Max Yalden, RIP

Very sad.  A great and brilliant champion of human rights. ... Read More

Candidate Bill Blair

Apparently the Conservatives and the Liberals are both courting Chief Kettler. I think that’s nuts. How come? Here’s the pro-police Toronto Sun editorial board, no less, calling him “a scrambling man spinning stories. It makes us think he’s hiding something.” Torontoist called his... Read More

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, Bloggers

So, that court decision, here. The decision is basically incoherent. Fair comment is supposed to be comment, not a statement of fact masquerading as comment, as was the case here. John Baglow, a.k.a. Dr. Dawg, was called a vocal “Taliban... Read More

Warnos Confusion Index

I’m sure it makes sense to someone, this “basket of political goods” thing, but it sure doesn’t make sense to me. Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? ... Read More

The Book On Pope Francis

Dennis Gruending judges.  The result: Pope F is pretty good when it comes to gays, the poor, and the Climate (very good there, actually, IMHO).  Not so good when it comes to wymen.  Also hasn’t done much to roust out... Read More

Hilldog16 on SnapChat?

I have a Snapchat account. I’ve not used it in years because it was making my cell phone too full. Imagine if Hillary Clinton had a Snapchat account too, for government business? Her’s would be used for an illegal purpose,... Read More

When the chain of command breaks down

I thought it was outrageous then, and I think it’s even more outrageous now. ... Read More

The Hill Times’ front page

 ... Read More

Dear Liberals: This is what you owe Justin Trudeau

[This is an update of a previous entry. It's needed.] Dear Liberals: In the past couple years, whenever Justin Trudeau has made a bad joke or an ill-considered remark – about Ukrainian protestors, about Chinese dictatorships, about the Boston bombings... Read More

Anti-Turbine Families Can Suck It Up

There’s no way you are going to initiate a legal action without having been told what the costs might be if you lose.  And if your case is a constitutional challenge based on a “novel reading of the law”, you... Read More

Axelrod on losing the narrative

The Globe scored a bit of coup, and got former Barack Obama (and former Dalton McGuinty!) advisor David Axelrod to talk to them over the weekend.  He provided some fascinating insights, among them: “We turned him into kind of an... Read More

In this week’s Hill Times: when you drop 15 points

You’re the incumbent, you’re smart, you’ve got plenty of experience, but you can’t get ahead in the polls. So what do you do? You call for a series of leaders’ debates, that’s what you do.  Stephen Harper, however much he... Read More

Free political advice

Don’t (a) plead for a call from a respected former Prime Minister (b) promise to keep it confidential (c) then tweet about the call, while (d) making it sound like he called you first. Thus, sent along by a brilliant... Read More

Own a bit of the Starship Enterprise

The passing of Spock – and an imminent move – reminded me of the treasure trove of Star Trek Stuff I own. Among the Trek gems: two original (and authentic) series scripts used by Walter Koenig in Operation Earth and The... Read More

Leonard Nimoy

I don’t know where this is, but isn’t it great?It was posted on the #LeonardNimoy thread at Twitter, where William Shatner is doing a tribute.Saw this a few minutes ago. I involuntarily gasped and had a hard time holding it... Read More

Who is a “traitor to the Liberal Party” now?

A few weeks ago, when some nice folks were encouraging me to run for the Liberal nomination in Toronto Danforth, I finally met with one of Justin Trudeau’s most senior advisers.  There ensued some jousting, and then we got around... Read More

Nestor does it again!

Daniel Nestor and Rohan Bopanna have won the Dubai doubles championship in straight sets, 6-4 and 6-1Canada is always proud of you, Daniel! ... Read More

Kid Kodak: this is kind of interesting 

Hmm. Kind of odd behaviour for a public servant whose $300K+ salary I help to pay, no? Perhaps it’s because I hired someone who successfully brought a human rights action against him. Perhaps it’s because not a few of us... Read More

Clarification regarding amendments to Bill C-279

Over the past two years, my Senate Liberal colleagues and I have worked alongside the transgender community to pass Bill C-279 so that it can become law. The bill – known as the gender identity bill – would amend the... Read More

I grokked Spock

I am so, so sad. Spock gone. I can’t believe it. ... Read More