King & University: a traffic problem?

Taxi drivers are saying that they are risking their lives to pick up and drop off passengers outside the new high rises on King Street north of University Ave. The problem is that the buildings have no pull-in area so... Read More

In Tuesday’s Sun: why Kathleen Wynne should be Prime Minister

So, 1,200 of your family, friends and neighbours are murdered, or go missing. Would you be upset? How about this: the murders and the disappearances have been going on, unchecked, since 1980. Is that upsetting? No? Then, let’s say you... Read More

Into the wild

The movies I love the most, as Lisa or my kids or family might tell you, are movies like Castaway, Life of Pi, All Is Lost, Open Water, and Into The Wild. Which might suggest that, were it not for... Read More

A Wee Design Flaw

The BrightSource Energy plant, a state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert, works on the principal of focusing sunlight on a bunch of towers full of water until the water boils and drives a series of steam powered generators.  Unfortunately, the reflected... Read More

What a strange week

What a strange week it has been — horrible bus crashes and nine-year olds with Uzis and Russia invading the Ukraine but lying about it while the American media flips out about Obama’s suit colour and England flips out about... Read More

Way to go, daughter

Beacher Emma Kinsella was one of around 4,000 young athletes who travelled to the North American Indigenous Games in Regina in late July. She was invited to swim for Team Ontario, which won the swimming competition. Swimmer Emma Kinsella receives... Read More

Hey Nick

You’re served. ... Read More

Clean Coal Does Not Exist

…or at least is a deceptive term, according to the UK Advertising Standards Authority:The ASA understood that the phrase “clean coal” was the term given to a branch of research and innovation aimed at reducing the environmental impact of using... Read More

Twerps On A Plane

Once again a plane intended to ferry party-animal Canadians to a booze soaked week in the tropics, has “had” to turn back to Toronto. No, planes don’t have to go back if there is a drunk on board. They have... Read More

Dollhouse Gone

It was destroyed by the artist last year in a fire. I stopped by it several years ago. ... Read More

Crazy Town is right

It’s Forum, so everybody needs to take a frigging Valium. On the other hand, however, this: ... Read More

The Canadian Environment: Who Can Speak?

News of this paper  arrived on my twitter feed last evening, and one of the author’s was kind enough to email me the entire thing.  It takes a look at the practical effect of the Candian  government’s attempts to narrow who... Read More

Clowns at Midnight, on the Devil

Well-written. Fair points therein. (i ain’t desd yet, BTW.) ... Read More

The view from here

Doing edits on the new book, 30,000 words in. Dunno if it’ll sell two copies, but it may surprise a few folks. Heading home in two days. Other surprises await there, too. (Baseless speculation welcome, as always.) ... Read More

To Inquire, or Not To Inquire, Don’t Ask The Question

The latest Coyne article seems to be self defeating in its thesis. “It’s not evident what contribution another public inquiry would make,” opines Coyne. For one thing, we could have an inquiry to demonstrate that for Coyne. Or we could... Read More

Israel & Gaza: Tectonic shift in past 24 hours

Israel’s embattled prime ministerThe Egypt-brokered truce agreement just struck has resulted in two shifts in the underlying political forces in that area.The first shift is a de facto recognition by Israel of the pan-Palestinian government that Abbas had set in... Read More

Wasteful Destruction in Gaza

The destruction of this apartment tower is ridiculous. How is it in any way acceptable for a state to destroy an obvious civilian complex with weapons of war? We’re supposed to believe that the hundreds of occupants were all enemy... Read More

How to deal with online assholes

I’ve been doing this web stuff – it’s a web site, people, not a blog – for about a decade-and-a-half. At the start, I didn’t have comments – partly because the web-site-based platform I used, designed by Bjorn and Boris,... Read More

On King Horton’s

Dear Mr. Horton,Although I never drink the plonk that mascarades as regular joe at your outlets, and though your specialty donuts are nothing but sub-standard attempts to cash in on whatever aspect of “Canadianness” seems most exploitable at the moment,... Read More

The Most Important Question to Ask a Partner

Ask the leadership of any company that has scaled its sales and operations, and they will likely tell you that partners are essential to success.  Fewer companies,however, have a focused and disciplined approach on managing their partners. One reason is... Read More