Phoney expressions of outrage happening in five…four…three…

Who cares. The adults get RCMP help, but the infants are supposed to fend for themselves? Dumb. #cdnpoli #cbc — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) December 1, 2015 ... Read More

In this week’s Hill Times: help wanted

The worst newspaper columnist in Canada – The Writer Who Shall Not Be Named – is not impressed. Justin Trudeau’s government, which has been governing for 26 days – not even a month! – is doing really badly, sniffs this... Read More

Vast left-wing conspiracy, exposed

Like no less than Carol (public servants are acting like “teenaged groupies”) Goar and others, I was profoundly uncomfortable with the greeting that the public servants at Foreign Affairs gave the new Liberal government. It was widely written about, as... Read More

National Post: NATO and the Judgement of Paris

The lessons of Afghanistan were purchased at a bitter cost: the war claimed more lives, more years, and more money than any other campaign in NATO’s history.  Unless the alliance takes those lessons to heart, a war in Syria and... Read More

Ottawa job interview tip: wear a red tie

Some journalists – well, just one, actually, and I’m not sure I’d even call him a journalist – are upset that hiring is not happening at quicker pace up in Ottawa. The rest of Canada, meanwhile, couldn’t give a hoot.... Read More

In Praise Of Longos

Or as I call it, Samples.Today, for example, they were giving out Fuya Fruit, Turkey Sausage, Kobasa, Blue Cheese, Prosciutto Pizza, and Gouda Cheese on a cracker.  Something from every food group!  I figure I sucked back about 2,400 absolutely... Read More

For those who think we have escaped ISIS’ attention, think again

“If you can kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French — or an Australian, or a Canadian,” Mr. Adnani urged in an audio message, “then rely upon Allah and kill him in any manner... Read More

Grey Cup poll: vote now, vote often

Take Our Poll ... Read More

I’d be upset if I had any of the details 

I'd be really upset about the Brunswick House closing if I could remember anything from the time I spent there. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) November 28, 2015 ... Read More

My daughter and I drove all around town, windows open, yelling along to this song

What genius. NOFX: Kill All The White Man. ... Read More

In next week’s Hill Times: Adam Radwanski is still the worst journalist in the world

A sampling of next week’s column: Good God! It’s a veritable constitutional crisis. Just ask Adam Radwanski: the scandalous understaffing issue has “cast a surreal haze” over Ottawa, he wrote in the Globe. Governance is accordingly moving “at a glacial... Read More

Up in smoke

And here is another reason why I adore Kathleen Wynne. She saw a mistake, and she fixed it, fast. Great, great news. #Breaking Ontario makes U-turn on day old medical marijuana rule. — TorontoStar (@TorontoStar) November 26, 2015... Read More

Adler-Kinsella Show: Trudeau’s honeymoon, my honeymoon and the theory of relativity

All right here, on iTunes podcast thingy. Anthony Calvillo, me, et al. ... Read More

Ontario’s gift to Big Tobacco?

At the outset, let me say that I am a card-carrying Ontario Liberal, and I have worked for the party, off and on, for two decades. But I am also a citizen who has fought Big Tobacco for just as... Read More

An outcome is a proof is a value

The usual suspects on the, er, cringe Right are apparently apoplectic about the way Justin Trudeau expresses himself. As such, they have been circulating the quote below on social media today, because they are in high dudgeon, etc. etc. Personally,... Read More

They can also come to my place, and I’ll kick their ass in Scrabble

(Lisa will cheat, meanwhile.) Seriously, however, we have looked into sponsoring a family of Syrian refugees.  Is there any way of doing it so that it is a bit less costly than at present?  Anyone know?   ... Read More

20,000 Twitter followers can’t all be wrong!

  20,000 Twitter followers! I’ve got more than Ralph Goodale and Michelle Rempel, notwithstanding my IQ is considerably less than theirs.  Not bad! Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper are in no immediate danger of me overtaking them, however. Damn.  ... Read More

Breaking News: Canadians are not stupid

It will be amazing news to our news pundits, but Canadians are not stupid knee-jerk war-mongering pearl-clutching conservatives.After all the news stories of the last week about how the Paris attacks made Canadians question Trudeau’s decision on withdrawal from air... Read More

Fellowship of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society

My high school geography teachers would be baffled, but I am deeply honoured to have been elected a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. The Fellowship includes many of Canada’s most intrepid explorers, who have sledded across arctic tundra,... Read More

In this week’s Hill Times: the religion of the poor 

Everyone has their own theory, these days, about why the world is going to shit. Mine is poverty, plus technology. ‎ ** So, flying el Al into Israel for the first time, two miles up, I could literally see where... Read More