The Great Dealmaker gets dealt

Dowd. End is odd. But main point is assuredly true: DC has figured out the Unpresident, and they are playing him like a  proverbial fiddle.  He’s the kind of guy who likes to say a sucker is born every minute.... Read More

Food round-up: Chicken Farmers, Irish buffet and turkey a la king

I’ve fallen behind in my food blogging, so allow me to catch-up with some quick hits from recent food-related activities.Chicken Farmers of CanadaThis reception at the Chateau Laurier on budget night was actually a joint event by the Chicken, Turkey... Read More

As you will see, I can’t stop grinning about the Unpresident’s utter humiliation 

Video: @kinsellawarren discusses what the failed attempt to repeal Obamacare means for Donald Trump in long term — 680 NEWS Toronto (@680NEWS) March 24, 2017 ... Read More

Highly-scientific poll™ on trump’s yuge loss

Vote for your favorite #POTUS @realDonaldTrump loss: — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 24, 2017 ... Read More

You-know-who, right about now

... Read More

“We’ll win so much, you’ll get bored with winning.”

HA HA HA the #GOP are pulling their bill. You have lost, @realDonaldTrump and @SpeakerRyan. You lost. #USPolitics — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 24, 20... Read More

Spies Are Us: this week’s HuffPo #BCpoli column 

Some people wear tinfoil hats. Some see conspiracies everywhere. Some even look around at public meetings, and see spies where there are none. B.C. NDP MLA David Eby, for instance, sees spies. B.C. Liberal spies, to be precise. A little... Read More


Oppose the neo-Nazi rag, Your Ward News? Opposed Canada post delivering I hate sheet to your mailbox? Now’s your chance to say so! Write this committee! Say NO to hate!  ... Read More

Confidential Ontario Liberal talking points for that Angus Reid poll

This poll excludes Prince Edward Island, and is methodologically unsound.  Whoever is Premier there could be doing way worse! How about those Raptors? And, um, that’s it.  ... Read More

SFH, busily corrupting the youth of the nation

…but giving them the right politics!   ... Read More

Banning paid donations will not ensure a safer, more sustainable plasma supply

Edmonton, AB (March 21, 2017): Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann will not support Bill 3, the Voluntary Blood Donations Act, over concerns that banning paid donation will not ensure a safer or more sustainable supply of plasma. “Alberta currently... Read More

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann responds to Budget 2017

Edmonton, AB (March 16, 2017): Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann released the following statement in response to Budget 2017: “I would like to applaud the government on investing in public services and infrastructure, eliminating school fees, and committing to address... Read More

Federal funding welcome relief for opioid crisis and health system

Calgary, AB (March 10, 2017): Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann welcomed the announcement of federal government funding for the opioid crisis, mental health and home care. “This is good news,” says Swann. “The opioid-crisis urgently needed these resources. However,... Read More

Calling all cyber-detectives: your Ontario political mission, if you choose to accept it

It could be disgruntled Liberals, sure. It could be Tories or Dippers trying to cause dissent and trouble. It could be some shadowy lobby group trying to exert pressure to achieve some policy goal. It could be average folks, too... Read More

This makes me sad

It perhaps explains Donald Trump, Kellie Leitch et al. It also can’t be dismissed as a methodological error – the question(s) were very straightforward.  Mostly, however, it makes me sad. We have a long way to go.  ... Read More

CNN says “breaking news” too often. But this really was breaking news.

This renders it a conspiracy, in other words. Much easier to prosecute. #USPolitics #Trumprussia — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 23, 2017 ... Read More

The shocking truth revealed 

I can now reveal I was offered the role of Ritchie in Happy Days, but I declined because it was beneath me. I will not be taking questions. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 23, 2017 ... Read More

O Inglorious Justin: Bad Bit In New Budget!!!

The Liberals are killing the public transit tax credit. #Budget2017— Andrew Scheer (@andrewscheer) March 22, 2017This one is a personal kick in the nads for both the wife and I, as we prefer to take the buses in and... Read More

The part of the budget that suggests to me that this isn’t the full budget

From the Globe: Despite calls from the United States for Canada to increase its contributions to international military efforts, there is no increase in defence spending in the 2017 budget. In fact, the Department of National Defence is reallocating $8.48-billion... Read More

I am also reminded of Star Trek season two, episode 15, The Trouble With Tribbles

IT'S A LIVING THING SEPARATING FROM THE HOST — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) March 22, 2017 ... Read More