Press Publish Tickets

It is with great excitement that I announce the opening of ticket sales for the Press Publish conference series we teased here earlier this month! After scouring the web for bloggers with inspiring stories, successful blogs, and unique voices, we’ve confirmed the speaker... Read More

QP: Premiers Hold Annual First Ministers Conference, Prime Minister Refuses to Show Up…Again

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, first ministers are gathering a stone’s throw from Parliament Hill to discuss the most pressing issues facing our country. They will discuss critical issues like how to tackle the infrastructure deficit that... Read More

Google Analytics for Business sites

The Stats on are a special favorite of many site owners — it’s our second-most visited screen. At a glance, you can see when you get the most traffic, which posts are making the biggest impact, who your most frequent... Read More

You Deserve Better Wages and Benefits

Right wingers want to pay no tax. It’s hard to bleat about that in public without sounding like the greedy, selfish people they are. Instead, they say that public sector workers are paid too much, and that we should privatize... Read More

One Theme, Three Ways: Customizing Twenty Fifteen

Our default theme this year, Twenty Fifteen, draws visitors’ eyes to what matters most — the text and images you publish on your site. Crisp typography, generous spacing, streamlined navigation: Twenty Fifteen shows that less can indeed be more (and that it can... Read More

Dying with Dignity – Community Forum

 SPECIAL INVITATIONDYING WITH DIGNITYWednesday, January 21, 2015 / 7:00pmVancouver Public Library (Alice MacKay Room, downstairs)350 West Georgia (between Robson and Georgia) Join Libby Davies, MP (Vancouver East) and Special Guests from Dying with Dignity to a free community forum on... Read More

Alberta’s Tax Dis-Advantage

A recent poll showed that only 9% of Albertans want to have a  2% sales tax to help deal with the province’s fiscal woes, preferring taxes that either others will pay or that they will only have to pay occasionally,... Read More

MORE Sexism Against Female Canadian Athletes!

THIS picture respects the dignity of a tennis player. Not, “give us a twirl” demeaning, sexist abuse. Today is a terrible day for gender equity in sports. What it looks like is either continued sexism, or increased anti-feminist backlash against... Read More

Yet Another Logistical Solution to Homelessness

So, Utah has been eradicating homelessness by giving people homes. The bonus is that it’s easier and cheaper to provide social services to people when their housing needs are met. From Amsterdam, we see yet another logistical solution for emergency... Read More

New Themes: Cubic and Wilson

It’s Theme Thursday and today I’m happy to present two new free themes: Cubic and Wilson. Cubic Designed by’s own Thomas Guillot, Cubic is a clean, simple, and responsive theme. With its single-column, grid-based design crafted around large featured... Read More

With Oil Prices Tanking, Thank Gawd That Premier Brad Wall Set Aside Some Royalty Money For Saskatchewan’s Hard Times

… oh wait!!! That never happened!! Brad Wall blew a multi billion dollar surplus left to him by the former government AND he allowed the Oil industry to extract Billions of dollars out of the ground in the last 7 years... Read More

Science World Ignores Climate Science

Well, why would you support something called Science World when it participates in a program to brainwash students into supporting the liquid natural gas industry, despite the science indicating how harmful it is to the world. Climate change deniers deny... Read More

Take Back Our Coast

Take Back Our Coast! Join Libby Davies, MP (Vancouver East) and Don Davies, MP (Vancouver Kingsway) and Special Guest Nathan Cullen, MP (Skeena-Bulkley Valley) for a free community forum on stopping the Enbridge pipeline.Come learn about the bill to ban... Read More

Does YOUR Favorite Corporation Exploit Tragedy for Sales?

It’s not like capitalists deserve your pity when they accidentally offend people while they try to embrace their communities to build spirit. And profit. It is partly because corporations are pretend human beings, with no emotions, no social conscience [beyond... Read More

Bed-Sized Universe

In the liminal state Between yesterday’s deluge of logistics and over-stimulation And tomorrow’s hopefully more meditative study Of deep river shore line, I lie in bed Between clay ground and vapour clouds. I can’t feel fully grounded I keep floating... Read More

Canada’s Top 5 MPs of 2014

Allow me to start the New Year  on a positive note by presenting my choices for the Top Five Federal MPs for  2014. 1. Craig Scott (NDP—Official Opposition Critic for Democratic and Party Reform). Mr. Scott  did a great job... Read More

Harper and the Ignorance Factor. . . . .

My esteemed peers Montreal Simon and Owen Gray at Northern Reflections have highlighted today Bob Hepburn’s op-ed piece in the Toronto Star asking the thorny, but essential, question of how Harper has gotten away with the slow but sure destruction of... Read More

Friday musings – film reviews and more

This looks like tons of fun – a new video game that is for an iphone,  and voice controlled – first time I ever wanted an iphone.    Story here. Remember Phyllis Schafly – I recall her from the 80′s as... Read More

How to Excuse Your Child from the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

Well, it’s that time again: Foundation Skills Assessment in BC. There are so many things wrong with the FSA tests. I won’t go into them here, but you can read about many of them in these places: Foundation Skills Assessment:... Read More

New Themes: Boardwalk and Sela

We’re celebrating the New Year with two free themes: Boardwalk and Sela. Boardwalk Designed by yours truly, Boardwalk is a clean, simple, and responsive theme. Powered with horizontal scrolling and built around large featured images, Boardwalk is the perfect choice for photobloggers... Read More