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Christie Blatchford: Duffy trial reminds us why lucre is so often called ‘filthy’

OTTAWA — What a weird little racket it was, what seems to have been Mike Duffy’s quest to be loved or at least to be kindly regarded. As the suspended senator’s criminal trial on charges of fraud, breach-of-trust and bribery... Read More

John Ivison: Federal budget could bring dramatic increase in compassionate leave for caregivers

OTTAWA — The Conservative government is looking closely at dramatically extending compassionate leave for caregivers — from six weeks to six months — and the measure could come as early as Tuesday’s federal budget, sources say. Caregivers who look after a... Read More

Marni Soupcoff: The Supreme Court’s funny priorities

As the Post’s Chris Selley pointed out on Friday, there’s been a surprisingly warm reception among non-Conservatives to the Supreme Court of Canada’s recent decision striking down mandatory minimum sentences in firearm possession cases. The surprise isn’t because the decision... Read More

Full Pundit: Say a little prayer for you

With two exceptions, everyone we can find pretty much agrees with the Supreme Court that Saguenay City Council shouldn’t be opening its meetings with a very churchy prayer, especially if the Mayor is going to go around saying stuff like... Read More

Monday’s reasons to fear for humanity: Cirque de Soleil, all Canadian but owned in Shanghai

1. Alberta’s all-new, no-change, same old emissions plan Alberta’s Jim Prentice says he’ll release a new and improved climate-change plan after the election. That makes sense: why hold an election that’s being positioned as a referendum on change, and give people... Read More

Stay west, smart money

Alberta may be starting to look like all the other provinces, but demographics and productivity still put the Prairies on pace to outperform them in coming decades ... Read More

Rex Murphy: Whatever Trudeau may say now, if he can unseat Harper by supping with Mulcair, he will

It is interesting that in these days of Duffy there has been so much attention paid to the matter of a potential coalition between the Liberals and the NDP. Interesting mainly because the Duffy trial and its attendant shocks and... Read More

Conrad Black: Almost all monuments are opposed before they are unveiled. Let’s build them

One of the instances of a great nation is impressive and tasteful monuments. They may be understated, as in London, where they are rarely larger than a nine-feet tall statue of a statesman or monarch, and include foreigners and former... Read More

Stars aligning for Harper in Quebec

Reactions to the plan for a provincial gun registry and last year’s terror attacks reveal how deeply conservative voters are outside Montreal, a fact that could help the Tories on election day ... Read More

Andrew Coyne: Sad state of political discourse in Canada is an all-party affair

Let us suppose you and I were to run into each other in a bar. We might strike up a conversation, perhaps start to argue some point. We’ve never met, probably won’t see each other again. Even so, we would... Read More

Christie Blatchford: Duffy trial shows an Ottawa divided between those who line up at the trough and those who don’t

It was one of my bosses, to whom I was explaining that I would have to leave the Mike Duffy trial early on Friday because I was driving back to Toronto for the weekend, who gave me the idea. “You’re... Read More

Christie Blatchford: Duffy trial shows an Ottawa divided between those who line up at the trough and those who don’t

It was one of my bosses, to whom I was explaining that I would have to leave the Mike Duffy trial early on Friday because I was driving back to Toronto for the weekend, who gave me the idea. “You’re... Read More

Full Pundit: Crack a beer and laugh at Ontario

Go home, Beer Plan. You’re drunk Ontario has an insane new plan to phase in beer sales in grocery stores under needlessly onerous and — to an untrained eye — utterly random restrictions and rules that leave The Beer Store,... Read More

Kelly McParland: Suddenly buses rule, and politics is all about transit

The faint light breaking through the cloud on the outskirts of Toronto Friday morning could have been the beatific smile of Stephen Harper beaming down on all the busy suburbanites hustling to make the commuter train into the city. Middle... Read More

Charles Krauthammer: Hillary eats a burrito bowl while America makes up its mind

WASHINGTON — See Hillary ride in a van! Watch her meet everyday Americans! Witness her ordering a burrito bowl at Chipotle! Which she did wearing shades, as did her chief aide Huma Abedin, yielding security-camera pictures that made them look... Read More

Friday’s reasons to fear for humanity: Is the CBC Canada’s most hypocritical national nanny?

1. The Society for Online Puritanism strikes again Google Street ViewThe Lobster Pound & Moore Smokehouse Grill in North Sydney, Nova Scotia had to back away from comments posted online about not serving "small screaming children" on their Facebook page. An... Read More

Trial hears story of Mike Duffy and his fitness trainer, told with a straight face

OTTAWA — Now the lawyer Don Bayne, as I’m reliably assured they say in Newfoundland, is sufficiently nimble and silver-tongued that “he could sew a nurse in a cat,” and he gave it a hell of a whirl here Thursday. But... Read More

Chris Selley: On mandatory minimums for gun crimes, Harper could argue he was giving the rabble what they asked for

There seems to be near-consensus among Conservative non-supporters that the Supreme Court struck a blow for justice on Tuesday by invalidating mandatory minimum sentences for improper possession of restricted firearms. It “send[s] a vital message … that mandatory minimum sentences... Read More

Jonathan Kay: How the Holocaust permanently redefined mankind’s attitude toward evil

The New York Times report on the slaughter of Jews in the Galician city of Lviv was brief but horrifying. “Eleven hundred Jews were killed during the recent massacre,” the Times declared. “Hundreds of Jews are said to have barricaded... Read More

John Ivison: Federal budget will fund up to $1B annually on transit projects in biggest cities, sources say

OTTAWA — The Harper government is set to promise up to $1 billion a year to Canada’s biggest cities for transit projects in this year’s federal budget, municipal sources suggest. The budget is likely to be short of new spending... Read More