Nobody manhandles my pal Gordie

Here I am, touching THE MOST FAMOUS ARM IN CANADIAN POLITICS.  ... Read More

Why the Raps have tied the Cavs

Defying all those predictions of a sweep. This guy, right here: ... Read More


The news about the Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie will affect many people, today. It will likely see them thinking about the connections between their lives and the songs that the band performed over thirty-odd years.  (Like the performance above, their historic... Read More

In this week’s Hill Times: sorry, it was a stupid thing to do

On the night in question, I was at an event in Toronto honouring Senator Murray Sinclair. As it was getting underway, I received a text message from one of the Members of Parliament who had been at the very centre... Read More

In this week’s Hill Times: it was a stupid thing to do

On the night in question, I was at an event in Toronto honouring Senator Murray Sinclair. As it was getting underway, I received a text message from one of the Members of Parliament who had been at the very centre... Read More

We Should All Be Able To Cross The Floor

Instead of bashing politicians who cross the floor, we should instead be more like them.It’s more likely than not to be a good thing that people change political parties. First it shows our competing ideologies are similarly moderate and not... Read More

The Vancouver Housing market and foreign money

There are few things are the fueling Vancouver housing market. One factor, that has gotten a press recently is the amount of foreign money coming in. The problem is it has been next to impossible to pin down just how... Read More

Update on Bill C-279: Fighting for the Rights of Transgender People

Very sadly, Bill C 279 died on the Senate’s Order Paper when Parliament ended for the upcoming election. This bill would have included gender identity in the Human Rights Code and the Criminal Code, recognized the equal rights of transgender... Read More

Update on Bill C-51: observations and amendments

On Tuesday, May 26, the Senate Defence committee moved to clause-by-clause analysis of Bill C-51, Anti-terrorism Act, 2015. ... Read More

Senate reform

Several months ago, the Faculty of Law at University of Alberta held a weekend conference on Senate Reform. They attracted some of the country’s foremost experts on Parliamentary institutions and the Senate. The rapporteur was Roger Gibbins, former head of... Read More

Why I cannot support Bill C-51

Bill C-51, the Anti-terrorism Act, 2015 arrived in the Senate this week from the House of Commons. As the official critic of the bill, I gave a speech in the Senate on Wednesday and explained why I will be voting... Read More

Canadian Bar Association supports removal of ‘bathroom’ amendment from Bill C-279

Yesterday, I received an email from the Canadian Bar Association, expressing their support of the removal of the ‘bathroom’ amendment to Bill C-279. ... Read More

Top Reasons why the "Bathroom" Amendment to the Transgender Rights Bill C-279 Is Wrong

1. It is inherently discriminatory. No other element in the Human Rights Act or the Criminal Code is limited in a negative way. ... Read More

Clarification regarding amendments to Bill C-279

Over the past two years, my Senate Liberal colleagues and I have worked alongside the transgender community to pass Bill C-279 so that it can become law. The bill – known as the gender identity bill – would amend the... Read More

The Honourable Roméo Dallaire

I have had many remarkable experiences as a Senator for which I am very grateful. One of the particularly special experiences has been the chance to work for 9 years with Senator Roméo Dallaire – we were appointed on the... Read More

Progressives’ Agenda Items

Sometime after the 2006 election it appeared to some that the Liberals were never coming back. A thought emerged from the “ether” that perhaps their demise was really a reflection of the possibility that the progressive, liberal agenda had run... Read More

Thoughts on the #LPC electoral reform policy plank

As a party member who has been involved with supporting democratic reform initiatives in the Liberal party, I thought I would add a few thoughts to the discussion today on the Liberal Party of Canada’s electoral reform plank, rolled out... Read More

Parkdale Tenants facing down a Landlord

Updated below (Thursday April 30th, 1:30 pm). Last Wednesday I attended an organizing meeting in the basement of the Parkdale Library for tenants of the Akelius owned buildings in the heart of Parkdale.Akelius is a Swedish owned company that entered... Read More

Paul Godfrey’s endorsement of Patrick Brown for PC leader of Ontario

Earlier today, Paul Godfrey, the President and CEO of Postmedia Network Inc., attended at the Ontario legislature where he stood next to Patrick Brown, candidate for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, to announce his endorsement of... Read More

Embracing the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

A guest post by David McIntyre When the Government of Alberta put its stamp of approval on the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan, it embraced a classic brand of made-in-Alberta management. The defining strategy: Utilize the abuses and failures of the... Read More