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Colby Cosh: New research reveals crazy provincial discrepancies in opioid prescriptions

Have you ever heard the newspaper term “burying the lede”? That’s industry jargon for what happens when a garrulous, sloppy writer like me takes forever to get around to the key piece of information in the copy he is writing—information... Read More

De Souza: Zimbabweans get long-awaited deliverance from the evil Mugabe

Zimbabweans have earnestly looked forward to Robert Mugabe’s death, that apparently being the only way to be free of his tyrannical regime. Alas, the day of death has been long delayed for the despot. Last week though, with nonagenarian intuitions... Read More

Minimum wage hike and paid sick days for 1.46 million Ontarians become law

A new bill that constitutes the most sweeping updates to the province’s workplace standards in two decades is now law.The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act will hike the minimum wage to $15, provide two paid, job-protected sick days for all... Read More

13 people who’ve all been homeless show the city from their unique point of view

Far from the sidewalks, away from the street corners and beneath the bridges topping the city’s ravine system is a side of life in Toronto most people will never see.“People sleep down here, up there, over here, where we were... Read More

Rosie DiManno: Laura Babcock’s accused killer is portraying himself in court as a thoughtless jerk

It was a question intended to belittle and embarrass.“How do you spell the word hangar?”Honest to God, this reporter, for one, was silently urging the witness to shoot back with a hyphenated obscenity: —- Y-O-U.Crown attorney Jill Cameron was promptly... Read More

Marni Soupcoff: We don’t need to save our university students from mild discomforts

Of all the bad-news story themes that regularly make the Canadian media rounds, the one about hungry post-secondary students converging on campus food banks – versions of which have appeared in Macleans, the Toronto Star, and on CBC and,... Read More

John Robson: Trudeau’s blithe attitude towards China isn’t just naive. It’s dangerous

There he goes again. After throwing a monkey wrench into negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership with mostly friendly nations and putting a long list of implausible PC demands on the NAFTA table, Justin Trudeau is very keen to sign a... Read More

Canada has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis. Now St. Michael’s Hospital is launching a $30M centre to fight MS

It was a lazy April Sunday — movies on the couch — when Erin Truax’s life took a numbing turn.“I lost all of the feeling in my right hand … from my wrist down,” says Truax, a Toronto communications specialist.“But... Read More

National housing strategy to include rental benefit for low-income tenants

Canada’s long-awaited federal housing strategy will include a new national housing benefit, the Star has learned.A housing benefit, or rent supplement for low-income tenants, has been high on the list of supports that housing advocates have pushed for to better... Read More

Freeland calls U.S. proposals ‘extreme’ as NAFTA round ends without major progress

WASHINGTON—The good news: this round of North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations didn’t end with Canada and the U.S. in a new argument.The bad news: they didn’t make progress on the things they were arguing about before.The fifth round of... Read More

John Ivison: Canada’s allies are killing their ISIL fighters, while we put our hope in counselling

Justin Trudeau batted away claims that the Liberals are soft on terror this week, as the government faces the prospect of more jihadists returning from Syria after the collapse of the Islamic State’s caliphate. National security agencies are monitoring returning... Read More

Christie Blatchford: Here’s where Laurier can stick their apology to Lindsay Shepherd

Wilfrid Laurier University teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd is undoubtedly a better human being than I am — and at 22, probably a more mature one — and may well accept the raft of apologies now coming her way, but I... Read More

Not guilty verdict for driver who mounted the sidewalk and killed pedestrian on Dundas St.

Bad driving, but not criminally bad driving. That, in a nutshell, was the ruling of Mr. Justice Peter Bawden in finding Gideon Fekre not guilty of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death. Explaining his verdict to a packed... Read More

Andy Byford leaving the TTC for a job with New York City Transit

After more than five years at the helm of Canada’s largest transit agency, Andy Byford is stepping down as CEO of the TTC.Byford made the announcement at a press conference at the TTC’s Yonge St. headquarters Tuesday morning, where he... Read More

Canada Revenue Agency unable to handle high call volumes: Auditor General

OTTAWA—Millions of telephone calls from Canadians with tax questions are going unanswered because the Canada Revenue Agency is unable to handle the high call volumes, a new report says.The tax agency is frustrating taxpayers by not answering two-thirds of all... Read More

Barbara Kay: WLU’s contemptible conduct proof of intellectual assault underway on campuses

The story of Wilfrid Laurier University grad student and teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd — who was recently subjected to a creepy, but instructive, grilling by campus superiors over material she’d used for her entry-level Communication tutorials — went viral on social... Read More

Kelly McParland: Al Franken’s situation highlights the much bigger issue of Bill Clinton

At least a few more U.S. liberals are beginning to feel a bit sheepish about the deluge of reports of sexual abuse in high places. Not that they sympathize with the powerful people being accused. It’s just that it’s getting... Read More

GTA school board may phase out French immersion amid ‘staffing crisis’ across Ontario

A GTA school board is poised to decide Tuesday night whether it will begin phasing out French immersion, citing “a French teacher staffing crisis” across Ontario and despite objections from many parents.A committee report released earlier this month and endorsed... Read More

Colby Cosh: Watch Charlie Manson, a filthy, murderous sociopath, become a harmless cartoon

So Charles Manson is dead at last. If this were a tabloid newspaper, I would be obligated to find another way to say that: “Charles Manson: Now Riding The Express Elevator To Hell!” Some editors seem to feel a strong... Read More

Ontario urged to make ending child poverty an election issue

Ontario’s proposed $15 minimum wage, legislation to address precarious work and a plan to double the number of licensed child-care spots for young children represent promising progress in the battle against child poverty, a new report says.But with a provincial... Read More