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In the Trump era, the fringe takes over conservative movement

OXON HILL, MD.—The governor of Kentucky was up on stage talking about cutting red tape. In the hallway outside, a white supremacist was promoting the racist “alt-right,” 20 journalists in a circle around him.The bigot, Richard Spencer, was soon tossed... Read More

Latin America already bearing massive burden of crime as Trump plans to deport wave of ‘bad dudes’

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to deport millions of illegal immigrants back to Latin America, at a time when the region is already struggling to address the highest rates of violence in the world, according to a landmark new study.The... Read More

Advocates push for licensing of home daycares

You can’t open a restaurant in Toronto without a licence. You need a licence in Ontario to go fishing. And dog and cat owners in most cities require one.So why does Queen’s Park still allow people to run home daycare... Read More

Air Canada plane blows tire, slides off runway at Pearson airport

A passenger aboard an Air Canada flight Friday night says he still hasn’t been told why the plane landed abruptly at Pearson airport, blowing a tire, before coming to a sudden stop.Passengers eventually waited more than an hour before disembarking... Read More

Canadian ski federation accused of muzzling athletes who were allegedly abused

MONTREAL—A criminal trial into one of the worst sports scandals in Canadian history opens Monday to determine the fate of a former coach of the national girls ski team who is accused of sexually abusing 12 underage athletes in the... Read More

Christie Blatchford: Neglect isn’t the word to describe what Emil and Rodica Radita did to their son Alex. Now it’s ‘murder’

It was during the trial in Calgary of Emil and Rodica Radita, convicted Friday of first-degree murder in the cruel and lingering starvation death of their teenage son Alexandru, that I first met the young man Alex might have become.... Read More

Conservative MP Kellie Leitch runs ads on Breitbart News

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch is running advertisements on alt-right website Breitbart news. The advertisements include calls to dismantle the CBC, oppose the carbon tax and to screen immigrants for “anti-Canadian values.”“We’re running ads about screening for Canadian values and... Read More

Chris Selley: Conservatives need pressure release on Islamic extremism, but Manning panel on terrorism was bonkers

OTTAWA — Some accused this year’s Manning Centre Networking Conference of pitching itself to the right-wing populism of the moment, rather than to immutable conservative principles — hence its two sessions on Islamic extremism, one on campus censorship and another... Read More

Lakeridge Health nurse ‘verbally, physically and emotionally’ abused patients

Be they patients or colleagues, no one was spared from nurse Stacy Hinton’s verbal attacks.“Shut the f— up” and “OK, let’s go, you f—— idiot” are some examples of what she said to patients at Lakeridge Health in Whitby.Or —... Read More

John Ivison: The Conservative leadership really is Kevin O’Leary versus Anyone But Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary professes himself a “Conservative expansionist,” with a target of growing the party by 40 per cent under his leadership, mainly by appealing to 18-35 year old voters disillusioned by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. At first glance, it would seem... Read More

Ontario immigration website crashes as traffic surges

Ontario’s immigration website has experienced a tenfold increase in visits since the province reopened its popular Provincial Nominee Program on Tuesday.Applicants complained that crashed almost immediately as they scrambled to compete for one of the 6,000 spots open for... Read More

In front of a roaring crowd, Trump again calls the media the ‘enemy of the people’

OXON HILL, MD.—When Ronald Reagan spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference two months into his presidency, he invoked conservative philosophers of yore, hailed Barry Goldwater, and spoke in lofty tones of American idealism and “goodness.”President Donald Trump, appearing at... Read More

Energy minister Glenn Thibeault admits Ontario messed up on hydro rates with bad decisions

In a mea culpa about high electricity prices, Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault admits Ontario screwed up by paying too much for renewable energy.“As they say, hindsight is 20-20,” Thibeault said in a speech prepared for the Economic Club of Canada... Read More

Rex Murphy: In Ontario, the taxpayers sustain Wynne’s green energy perpetual motion disaster

There’s more than a touch of Oprah in our Prime Minister. Substitute town halls for studio audiences and you get a little of the flavour of his recent hopscotch to various venues across the country. He loves – and why... Read More

Conrad Black: Parliament can’t simply demand people feel good about Islam

There are several problems with the House of Commons private members’ motion 103 on “systemic racism and religious discrimination.” It is based on the assertion that there is a “need to quell” an “increasing public climate of hate and fear”... Read More

Bike lanes on Bloor St. have increased driving time and boosted number of cyclists

The city plans to make alterations to the pilot project of separated bike lanes on Bloor St. West, after preliminary data showed that while they have increased cycling rates they have also led to significantly longer travel times for drivers.... Read More

Charles Krauthammer: So long as it doesn’t fail spectacularly, Trump’s foreign policy just might work

At the heart of President Trump’s foreign policy team lies a glaring contradiction. On the one hand, it is composed of men of experience, judgment and traditionalism. Meaning, they are all very much within the parameters of mainstream American internationalism... Read More

Province to shut down Ontario Tire Stewardship by 2018

Ontario’s environment minister is closing the province’s troubled tire recycling agency after Star stories exposed suspicious money transfers, allegations of fraud and wasteful executive spending.Glen Murray, minister of the environment and climate change, said the Ontario Tire Stewardship, the smallest... Read More

Andrew Coyne: A dark road beckons Canada’s Conservatives and the Manning Conference is speeding their way

During the Harper years, the annual Manning Conference — convened by the Manning Centre, founded by former Reform Party leader Preston Manning — served as a kind of Conservative party in exile: a haven for decency and thoughtfulness amid the... Read More

Christie Blatchford: How to fix a problem like Robin Camp? It isn’t Rona Ambrose’s private member’s bill

Just as Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose didn’t mention his name in the interviews she did, nor does her private member’s bill, C-337, the short title of which is the Judicial Accountability through Sexual Assault Law Training Act. But rest... Read More