Out of the White House, to be specific

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Ben Mulroney and me talking about defending his Dad’s biggest legacy

Not what I expected to be doing this morning.  Or, like, ever.  ... Read More

Adler and me on Ritz is crackers, Blandy Scheer and more!

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SFH LP now available for pre-order on Ugly Pop! Buy many copies!

Ugly Pop is the best punk rock label in the world, hands down.  And the geriatric punksters in SFH are tickled to be on it.  Get multiple copies today! Makes excellent Christmas, Hanukkah and birthday gifts! ... Read More

Hell freezes over, etc. 

My Daisy colleague Rob shot this. It’s Ben Mulroney and me talking about protecting NAFTA on CTV’s Your Morning. Him, the son of the guy who ushered in free trade, and a ghostly-looking me, the Chrétien guy, defending his father’s... Read More

I have literally watched this ten times

This is the best thing I have ever seen on the Internet. https://t.co/KNs5GiDDUA — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) September 21, 2017 Liam Gallagher making tea is the best thing you'll see today. As you were. pic.twitter.com/JaAB0p6Qr2... Read More

Canada’s alt-Right have chosen their candidate

…and, long term, I don’t think that’s so good for that candidate – running, as he is, to be mayor of Canada’s most diverse city. And it’s not an outlier, either, by the by: the far Right have made a... Read More

“We in the Empire have your Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock held prisoner, and we demand dilithium crystals for their release!”

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Your Ward News Nazis watch

FYI: Haters behind neo-Nazi rag are in court this a.m. to face criminal charges. Crown says @lisakinsella & me need not be there. #topoli — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) September 21, 2017 ... Read More

Sticker on the cover of ‘SFH Kinda Suck’ LP

I rather like it, so I thought I’d share it.  Out on iTunes here.  Out on vinyl on Ugly Pop soon! ... Read More

One from the archives. Note well, fellow Albertans.

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Free advice to political staffers

From Allen J., from my piece in HuffPo: Preliminaries done, MacEachen rendered his advice. I didn’t take notes, but I never forgot what he said. “Two things,” he said. “Don’t stay longer than two years. You will grow cynical, and... Read More

Neo-Nazi scumbags to face justice – finally

Full story here: The editor and publisher of an Upper Beach-based tabloid will be heading to court Thursday, Sept. 21 to face criminal charges. Earlier this summer, Beach residents Lisa and Warren Kinsella used a little-known legal tool to convince a... Read More

Good times

BREAKING: Lunatic threatens to exterminate 25 million people. World shrugs. #uspolitics https://t.co/mtdnRng7iM — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) September 19, 2017 Thehas great strength & patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice... Read More

The battle to save Sears Canada

We’ve worked for Sears Canada in the past, so this reported effort by Brandon Stranzl to save the company – and the jobs and pensions of several thousand Canadians – is of more than passing interest to me.  The fact... Read More

Man with giant Recipe for Hate sign on head invades Daisy Group

Frightens small children, etc. Film at eleven. ... Read More

Where’s the police? The Crown? The AG? Where’s the outrage? 

A tweet by James Sears, the Hitler-loving and Holocaust-denying rapist editor of Your Ward News.  Will anything be done by the authorities? I doubt it.  ... Read More

This week’s column: good advice from a veteran

The only reason sane people get involved in politics – or create a work of art, or write a book, or build a bridge, or climb mountains – is because they want to be immortal. We’re all going to die,... Read More

John Tory is going to be pretty hard to beat – from the Right or Left

Check this out, from the folks at Campaign Research: What does that all mean?  It means that – at this stage – Toronto’s mayor is in pretty good shape, I’d say.  Two-thirds of voters won’t consider either Ford or Layton.... Read More

One, he’s no president 

Two, the Secret Service need to pay him an official visit. He’s broken the law. ... Read More