BREAKING: James Lunney-related news

Has a new LA too! "@davidakin: Newly independent @jameslunneymp expected to speak in #HOC today after #QP” #cdnpoli — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) April 1, 2015 ... Read More

2015, not 1815: this is truly shocking, and it happened in Canada

Quote: WINDSOR, Ont. — A black man found a noose on his truck and another near his work station at an auto plant that is being retooled in this southwestern Ontario city. The victim, in his late 40s, was shaken... Read More

In this week’s Hill Times: scandals are boring, and Mike Duffy’s is no exception

In a week and a bit, the trial of Mike Duffy will commence. Official Ottawa will be agog, apoplectic and absorbed—via Twitter, via Facebook, via regular breathless and live televised reports, issued from just outside the battlefield, i.e., the Ontario... Read More

Sad announcement

I don’t want to make a big deal out of this, but I figured I’d let folks know that  we have gone our separate ways. Have agreed to be friends, etc. All of that. But, after nearly six great years,... Read More

If you are Stephen Harper

…you know you couldn’t pay for coverage this helpful. Wow. ... Read More

Liberals, leaders, lackluster-ness

From that Ivison column Grits are passing around: The Liberal sense of manifest destiny has taken a hit with a new poll that suggests the party has less than 30% support — a drop of nearly 10 points in six... Read More

The emperor wears no clothes, but the kids bow to him anyway

Driving in with Son Two, Arcade Fire’s ‘Ready to Start’ comes on.  I personally think Arcade Fire are insufferably pretentious/precious, and Win Butler makes Billy Corgan seem shy and retiring.  But this remains a great pop song, and that line in... Read More

Stick to your day job, big guy

Just as the Cons make use of their leader’s artistic expression to fundraise, so too do the Libs, now. Stick to your day jobs, fellas. If this keeps up, Tom Mulcair will start belting out show tunes in Question Period.... Read More

SaskParty Avoids Clean Energy Boom

Saskatchewan leadership leaves a lot to be desired. Many people here are excited about how “strong” Saskatchewan is, thanks to SaskParty propaganda. We’ve also the strongest carbon air pollution per capita in the world, but few tend to talk about... Read More

For reasons I do not know, this fellow started following me

Ladurantaye, this blue-check legit?    ... Read More

The power of an apology

Quote: TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne says if the Progressive Conservatives want her to drop a lawsuit against two of their members, all they have to do is apologize. Wynne launched a suit last April against then PC leader Tim... Read More

Dr. Dawg Fundraising Efforts, Part II

…start with the auctioning of :”Emergency Measures” (Sono Nis, 1976). “‘Emergency Measures’ establishes John Baglow as one of the few North American poets with vision, intelligence, wit, linguistic equipment and technical competence to command serious reading and response anywhere on... Read More

Baird Gold

It's probably nothing: Foreign Minister John Baird lobbied by Barrick Gold Corp. — Glen McGregor (@glen_mcgregor) March 30, 2015 It’s not easy for a long-time politician to leave public life, even if they have a golden parachute. ... Read More

Conservative voices, Liberal voices

Hard for Libs (principally those in Ontario) to kvetch about this when they have benefitted from this.  Conversely, it will make it difficult for Cons (principally those in Ontario) to kvetch about this when they have this. Don’t you love... Read More

Why I want Elizabeth Warren as the next US President

Senator Elizabeth Warren: The Voice of the LeftIt’s time for a progressive, highly educated, intelligent, tough as nails, committed liberal to inhabit the White House one President Obama moves on to other things.And the article in Politicosums up why I... Read More

This was a little more than "abrupt"

A minor quibble in the larger scheme of things, but I found it offensive that Air Canada would try to “spin” the Halifax crash as merely a “hard landing”.The plane came in too low and slow, touched ground behind the... Read More

Peace, Order and Good Government

I’m not against the globalization movement. More trade is occurring, so we need safeguards to protect less powerful countries from more powerful countries, as well as protecting all people from corporations. Trade agreements should be creating those protections, and in... Read More


Danielle Smith, up in flames.  Gals, we only keep rulin’ cause you keep believing our lies.  And by the way Jim Prentice does us old white guys proud.  He looks blank, he moves slow, but in reality he’s slick as... Read More

Authors: A simple and effective marketing plan for your books

Welcome to my latest book, written for authors who wish to better market their books, and for all those who use social media in some form or another. Based on proven marketing methods, Small Steps to Bigger Book Sales is... Read More

2015 Election: Quebec holds, Ontario rises for Liberals says Abacus poll

On guardHat tip to BigCityLibfor pointing the way to the latest Abacus poll.The devil is in the regional breakdown, because national poll numbers are relatively useless in Canada.There are 4 big battlegrounds, with only 3 really in contention:the prairies are... Read More