Will Brian Lilley Issue Grovelling Apology For November 18th Video Segment?

The video segment itself is  here.  Its print counterpart here. The grovelling apology (print edition) is below:Will there be a video version of this apology to follow?  Official steps have been taken by Mr. Raynolds to extract one, and they seem... Read More

NEWS FLASH! NDP MP Anonymously Accuses LPC MP Of Sexual Assault!

“It was sex without explicit consent,” she said.This is bullshit, because, want to or not, she has in fact destroyed a man’s career.  And seems willing to keep the story alive via anonymous interviews.  This is starting to look like... Read More

#BlackLivesMatter but not in #ferguson

The failure to indict Darren Wilson is a travesty. By Langston Hughes:Ferguson:Chicago:Seattle:New York:Los Angeles:Washington:And in Toronto tomorrow ... Read More

Ferguson, right now

Spotted by Michael Bolen. Remind you of anything? ... Read More

In Tuesday’s Sun: hear both sides, or end it

In Latin, it’s called “audi alteram partem.” That is, “hear the other side.” It’s a principle of what is referred to as natural justice. Put simply, natural justice offers citizens specific procedural rights – the right to be heard, and... Read More

Fantino "explains" government budgeting

So it has been revealed that Veterans Affairs had $1.1 billion dollars in unused funding over seven years. Now Veterans Affairs minister Julian Fantino is claiming that the Harper Con’s “balanced” budgets where not achieved at the expense of our... Read More

The question of the Fall of 2014 (finally)

... Read More

Ferguson waits

Decision day in Ferguson will be Monday at the earliest | Toronto Star: “We’re living under a governor’s declared State of Emergency, we’re facing school closures, and we’ve got enough extra law enforcement here to make us all feel like... Read More

Keystone XL: Don’t Build It For Canada

A new poll, basically confirming what a lot of older polls suggested:Canadians are more likely to oppose (44%) than support (36%) the Keystone XL energy pipeline, while 20% have a neutral opinion. The opposite is true on the other side... Read More

Model S Tesla Car in Regina

Last month James took me for a spin in an electric Rav 4. This week it was the sporty and futuristic Model S by independent car company Tesla. ... Read More

Eight reasons children of the Seventies should all be dead

This is brilliant. It made me laugh so hard, I fell off my Earth Shoes, knocked over a stack of eight track tapes, and wrecked my Farrah Fawcett poster collection. Brilliant. ... Read More

And here we thought LSD wasn’t readily available in China

‘Chick Chick’ (natch) by Chinese pop group Wang Rong Rollin. Wow. Just, wow. ... Read More

Obama just ensured the next occupant of the White House is a Democrat

American conservatives, like some Canadian conservatives, are apparently unaware that the country is changing under their feet.Obama’s move is a masterstroke, and the following paragraphs demonstrate why: “Republicans are in a bind over immigration: the U.S. electorate is rapidly becoming... Read More

Gruending On Mining

The CNCA [Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability]  brief also referred to a systematic pattern of Indigenous and human rights abuses that have accompanied increased Canadian mining activity. It cited a report presented to the IACHR Commission last year by the... Read More

Wearable tech

Forget the eye glasses, the arm band, the watch, the ring. What I want is a smartphone in a narrow stick about 18″ long, and I want the controls to be based on gestures (moving the stick through the air)... Read More

In Friday’s Sun: respect

Canada is more than “a confederation of shopping centres,” Pierre Trudeau once said, decrying the narrow agendas of provincial Premiers. It is more than that. It has to be more than that. In Trudeau’s view – and I believe he... Read More

Mike Nichols, RIP

As my Calgary high co-conspirators Lee G. Hill and Dan Nearing would tell you, The Graduate was always my favourite.  RIP, a great visionary. ... Read More

Dennis Mills in the Globe, on that rumour thing

Mr. Kinsella said in an email Wednesday that a number of senior Liberal party members have urged him to seek a nomination and to run in the 2015 election. Among them, he said, is Dennis Mills ,who held Toronto-Danforth for... Read More

About that rumour: three questions

1. Have some folks suggested I offer myself up as a Liberal candidate in the next federal dust-up? Yep. 2. Am I a candidate for anything yet? Nope. 3. Should I become a candidate? Well, there’s a few strongly-held opinions on that.... Read More

Constitutional Challenge By Anti-Wind NIMBYS Is A Desperate Hail Mary

All they can point to in regards to negative health effects is “annoyance”: some folks find the presence of wind farms annoying.  And being annoyed all the time is, generally speaking, detrimental to your health. The problem is people can... Read More