Harper, the Dog of War

For Harper, 6 CF-18s in Kuwait, all war all the time, phoning up the Pentagon asking where we can become more militarily engaged…all these things lead to a war posture, including a soldier being killed at home. A war posture... Read More

Join Ricochet: A new take on independent media.

Have you joined yet? No? So, you’re good with corporate media spinning things for you, against your personal, community, national and ecological interests? Oh. Ok. Ricochet is an audacious response to a difficult context. Independent and in the public interest,... Read More

If You Read But One Thing About Universal Childcare This Week

Line them up here. In this one section of universal childcare analysis by one of the smartest people in the country, Michal Rozworski, we see a number of significant policy issues addressed: affordable childcare. universality. feminism. including mothers in the... Read More

Transportation After Fossil Fuels: A Decade Away?

Once upon a time, I rode the maglev at the Japan pavilion at Expo 86. Since then, I’ve come to see that that was the Commodore Vic 20 of high speed travel. What’s the new standard? ET3. So if you’ve... Read More

Beauty Pageants and the BC Liberals

There are no words. 2 former @HyackFestival Miss New West girls and 1 former Miss White Rock now working for Today's @bcliberals pic.twitter.com/dHUctYlBrE — Kirsten Hamilton (@kirstenmay13) September 21, 2014 December 16, 2013 The Secret Weapon: Self-Esteem (0)April 16, 2009... Read More

How to Spot an Ecology Troll

Start with an oil spill apologist/minimizer. Work with the twisted logic that since all ships and oil tankers don’t crash all the time, any concern over one that might [and our government's pathetic incompetence in prevention and disaster-aversion] is eco-hysteria.... Read More

Transit Should Be Free; Until Then…

$1/day is a good start to get there. It’s good for the environment. It reduces commuter stress. It forces governments to increase progressive taxation to cover infrastructure costs. It uses BC’s cheap hydro electricity. It combats rampant zombie consumerism. The... Read More

People Should Stop Attacking The Margaret Wente

It doesn’t matter that she hasn’t read Naomi Klein’s new book about climate change. It doesn’t matter because the internet of things. It doesn’t matter because most of what’s important in the world is in the comment section of news... Read More

Simushir and BC’s Energy Future

[I was finishing my presentation to the BC government Finance Committee for their 2015 budget the other day. Now Simushir has begun to threaten ecological disaster. That puts a new context in here as I submit my ideas today. I'm... Read More

People Want BC Corporations to Pay More Tax

…or do they? Every year the BC government consults with citizens on what should go into their budget. Last year over 25% of the online survey respondents said new revenue should come from increased corporate taxes, triple the rate of... Read More

New Theme: Penscratch

Today we have a brand new free theme especially for writers and bloggers! Penscratch Penscratch is a clean, sophisticated theme for sharing your writing. Whether you’re working on an analytical essay, an anthology of poems, or a piece of long-form... Read More

Ebola outbreak: NDP wants details on emergency plan for Canada

Media Link: Ebola outbreak: NDP wants details on emergency plan for CanadaCBC.caNew Democrats are asking the federal government to be more transparent about the steps being taken to prevent an Ebola outbreak in Canada and to produce a vaccine for the... Read More

Tell Christy Clark: Don’t rush through Societies Act reforms

Please write today to tell the BC government not to press through its reforms to the BC Societies Act. Email fcsp@gov.bc.ca before the end of 15 October 2014. Clark’s Liberal government is looking to overhaul the law that regulates over... Read More

The People Who Want to Shoot the Women

Do you stand with @femfreq? If not, you’re welcome to not come back to this website. You aren’t welcome. [View the story "The People Who Want to Shoot the Women" on Storify] August 27, 2010 Terrorism + Child Abuse Joke... Read More

What I Am Thankful For

This weekend, I am thankful for folks in Seattle who know how to transform the imperialist Columbus Day into Indigenous Peoples’ Day. May we all learn this for next year! “We are all citizens in a democracy, we are all... Read More

Around the World in Nine Photos

Do you love stories from around the world? Check out the work of the following nine photographers on WordPress.com and allow your imagination to take you away… Nathanael‘s monochrome photo of the Star Lite Motel in Mt. Airy, North Carolina,... Read More

Add Gmail, Calendar, and Drive to Your Site

The content you publish on your site is the result of a lot of behind-the-scenes activity — and we’re not talking only about drafting posts and pages. Emails, meetings and events, documents and spreadsheets: as business owners and publishers you have... Read More

Socialist, AND Nobel Peace Prize Winner

…And after reading that, do you have an urge to say, “yeah, but” – she’s young – she’s a woman – she’s uneducated – whatever other condescending, dismissive thing you can imagine? As a post-partisan eco-socialist, I affirm her words.... Read More

White Privilege and Entitlements, On Acid, Sans Irony

I’m white, so I’m qualified to explain that white privilege and entitlements don’t exist? So shut up? Enjoy the stupid, ignorant, red herring cultivating and watch the white host infantilize and berate the non-white guy. So Sun TV recently decided... Read More

Harper, Militarism and the New Toonie

Harper continues to ignore, demean and disrespect soldiers while once again sending them into one of his neo-conservative “wars,” which is good for a PM heading into an election, needing to solidifying his base that loves him to kill the... Read More