Marijuana Debate – The NDP Position on Marijuana

Dear Friends,Tuesday in the House of Commons, a Standing Committee on Health report from October 2014 was debated in the House. The report was called “Marijuana’s Health Risks and Harms” – a title, which, from the very beginning, shows the... Read More

We Need a New Map – My Farewell Address in Parliament after 18 years

OFFICIAL REPORT (HANSARD)Tuesday, June 2, 2015Speaker: The Honourable Andrew ScheerMr. Speaker, this is an excerpt from Being True to Ourselves, by poet, Sandy Cameron: “The map we inheritedisn’t any good.The old roads misleadand the landscape keeps changing.People are confusedand drift from... Read More


An NDP Government will cancel Canada Post’s plan to eliminatedoor-to-door mail delivery and will reinstate delivery in allcommunities affected by cuts announced in December 2013.”This is about fairness. The cuts to home delivery impact seniorsand persons living with disabilities the... Read More

Hastings Park Commemoration of Internment of Japanese Canadians

Dear Friends,The internment of Japanese Canadians in WWII is a shameful part of Canada’s history, including in our own city of Vancouver.  It was only many decades of work by the Japanese Canadian community that finally brought recognition and a... Read More

Throwback Thursday: Kitsilano Closure – we saw this coming

In July 2012, I sent the attached 10%er into my riding.This highlights the NDP’s concerns with the Conservative Government’s reckless choice to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station. Here is the letter to Fisheries and Oceans Minister, signed by all... Read More


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEApril 14, 2015NEW DEMOCRATS RAMP-UP CAMPAIGN TO REVERSE HARPER’S COAST GUARD CUTSVANCOUVER – Today, New Democrat MPs and candidates ramped up their campaign to reverse the Harper government’s reckless cuts to BC Coast Guard services.“An NDP government will... Read More

My speech in Parliament on Medically-Assisted Dying

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP):Mr. Speaker, I will be sharing my time with the member for Timmins—James Bay.I am very pleased to participate in this debate today. I want to begin my remarks by reflecting on the importance of... Read More

Sign onto the NDP petition in opposition to Stephen Harper’s "anti-terrorism" legislation, Bill C-51

I am really proud that the NDP is standing strong to oppose Bill C-51 that contains sweeping powers that affect the freedoms of all Canadians. Make no mistake – this Bill is bad legislation. Public safety is always a priority... Read More

Canada’s top court set to rule on B.C. assisted suicide case

Media Link:…The Vancouver SunOTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada will be in the spotlight Friday as it deals with the latest in series of divisive issues that is rooted in B.C. social policy battles. Canada’s highest court is set... Read More

Paying tribute to East Van teacher, Mark Reid, contender for Varkey GEMS Foundation Global Teacher Prize

 Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to a very special teacher in Vancouver East. Vancouver Technical Secondary School teacher Mark Reid is in the running for the $1 million Varkey GEMS Foundation... Read More

NDP Clearest Alternative, Globe & Mail Is Loathe To Admit

The G&M must be loathe to report stories like this. But the NDP are so much in the lead and seen as the party of clear change, that they have no choice. But, that doesn’t stop them from trying to... Read More

The real truth about reconciliation…

Is that all is good with our native peoples. I mean it would have to be if the government department tasked with providing services to them was able to lapse a billion dollars in budget over the past five years.... Read More

A question for the crowd…

Today’s announcement that Peter MacKay is not going to run for his seat in Parliament this fall has me thinking that maybe this is a sign that Stephen Harper is losing control of his party finally. Some months ago when... Read More

The miracle of birth…

It’s so thrilling to see a foundling cracking the shell for its first few pecks at freedom. (And never has a better beak been built to crack one, too!) And now, with today’s announcement, Peter MacKay marks his transition from... Read More

It is on… apparently

With the new round of polls in the hopper and the NDP surge from their surprising provincial victory in Alberta quantified, if it didn’t before, it looks like the national election campaigns are firmly up and running for the three... Read More

“It’s real – get over it”

So says ipolitics (pay wall), referring to the NDP surge that was confirmed this week by polls released by EKOS and by other groups. They go on to demonstrate that, while NDP numbers jumped dramatically with the recent Alberta provincial election... Read More

Oil buck$

Playing around on the internet at lunch today, I came across a couple of interesting databases that confirm, at least visually, that we are a petro-economy. With data on the daily price of West Texas crude from the Federal Reserve... Read More

Polievre and the election wrinkle

It’s not exactly news that Stephen Harper and his merry band are willing to cut a few corners when it comes to getting democratically elected. It’s also probably not news that the party that has been found guilty on several... Read More

Vote Together

I’m all in favour of voting your conscience. I’m all in favour of voting for the person who best will represent your riding. However, in the screwed up system that we currently have, your ballot gets used to determine both... Read More

“If I could increase it, I would”

These are the words  of Tim Brown, CEO of Nestle Waters, responding when asked if Nestle would decrease the extraction of ground water to supply its California bottling operations. He would increase it if he could. He doesn’t see the... Read More