Heave Steve – Prince Albert Riding 2015 [Borgerson

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Greece & The Euro: Some words of wisdom from a Swiss Ambassador

Dr Daniel WokerIn an article headed Greece and the Nattering Nabobs of the Anglosphere in Real Clear World, Dr. Daniel Woker has some timely advice to the chattering classes: Cool it, you just don’t get it. A former Swiss Ambassador to... Read More


It’s WestJet, however, so the chances of actually getting there are somewhere between slim and none. Happy Canada Day anyway, eh?    ... Read More


A Greek debt default and its exit from the Eurozone is probably inevitable now.  Indeed it was probably inevitable when the economic crisis first hit.When it happens there will be alot of blame being thrown around by the various parties... Read More

I’m happy folks are opposing the display of the Confederate flag

Good. But why not the pro-the pro-Nazi rag distributed by Canada Post, as well?    ... Read More

Trudeau, Dion and the Green Shift

Liberals still wince, a little bit, when reminded of Stephane Dion’s Green Shift. Some of them even attempt to rewrite history, and suggest they never supported it when it was party policy in 2008. But everyone did, including Justin Trudeau,... Read More

Mulcair honeymoon ending in 5…4…3…

In this, the NDP leader frankly looks not unlike a megalomaniac without a shred of principle. But, then again, the main source is Dimitri Soudas (a guy who allegedly has been investigated by the Mounties for stuff like this, according... Read More

She blew a big lead before, she’ll do it again

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The Queen City Ex Musical Ride

Here’s an advance preview, if a similar “musical ride” comes to Regina? Kids expecting horses and music from RCMP Musical Ride treated to para-military violence. http://t.co/MSqET5fY0G pic.twitter.com/XHipX4zt4f — CC (@canadiancynic) June 29, 2015 ... Read More

Trudeau, CPC and the ISIS footage

There has been a ton of commentary about what the ad is. There hasn’t been a lot of commentary about what it isn’t. It isn’t: Proprietary: The CBC has tried to claim it is, but the CBC is mistaken.  There... Read More

#NDP trying to turn The Beard™ into an asset. (updated)

Smart. (Shows what I know.) UPDATE: My former North Van pal Shahriar Shahabi has invented a name for it – it’s the Mulcair Hair! ... Read More

NDP spots political landmine, decides to dance on it

So: If you’ve got the dough, and the NDP does; If you have achieved historic levels of popularity due to the other parties’ spending scandals, and the NDP has; and If you want to campaign against the Senate, and the... Read More

Barry Kay of Laurier Institute: Say welcome to Prime Minister Tom Mulcair

Global News graphic of the horse raceJames Armstrong of Global News has a fascinating article about the findings of the Barry Kay team of the Laurier Institute, with three really illuminating graphics. The three diagrams clearly spell out the problems... Read More

QuAIA At Pride?

They said they that this year they were going to throw in the leather trunks and the feather tickler, as it were.But old Meir says they’re there today:@JohnTory @TorontoPFLAG @PrideToronto You made a promise that if the antisemitic gang QAIA... Read More

You’re Not Helping, Kory Teneycke

From Global, earlier today:He’s got to be someone’s useless cousin, right?  ”Please, sir, if he can’t get a job with the party he’ll either end up in jail or in real estate.”  Right?  Here’s the full Kory file on BCLSB,... Read More

Greece & The Euro: Super Mario will come to the rescue this weekend

Mario Draghi of the European Central BankDeadlock reached, the EU negotiators broke off talks with the insurgent left wing Greek government, and that government threw a Hail Mary pass by calling for a referendum on the austerity package on July... Read More

SCOTUS drags the US into the 21st Century

Now the United States will experience “gay marriage”, just like dozens of other countries already have.With this, plus yesterday’s Obamacare decision, the United States has been pulled kicking and screaming into the modern world. I can only hope that people... Read More


Justice Kennedy’s closing paragraph this morning. Read.     ... Read More

Yay #pride! Yay our client #Twitter! 

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Nine Inch Not A Good Idea

It’s a lot of fun until voters start checking out the lyrics to NIN’s Closer, Naheed and Rachel! ... Read More