Best wishes to Rod Love and his family

I hate this fucking disease. ... Read More

In Tuesday’s Sun: to Scotland, with affection and concern

Dear Scotland:   To establish my bona fides, let me say that the most beautiful place on Earth is Oban, on your Western coast.  I travelled there with a girl some years ago and promptly forgot about the girl, and... Read More

CAPP Gets A Cabinet Minister #skpoli

The headline of this Global story is wrong. “Sask. Party MLA Tim McMillan leaving politics to lead petroleum group“ CAPP is not outside of politics; they are a branch of the federal Conservative Party, and exist solely to lobby governments... Read More

Battleground: “At the end of the day, Rob Ford is also a human being”

…and some discussion of Brian Gallant’s “re-do” mess. Will John Tory continue to make jokes, now, about the Ford being “joined at the hip”? I wouldn’t be surprised. ... Read More

Lower the Supreme Court retirement age to 65

In light of the Tsilhqut decision, it clear that something needs to be done about the Supreme Court. Billions upon billions of dollars are at state. No longer can Canadians stand idly by as idiot judges give one ethnic group... Read More

Dear Rob Ford

All of us here say: get well soon. Sincerely, Us ... Read More

Ford’s Prognosis

From the wiki for Liposarcoma:Prognosis[edit]The prognosis varies depending on the site of origin, the type of cancer cell, the tumor size, the depth, and proximity to lymph nodes. Well-differentiated liposarcomas treated with surgery and radiation have a low recurrence rate (about... Read More

Hunger Games 2

I watched “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” [8/10] and it’s a lot like the first movie, so pretty nifty, but also somewhat predictable. It’s available from the Regina Public Library. Soon I must watch “Knowing” and “World War Z” before I... Read More

Do political endorsements amount to a hill of beans?

Not really. ... Read More

When your opponent has cancer, do you attack him?

Now, I don’t know if Rob Ford has cancer. But, based on the stories that are emerging, based upon what political people are hearing, few will be surprised if the Mayor’s doctors reveal – later today – that his tumours... Read More

Gallant-gate: still wonder why Wynne won, and why Hudak lost?

Because Wynne never did stuff like this – and Hudak did. Dunno if Brian Gallant is a goner, but he sure as Hell made his life more complicated – and with just four days to go. ... Read More

Stephen Harper and Adrian Peterson on Spanking — with "spanking sticks" and "switchs"

Stephen Harper ”Yet the most recent Liberal Throne Speech, as part of its “children’s agenda,” hinted at more government interference in the family. We saw the capacity for this abuse of power in the events that took place in Aylmer, Ont.... Read More

John Tory’s attacks on a hospitalized Rob Ford remind me of something

According to the Toronto Sun – and is well-known in political circles – Rob Ford is quite sick. Despite that, John Tory continues to attack Rob Ford, who isn’t even his opponent anymore.  Tory says the bedridden Rob Ford is... Read More

In Tuesday’s Sun: Scotland divided, plus bonus 007 reference

Scotland, heed the wise words of the guy who bites the heads off chickens. You know, Alice Cooper. According to urban legend, the rock star once bit the head off of a chicken. Reportedly, Alice then went on to play... Read More

John Tory’s Statement Withdrawing From Upcoming Debates

“With Doug Ford entering the race and less than six weeks to go until election day, we have entered a new phase of the campaign. John has extraordinary demands on his time and, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate every... Read More

And we’re off…

We’ll be gone on vacation for a couple of weeks — now that we have retired, its the first time in 25 years that we have been able to travel in September! ... Read More

RCMP Warning Of Oil and Gas Attacks

.@DavidMcLA @mikedesouza Remember, the RCMP are experts at critical energy infrastructure terrorism. #Oil — Saskboy K. (@saskboy) September 15, 2014 The RCMP would know. @DavidMcLA does it tie into this? — Mike De Souza (@mikedesouza) September 15, 2014... Read More

The passion of the Fords

Spotted on Twitter.  Anyone know who all these folks are? I can only name a few. ... Read More

My take in this morning’s Hill Times

Can’t remember my password, so here’s the unedited version, filed with ‘em last week: “Political things tend to come in threes. This Parliament is likely to be no exception. Three things – three issues, three challenges – will define the... Read More

Stiff Little Fingers: Nobody’s Hero

Saw ‘em last night with Lala, Chris, Andrew, others. They are bit older now, and they stand in front of the drum kit. But they’re still brilliant. ... Read More