‪Donald Trump, friend of child molestors

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Blandy Scheer, true beleiver and champion of Dad jeans, etc.

So, the column I wrote about conservative and visuals got picked up over at HuffPo, and it irritated myriad Tories.  Which worries me a great deal, as you can well imagine.  It is here.  You have to read the comments.... Read More

I think I love you

What a brilliant clip.  What a great banner above his head. What a fun show.  What a great tune.  RIP, big guy. ... Read More

Politics is pictures

Conservatives don’t like Justin Trudeau.  They really, really don’t like him. This writer is a regular on Evan Solomon’s CFRA radio show with Alise Mills and Karl Belanger.  My friends Alise and Karl are articulate and thoughtful advocates (unlike me),... Read More

You want political war stories?

We are going to have more political war stories than you could hear in a lifetime! Please come and support my good friend Arthur Potts. It’ll be a great evening! ... Read More

Henry Rollins worked with Charles Manson

That headline isn’t clickbait.  It’s the truth. This revelation first came out about seven years ago, but I missed it.  In the wake of Manson’s (deserved, overdue) death, it has come out again: Henry Rollins produced an album with Charles... Read More

Postmedia writes up Recipe For Hate!

As seen in: Calgary Herald Leader-Post ... Read More

Vancouver Sun: “Recipe For Hate strikes a timely chord”

The Sun: “It’s fiction, but there’s plenty of truth running throughout.” ... Read More

The launch launched!

And it was a fun one. The Mayor and his amazing wife came, media luminaries like Stephen Maher were in attendance, and political stars – like former MP Paul Zed and York Region’s Loralea Carruthers – partied it up. Lots... Read More

Is Freedom of the Press obsolete?

A provocative question to be certain.However, I believe it needs to be asked.One of the key requirements for a healthy democracy is a well informed citizenry.  It is quite simple. If they are well informed about what is happening in... Read More

Dr. Swann Debates Bill 29 – An Act to Reduce Cannabis and Alcohol Impaired Driving (Second Reading) – 15 November 2017

Taken from the Alberta Hansard for Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Bill 29 – An Act to Reduce Cannabis and Alcohol Impaired Driving (Second Reading) Dr. Swann: Thank you very much, Madam Speaker. Like many others, I haven’t had a great... Read More

Dr. Swann in Question Period on Methane Gas Monitoring – 15 November 2017

Taken from the Alberta Hansard for Wednesday, November 15, 2017 Methane Gas Monitoring Dr. Swann: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. This province is full of hot air when it comes to the NDP pledge of a 45 per cent reduction in... Read More

Minister must step in to save Edmonton’s only public fertility clinic

EDMONTON, AB (November 3, 2017): Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann has released the following statement on the Edmonton Regional Fertility and Women’s Endocrine Clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital: “Yesterday, I was immediately concerned when we were contacted by email... Read More

Life In Scarborough: The Bus Drivers of Scarborough

The lady bus driver on the bus today was wearing a nose-ring.  And the TTC let her drive the bus like that.  She was a white chick so it couldn’t be a religious accommodation thing.  But people will get on... Read More

Tonight – you are invited!

It’s a joint book launch and a record launch – for Recipe For Hate and SFH Kinda Suck! Lots of fascinating folks will be there (political, musical, animal, mineral), and I’m buying (some) drinks! Please come! (And, if none of... Read More

Kinsella Thursday on Adler: me and Charles praise Trudeau, and get a bit emotional

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Apple iBooks calls Recipe For Hate one of the “best books” of the month!

Wow. Apple iBooks has called Recipe For Hate one of the top books of November 2017 – and offered up this review: It’s the late ’70s and the Ramones are defining a new kind of American rock. In Portland’s underground... Read More

We globalists get letters

One of the gems arising out of yesterday’s events. Reads like Breitbart/Rebel on steroids. Welcome to our lives, etc. ... Read More

Media roundup: neo-Nazi rag gets charged for promoting hate

Best part of yesterday: our kids said they’re proud of us.  Second-best part: Andrew brought his months-old son into the office. But it was a wonderful day, and a long time in coming.  As we said in our press release,... Read More

BREAKING: neo-Nazi rag charged with promoting hate against women and Jews

BREAKING: James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine, the editor and publisher of the racist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-Semitic rag Your Ward News, have been criminally charged – finally – for promoting hatred against women and Jews.  They were charged just a... Read More