Romney’s flirtation with 2016 was never serious

Mitt Romney never intended to run for President in 2016, just like Sarah Palin will never run for President ever again. Why do they keep saying they’re going to? Oh there are Million$ of reasons.People like Romney and Palin have... Read More

Two Questions about the new Anti-Terror Act

Today saw the unveiling of the proposed new Act to cope with terrorist activities, as discussed in this CTV article.The draft bill may be found here.Two immediate questions arise from the definitions set out below:Question 1:Would any activity by a... Read More

The 2015 ballot question explained, gratis

A light just went on in my tiny cranium. Whichever way things go, the Conservative narrative comes out a winner. Things going great? You can only credit Harper. Things really suck? Only Harper has the experience to get us back... Read More

63 per cent of Canadians are traitors

When I told one of the advisers to Justin Trudeau why I supported the International effort against ISIS/ISIL – and when I pointed out that I agreed with right-wing extremist warmongers like Barack Obama, Lloyd Axworthy and Bob Rae –... Read More

Tuesday; PDQ Bach

John Klein:Here’s what Toronto was like 30 years ago for my Grandma. Originally posted on Grandparents' Journal: Jan. 29, 1985 Only 28 degrees today, little sun & snow flurries all day making about 1″ by night. Called Faith & Peg... Read More

Levant Lawsuit Lurches Towards Conclusion

Buckets has emerged from cryo-sleep to give us this post.  After no less than two computer forensics companies declared that Richard Warman’s computer had not even been turned on the day of the infamous “Cools Post”, the judge has decided... Read More

My tri-partisan nature is revealed on Sun News

Going on @SunNewsNetwork with @LisaKirbie to say how amazing it is all #cdnpoli campaigns run by brilliant women – Telford, McGrath, Byrne. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 28, 2015 ... Read More

#BellLetsTalk about mental health in politics

Connecting back to my last post, today is a big day for online, hashtag activism: #BellLetsTalk day. For every tweet tagged with the hashtag, Bell will donate 5 cents towards mental health services.It’s a good cause to raise awareness and start... Read More

CPC Bounce Begone

Grenier notes that Nanos’ latest has some actual voting intention numbers rather than their typical index thing:Nanos’s weekly index report has voting intentions numbers in it: 35% LPC, 31% CPC, 24% NDP, 6% GPC, 3% BQ (pg 22)— Éric... Read More

Go hard left, then go hard right

Either way, it’s veering all over the road. The anti-terror legislation isn’t tabled, yet, so no one outside a small circle within the government actually knows what is in it. Even though I – along with Lloyd Axworthy, Bob Rae,... Read More

The enlightened world of gaming

I have never played a video game. Never. I just never got the hang of it, or was too busy, or whatever. It looked stupid, frankly. I bought my sons video games, however. I could tell the games were violent,... Read More


... Read More

ConCalls: DDM Calling For Mistrial! #RoboCon

Hapless Dean Del Mastro, the former Prime Ministerial Parliamentary Secretary is supposed to soon find out how long he’ll spend in jail away from his wife and baby child. What's the difference between $21K and $20K? No kids, not $1000,... Read More

Many Canadians aren’t voting, particularly young Canadians. Why? Because politics moves slowly.

This article on the ongoing decline in Canadian voter participation, particularly by youth in the Globe today by Michael Adams, President of the Environics Institute for Survey Research and  Maryantonett Flumian, President of the Institute on Governance  has been shared by more... Read More

In Tuesday’s Sun: abolish Question Period!

Parliament is back in session, and so too Question Period. Nobody would dispute that the former is a crucial part of the way in which we govern ourselves.  But the latter? It’s more than irrelevant – it is arguably harmful... Read More

Fox News North Deal Stalls As Teneycke Balks?

From Canadaland:Multiple sources tell CANADALAND that Sun News Network (SNN), the Quebecor-owned cable news channel that launched in 2011, is on the verge of closing.Couple of weird things.  One is this:As recently as three weeks ago, sources say that SNN... Read More

Why Is Canada Selling LAVs to Saudi Arabia?

This shocking news story came up about a year ago, but it’s back in the news because oil crashed, and Alberta tarsand hillbillies freaked out about Saudi Arabia (finally). The Light Armored Vehicles will be used against civilians protesting injustice... Read More

Seat projections are voodoo politics

But they’re fun. Here’s CBC’s latest, which you can take with several gargantuan grains of salt. ... Read More

In today’s Hill Times: where’s the plan?

What a difference a few weeks make. Not so long ago, the federal government was counting on a structural surplus — and lots of largess to dispense at around the time of the final budget before the general election. Not... Read More

Gruending On John A. & Clearing The Plains

Since James Daschuk’s Clearing The Plains came out last year Canadian’s have been forced to reassess  John A. MacDonald’s place in the pantheon of Canadian heros.  Among a fair bit of back-and-forth on the subject, Dennis Gruending’s short piece stands... Read More