In Sunday’s Sun: when democracy is just a word

A year ago this month, Justin Trudeau was a candidate for the Liberal Party leadership.  He gave a big speech to delegates at what was called the “Liberal leadership showcase.” Among other things, Trudeau said this:  “The only person Mr.... Read More

Anti-Wind Forces Vandalizing Property?

The OPP seems to think so.And its worth noting this statement from Ontario Wind Resistance:[Editors note: Before everyone jumps to the conclusion that it MUST have been an anti- wind protestor who did this, take a moment to remember other... Read More

Air travel woes

Air Canada apologizes for luggage toss caught on video – Toronto – CBC News: In spite of Air Canada saying that tossing bags down the stairs isn’t their policy, its pretty clear from the video that there is nothing unusual... Read More

Target Excels…

…at their profferance of electric scooters for disabled customers.  My wife, she of the broken ankle, who I call Gimpy, has been testing these scooters at various department/grocery stores.  The one from Target was promptly delivered, easy to control, and... Read More

O Politician, behold The Shape of the Future

So, you’re a politician? You want to lead our country into a better future? You think the past cannot be relied on as an accurate predicator of the future of the country’s economy? You think the middle class deserve a... Read More

Rob Ford, pictured on the holiest day of the Christian calendar

Just got back from Good Friday Mass with Lisa, to receive this photo. At St. Francis’ Easter procession, which is a very, very solemn occasion, that SOB cackles on the side of the road with his loathsome brother and some... Read More

Keystone Delayed!!!

…until after the November U.S. mid-terms.  So probably into 2015!  Although I don’t see this as much of a Cdn election issue.  It doesn’t really matter what your position is on a decision that’s up to the yanks to make.... Read More

Most of the victims went to my Calgary high school

Bishop Carroll. Just can’t stop thinking about this terrible thing. Know that street, know that neighbourhood, know the family names. The horror of it – it’s hard to shake. . ... Read More

MPAC Report: Wind Turbines Have NO Negative Effect On Home Values

MPAC is the Municpal Property Assessment Corporation.  They determine what each piece of property in Ontario is worth so that the various local governments can hit you up for taxes.  Several years ago they were asked to do a study... Read More

In the middle of Rob Ford’s speech

At his “historic” rally. Back to Etobicoke with you soon, Crackhead. Soon. . ... Read More

ROFO Campaign Kick-Off Wee Bit Of A Clinker

Let the Globe’s Ivor Tossell tell it:This is not a full room.— Ivor Tossell (@ivortossell) April 18, 2014The view looking forward— Ivor Tossell (@ivortossell) April 18, 2014The view looking back.— Ivor Tossell (@ivortossell) April 18, 2014It’s not... Read More

Ukraine: Russia advances its creeping-federalization agenda

Ukraine: Doors open for PutinToday, much to the surprise of some, a public agreement was announced by the US, Russia, EU and current Ukraine government, dealing with concrete steps to move the matter forward.The following is the full text of... Read More

Q: Does Rob Ford call people back? A: No. He’s a damn liar.

. ... Read More

Wikipedia – Warren Kinsella

Here. ... Read More

Mark Your Calenders

The earliest Ontario will face general elxn if budget fails to pass is June 5. The latest is July 3, according to GovHouseLdrsOffice #onpoli— Paul Bliss (@blissblogs) April 17, 2014Summertime and an election is in the air…engineered, perhaps, by an... Read More

This is priceless!

Rich people are NOT just like the rest of us, only with money.Sometimes they’re just amazingly silly.Case in point — Josh Romney sends out a tweet with a photo of his dad, Mitt Romney supposedly standing in a line to... Read More

Senate Saves Canada… Again

How do you save democracy from itself? You appoint a Senate.In 1990 the democratically elected House of Commons passed Bill C-43 which would have criminalized all abortions. That bill was defeated by the appointed Senate. To this day abortions remain... Read More

Cautionary tale

Here’s what employers supposedly like about temporary foreign workers: Dan Kelly, president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, recently told CBC News that many Canadian employers feel that temporary foreign workers have a better work ethic than Canadians and... Read More

Comment on Example Image Carousel Post by Benjamin Ritner

Proin vitae lectus mi. Maecenas venenatis, quam sit amet vehicula consectetur. ... Read More

Mayor On Crack single – out tonight!

Bjorn Von Flapjack III, Winkie, Davey Snot and Royal Niblet tonight at the Tranzac Club, on Brunswick at Bloor! . ... Read More