Would you like this soldier protecting your back in a fight?

Donald Trump wouldn’t.  This morning, he tweeted – without the Pentagon’s prior knowledge – that transgender soldiers like this one wouldn’t be allowed in the U.S. armed forces. He did that, of course, because he is going to lose the... Read More

This makes me so, so sad 

One year ago today, says Facebook. Very proud to work for her in three states last Summer.  She is the real president. She won with three million more votes, and it is now indisputablly clear that her vile Republican opponent... Read More

A sad picture tells a sad story

Here’s a picture of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls booth at the Assembly of First Nations in Regina. It’s closed. No literature. What a bloody disgrace, as one hereditary chief said. I say it’s getting time for... Read More

The last twenty-four (24) hours of Trump

... Read More

Don’t look now

…but there is at least one police force in Ontario fighting hate. Well done, Peel.  ... Read More

What WestJet says it’s like here in Regina

Um, off by about six months, folks ... Read More

This week’s column: when abroad, behave

Dear Famous Canadians: Canadians behaving badly in the United States: you could practically write a book about the subject, couldn’t you? On the Right side of the spectrum, there was the time that former Toronto mayor Rob Ford was arrested... Read More

Me on Adler

On socks, Alberta and No More Mr. Spice Guy. Here. ... Read More

SFH strike a pose

The cover of the next LP, SFH Kinda Suck. Remind you of anything? L – R: Bjorn von Flapjack III, Winkie, Snipe. In witless protection pro... Read More

Highly-scientific poll™: on the GG touching the Queen

…to prevent her from bouncing down the stairs, that is.  The still GG, not the one presently in the crosshairs of Kevin Donovan. You're on some steps with the Quee... Read More

X: Recipe for Hate – now with its own soundtrack!

On Spotify! ... Read More

Two years ago this week

From Leger. Facebook reminded me.  The slide, meanwhile, reminds all of us that there are no certainties in politics – everything can change in an instant, and in ways few of us foresee, too (cf. Brexit, Trump). ... Read More

25,000 Twitter followers can’t all be wrong!

…well, they can be, actually.  Following me, for instance: shouldn’t you all be outside, playing a sport or something? Anyway, I am grateful that my 140-character-consciousness has some appeal. And, Justin Trudeau, watch out: I’m coming after you. ... Read More

Based on the available evidence to date, I strongly doubt it 

... Read More

Campaign Research: Ontario horserace numbers

From our friends at Campaign Research, who are among the (exceedingly small) group who are the best pollsters in Canada. A War Room/www.warrenkinsella.com exclusive!  Comments are open. PCs WITH 7 POINT LEAD ON LIBERALS IN ONTARIO MAJORITY WANT TO SEE... Read More

SFH kinda suck

So, I was on Evan Solomon’s show on CFRA yesterday afternoon, with my pals Karl Belanger and Monte Solberg, and Evan asked us about Justin Trudeau’s Spotify list.  Given that Trudeau’s list contained stuff “you could hear in an elevator... Read More

This week’s column: that’s not strategic, that’s stupid

Stupidity. When every other explanation fails, there’s always stupidity. Remember that, boys and girls. Let us explain. Back at the beginning of time, when this writer wrote for the Calgary Herald and the Ottawa Citizen and the like, media folks... Read More

Paul Fromm and the Proud Boys: when neo-Nazis of a feather flock together

Paul Fromm is perhaps the leading Canadian far Right leader.  Fromm has decades of involvement with the Canadian organized hate movement, from the Edmund Burke Society to the Western Guard to the Heritage Front to a myriad number of white supremacist... Read More


Look who is in our morning New York Times. It’s a smart strategy by U. S. Governors: go around Unpresident Donald Trump. Link here. And it’s smart on Justin Trudeau’s part, too. I’d personally like to see him speak up against... Read More

Brexit: How’s this for framing?

Ouch!This is going to hurt PM May’s government, and the opposition framing of the issue is brilliant:Davis himself struck an emollient tone on Thursday, seeking to reassure MPs about the scope of the so-called Henry VIII powers, which will allow... Read More