister said that no other country is regulating oil and gas, but a briefing note from Environment Canada explains that, in fact, the United States is already regulating oil... Read More

New Theme: Twenty Fifteen

It’s that time of year again. The snow has started falling in northern countries, friends are gathering together to exchange presents, and it’s time to launch a beautiful new annual theme for WordPress. Hello World, Twenty Fifteen is here. Twenty... Read More

Health Canada fails to enforce rules on direct-to-consumer advertising for pharmaceuticals

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, when it comes to advertising, pharmaceutical companies appear to have free reign. Apparently, the minister believes that these companies should just regulate themselves.A newly released study shows that Health Canada is failing... Read More

Be Merry with This Year’s Holiday Theme and Wallpapers

It’s hard to believe the year is already coming to a close. As 2014 ends, it’s time to celebrate the holiday season with our tradition of teaming up with talented artists to create a cheerful WordPress illustration. This year, Mads Berg has... Read More

Upgraded Stats and Navigation Enhancements

We’ve been updating to make it faster and more powerful behind the scenes. We’ve now introduced some changes to the interface as well, making website, blog, and content creation more intuitive and consistent across devices. Here’s a roundup... Read More

New Theme: Museum

We’re excited to introduce Museum, a new free theme! Created by’s own Kelly Dwan and Mel Choyce, Museum is crafted to showcase your best photographs, drawings, or illustrations. Featuring elegant, museum-inspired typography and ample room for your images, Museum pays special attention... Read More

Why Are Capitalists So Lazy?

Entrepreneurialism, innovation, competition, insight, optimization, excellence? These are the self-satisfying hallmarks of our jackboot triumphal capitalism. But what’s with the laziest of the lazy capitalists? You know, the ones who run the fossil fuel sector. The science is in. They’re... Read More