Mulcair leads the way to a more democratic Canada

Mulcair: The man who would bring democracy to CanadaThomas Mulcair, that very capable MP who is leader of the NDP, has publicly committed himself to remedy our democratic deficit, as this post indicates.Mulcair is to be commended for two things.First,... Read More

One In The Chamber Music Officially Available Today!

One In The Chamber Music is officially available today. To purchase the album digitally click here and to get your physical CD copy click here. Thanks to all those who have supported this album along the way. ... Read More

Thought it appropriate to wear this today

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Mr. Trudeau: Coalitions are what you make them

Let’s talk coalition …The recent poll showing that most Liberal and NDP supporters would rather have a new government than have a Harper one after the 2015 election, even if this means some form of a coalition, has sparked renewed... Read More

Dear Kim Jong-Un

Dear North Korea: Up yours. Signed, Everyone — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) December 20, 2014 ... Read More

Life In Scarborough: The Celebrities Of Scarborough

I sat next to a gal at a bar today who claimed to have been in show-business once.  She said she knew Hugh Hefner and had visited the Bunny Ranch, back in the day.  In fact she said she had... Read More

Parliament Should Go Solar

Following up on my 2010 blog post on solar for the White House, it takes almost 3 years to get solar added to a historic national building. That’s why we should all get started with pressing Parliament Hill’s renovation to... Read More

Best song from the best album of 2014

And I’m very happy that Laura Jane Grace is happy, too. Sometimes things work out, you know? ... Read More

Prime Time: Harper’s year in reviews, reviewed

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In Friday’s Sun: the best of times, the worst of times

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. And this year, the worst moments inadvertently resulted in some of the best moments, too. As 2015 beckons, and 2014 recedes, Sun News Network asked some of us... Read More

We get letters: Merry Christmas!

Name Nelson Email Eat a dick, I hope you get face herpes you ugly fuck. I have hand guns, and LOVE them. They are the tits. So If you are so against private citizens owning hand guns why... Read More

2015 election: Coalition gains favour

Which one, or two, of these men will lead Canada?The end of the Harper government is clear from this latest poll, which shows that the Harper scare tactics of the past have run their course:Liberal and NDP supporters, meanwhile, have... Read More

Akin: on Joe Oliver and his budgeteering

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Enbridge Spills

One in a continuing series.  Their playing Regina this time.  But don’t worry, the NEB is on the case. ... Read More

Another outstanding Harper choice!

Canada’s newest Harper-picked Supreme Court Justice may well turn out to be another Mike Duffy or Pam Wallin in the making.In this Toronto Star article, she sounds like an entitled and egotistical nut case:…Madame Justice Suzanne Côté battled five years with... Read More

Shoot, shovel, shut up

In which Jim Prentice and Danielle Smith invite democracy to a bush party, put a bullet in the back of its head and bury it in a shallow unmarked grave. ... Read More

SaskPower Says Bigger Is Better, Even Losses? #PowerToGrow

As a followup to the Star Phoenix’s article on the hugely expensive, and (public) money losing CCS plant at Estevan, comes word of further cost overruns. The overruns, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, would have been sufficient to... Read More

Political 2014 in review

Sun News has asked me and Lala what we think are the best, worst, etc. political moments in 2014. The quickie list below represents my preliminary list. What’s yours? Comments are open!   BEST MOVE – Parties coming together post-shooting... Read More

If you’ve never been hated by your child, you’ve never been a parent

So sayeth the great Bette Davis. A music biz friend tells me he’s happy because only one of kids isn’t talking to him this Christmas; a law school friend tells me one of his kids refers to him as a... Read More

RIP, Wildrose

As she contemplates The End, Danielle Smith should give Peter MacKay a call. He might tell her what happens to your political career when you let the other guy dictate the terms of surrender. ... Read More