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Toronto 18 plotter reflects on a decade in prison

Fahim Ahmad enters the room wearing his prison whites, glasses perched midway down his nose. He just left the kitchen, where he was making grilled cheese sandwiches for the lunch service. Ahmad no longer looks like the 21-year-old who made... Read More

Liberals throw open membership at Winnipeg convention

WINNIPEG—The Liberals have thrown open their membership and are heading back to Ottawa with streamlined party rules after a largely celebratory policy convention where dissent kept to the margins.The party voted overwhelmingly to support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s push for... Read More

Accept same-sex marriage, Kenney says

VANCOUVER—As Conservative grassroots members hotly debated same-sex marriage in the halls and on the floor here, two leading social conservatives of the party said it was time for the party to strike the traditional definition of marriage from its policy... Read More

Wynne will ‘try’ for gender-equal cabinet

WINNIPEG—Premier Kathleen Wynne says she’s going to “try” for an equal number of women and men around the cabinet table in a coming cabinet shakeup.But Wynne stopped short of committing to follow Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lead in creating a... Read More

How can we end terrorism without feeding it?

A friend of mine, a very smart friend who lives with her husband and daughter east of Toronto, told me she wanted to build a bunker to protect her family from Daesh, the group that likes to call itself the... Read More

If we build it again with Expo 2025, will they come?

New jobs. More tourists. Infrastructure investment. Development of the waterfront. David Peterson.From the sounds of it, the boosters of hosting Expo 2025 in Toronto are dusting off the Pan Am Games playbook. A quick task, given the Games were less... Read More

Chris Selley: Toronto school calls Liberals’ bluff on ‘essential’ sex-ed curriculum

Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals could not have been clearer about the controversial new sex education curriculum. It’s necessary. It’s coming. Get used to it. “I anticipate there will be members of various religions who may object to one thing... Read More

Toronto’s Trump Tower for sale

Toronto’s Trump Tower is up for sale and has wooed at least one potential buyer. Symon Zucker, lawyer for Talon International, which developed the Trump Tower project and still holds a majority of the condos and hotel suites in the... Read More

Christie Blatchford: Gord Downie and The Hip show us what a good death really means

In the six-degrees-of-separation way that is the mark of the genuinely still-pretty-small country, I’ve almost/sort of crossed paths with Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip a half-dozen times. I saw them in concert but once, way back when. It was... Read More

Andrew Coyne: Harper made bigger mark as party leader than as Prime Minister

If his followers couldn’t make the case for his significance as prime minister, Stephen Harper wasn’t about to try. Since his party’s defeat in the past election — the first majority government to be driven from power with unemployment at... Read More

Police chief defends marijuana raids at unruly news conference

Police arrested 91 people and laid more than 250 criminal charges yesterday in raids targeting marijuana dispensaries across the city, Chief Mark Saunders told a rowdy news conference Friday.The bags of pot hauled from storefronts to cruiser trunks Thursday added... Read More

Conrad Black: This isn’t religion, it’s madness

Next Tuesday I am engaging in a debate with former justice minister Irwin Cotler, a cordial and respected acquaintance of many years, in Ottawa on the issue of whether the Supreme Court of Canada is usurping the rights of Parliament.... Read More

Rex Murphy: What passes for learning on campus: a group marriage to the sea

“We live in an age in which it is no longer possible to be funny. There is nothing you can imagine, no matter how ludicrous, that will not promptly be enacted before your very eyes, probably by someone well known.”—... Read More

Police chief defends marijuana raids at rancorous news conference

Police arrested 90 people and laid 186 charges yesterday in raids targeting marijuana dispensaries across the city, Chief Mark Saunders told a rancorous news conference Friday.The raids took place after police received complaints that the dispensaries were having a “broad... Read More

Charles Krauthammer: Obama displays a rare moment of hard-headed realism

How do you distinguish a foreign policy “idealist” from a “realist,” an optimist from a pessimist? Ask one question: Do you believe in the arrow of history? Or to put it another way, do you think history is cyclical or... Read More

Police chief talks about marijuana raids

Police Chief Mark Saunders is giving an update this morning on dozens of raids targeting marijuana dispensaries across Toronto yesterday.The raids “targeted various locations that have been identified as trafficking in marijuana outside of the marijuana-for-medical-use regulations,” Const. Caroline de... Read More

Toronto’s red-hot market sends property values soaring

Toronto’s blistering housing market has prompted a 30 per cent jump in residential property values over the last four years, according to the company that assesses real estate in the province.City homeowners will receive assessment notices — their first since... Read More

Harper projects optimism for Conservative party in brief speech

VANCOUVER—Stephen Harper’s swan song to the Conservative party he helped found 13 years ago was a thank-you-and-goodnight speech with a call to rally behind the leader who replaces him next year.In his first public comments since leading the party to... Read More

Christie Blatchford: Still confusion over Forcillo’s conviction on attempting to murder a dead man

The facts of the streetcar shooting death of Sammy Yatim are tragic and, by virtue both of the extensive video of the incident and media coverage, as sadly familiar as the young man’s face. But often lost or forgotten in... Read More

Residents worry about futuristic direction of Galleria Mall

On a recent rainy Sunday afternoon, Sidonio Da Silva sat on a bench in the middle of Galleria Mall and chatted with another man.“We come here to talk about life . . . food,” the 75-year-old said with a laugh,... Read More