New Theme: Libre

Happy Theme Thursday, all! Today I’m happy to introduce Libre, a new free theme designed by yours truly. Libre Libre brings a stylish, classic look to your personal blog or longform writing site. The main navigation bar stays fixed to... Read More

Humanists must engage with the Truth and Reconciliation Report

Earlier today I finally had some time to sit down and read parts of the Truth and Reconciliation report and set out why Humanist Canada’s response was woefully inadequate (at best). I Tweeted my responses and then built my first... Read More

Minimum Wage and the Laughable National Post. . .

The National Post Editorial of June 30th which argues that the performance of Rachel Notley in Alberta is a good reason not to vote for the NDP in October is a excellent performative demonstration of just how thin the arguments... Read More

Reinvented Video for WordPress

Today, we’re announcing a complete overhaul of VideoPress, the service that has powered more than 3,000,000,000 video plays on and Jetpack-connected self-hosted WordPress sites around the world. We’ve made the next-generation VideoPress dynamic, responsive, and lightning fast to support... Read More

#LoveWins! LGBTQ Bloggers Make Their Voices Heard

You might have noticed the rainbow banner across the top of over the weekend — our way of marking Pride month, celebrated by cities across the globe in June, as well as the US Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across all states.... Read More

Conflicted about Foothills

#andpThis is hard, I’m conflicted and not happy to be writing this.Bob Hawkesworth has thrown his hat into the ring for the Foothills by-election to replace Jim Prentice who took his ball and slunk home on election night resigning his... Read More

On Hope and Fear in the run up to the Elections. . .

Despite wanting to turn off recent political events, an urge that is motivated by a depressed feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, I have kept a careful watch on things over the past few months, almost like a addict who willingly... Read More

A week of big wins for Progressive Americans (But a very bad week is coming for abortion rights)

This was an amazing week of wins for progressive Americans.  Obamacare has defeated what was probably the last chance to strangle it in its cradle and there’s not just no path to kill it now, there’s no time left to... Read More

Celebrating 10 Years of & Automattic

This year marks the 10th birthday of and our parent company, Automattic. We are proud to have served this community of millions: from writers, photographers, artists, and small and large publishers, to business owners and entrepreneurs. A quick bit... Read More

Del Mastro and the Milgram Experiment. . .

Former Liberal MP Glen Pearson had an article on the Huffington Post yesterday entitled “Del Mastro isn’t the Problem, Politics Is,” in which he argues that Del Mastro is essentially a good man who has been led astray by a... Read More

NDP Now Has A Stable Lead And Is In Minority Government Territory

3 new polls were released today (Environics, Forum, Ipsos Reid), all confirming that the NDP has a stable and comfortable lead over the other parties. The Environics poll was in the field earlier and over a longer period (June 3-18),... Read More

Del Mastro – Poster Boy of Harper Corruption. . .

Before today I think that my very favourite moment in the ten years of the Harper disaster was the moment that Dean Del Mastro commented on his conviction for electoral fraud. As we all remember, Del Mastro didn’t just reassert... Read More

Crazy Train

“Any insinuation that CP doesn’t take safety seriously or would tolerate a culture that allows employees to cut corners or break rules is deeply disturbing and inappropriate,” CP’s CEO is quoted as saying.’Words from CEO Hunter Harrison that residents of... Read More

Early Theme Adopters: Gazette

Gazette is a theme that balances rich functionality with a pleasant, non-obtrusive look. Depending on your site’s needs, you can tweak it to look as stark and clean, or as warm and vibrant as you wish. Business owners, visual artists, and... Read More

Running on Fumes and the Problems of Leadership. . .

As the Harper government sputters toward the fall election, a political machine that seems to be running on fumes alone, the issue of leadership is continually arising amongst the MSM as well bloggers at large.All political and activist organizations must... Read More

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Research PROVES ‘Trickle Down Reaganomics’ Do NOT Work !!!

 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has now released detailed research that proves a pillar of right wing economic theory DOES NOT WORK !!! Huffington Post”The International Monetary Fund just blew a big hole through trickle-down economics. You’ve probably heard of... Read More

Libertarian activist puts politics before reality to argue the left puts politics before reality

On the libertarian blog Reason, John Stossel trots out the tired cliche that the left are just as anti-science as the right, and in this case potentially even more damaging. Because non-evidence based views about climate change have no real... Read More

A perfect EFF score! We’re proud to have your back.

Concerns about online privacy and illicit government snooping are at the top of users’ minds, now more than ever. We appreciate that you trust us to safeguard your sensitive information on, and Automattic has a long-standing commitment to defending your rights... Read More

Rachel Dolezal and the Strange Dilemma. . .

Like Dr. Dawg, I am troubled by the entire incident of Rachel Dolezal. Obviously, something about the whole thing rubs us all the wrong way. But it is difficult to articulate exactly why. Dawg referred to it as “the most... Read More

Jenny Diski on Writing, Love, and Cancer

Photo by Suki Dhanda We’ve been following writer Jenny Diski for many years at the London Review of Books, and more recently on her blog. Just this past weekend Diski was featured in a profile by Giles Harvey for... Read More