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Soldier fatally shot on Parliament Hill identified as Nathan Cirillo of Hamilton

The soldier shot dead while guarding the National War Memorial in Ottawa Wednesday is Cpl. Nathan Frank Cirillo. The Hamilton Spectator has confirmed Cirillo’s identity through friends and members of the military.Cirillo, who was a corporal with the Argyll and... Read More

Marni Soupcoff: Today, we mourn. Save the lessons for another day

When I heard the news about the shooting in Ottawa today, I was in the middle of writing a column about something else. For the next several hours, I tried to return my attention to that something else, telling myself... Read More

Soldier dead after shooting at War Memorial in Ottawa, police confirm

A soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial was gunned down Wednesday morning, Ottawa police said. “One shooting victim succumbed to injuries. He was a member of the Canadian Forces,” police said just before 2 p.m. in a release.... Read More

Jonathan Kay: Persevering through tragedy, Canada must keep its public square open

On the night of February 28, 1986, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme went to see a comedy at the Grand Cinema in central Stockholm with his wife Lisbet. Palme disliked bodyguards, and didn’t take any with him that evening. Later... Read More

Full Pundit: Terror hits home — but how terrified should we be?

Keeping calm and carrying on Martin Couture-Rouleau’s attack on two Canadian soldiers brings the ISIS fight to the streets of Canada. But is a deranged man in a car an existential threat? The National Post‘s Matt Gurney notes that Islamist... Read More

40-year-old woman charged with concealing six dead infant bodies in storage locker

Andrea Giesbrecht, 40, of Winnipeg has been arrested in connection with the Monday discovery of six dead infants in a U-Haul storage locker in Winnipeg.Police announced the arrest Wednesday morning and said more details would be provided at a briefing... Read More

Jonathan Kay: Why I’m hooked on the clunky new Blackberry Passport, the world’s first male-gendered smartphone

It was four weeks ago when I handled the new Blackberry Passport for the first time. (This video, with my colleague Armina Ligaya, captures the moment.) I was tempted to write about the Blackberry-provided review device then and there, because... Read More

Long-shot mayoral candidate releases epic transit platform with actual details

It’s Transit City, the Big Move and a few more bells and whistles all rolled into one audacious – not to mention massive – transit platform.Its brazen author, Ari Goldkind, a 40-year-old lawyer and fourth-placed mayoral candidate, deliberately courts controversy... Read More

Kelly McParland: Martin Rouleau is why Canada must do all it can to fight ISIS

The thin file we have so far on Martin Rouleau suggests he was going to find an opportunity to cloak himself in violence, one way or another. If not jihadi rhetoric, perhaps white supremacy, anti-Semitism, misogyny, homophobia … there are... Read More

Poll: John Tory holds commanding 14-point lead over Doug Ford

John Tory holds a commanding 14-point lead as Toronto’s mayoral election nears its end, a new Forum Research poll finds.Tory had 43 per cent support, Doug Ford (open Doug Ford’s policard) 29 per cent, Olivia Chow 25 per cent, a... Read More

Ministry of labour orders bike racks removed on certain TTC buses

If you’re a cyclist who relies on an articulated TTC bus as part of your commute, you’ll have to get by without the bike rack until the transit agency figures out a solution to a recently discovered safety issue.Bicycles plunked... Read More

Queen’s Park sets sights on distracted drivers

Drugged drivers will face the same sanctions as drunk drivers under proposed legislation aimed at cracking down on distracted drivers in Ontario.“This sends a clear message to the people who think, ‘I can get high and drive because I can... Read More

Christie Blatchford: Did Magnotta attempt to cement his fame by asking to just be left alone?

For the first time, the jurors in the Luka Magnotta murder trial have heard the admitted killer’s sibilant voice at length. An audiotape of Mr. Magnotta’s bizarre interview in England with reporter Alex West was played in court Tuesday, with... Read More

Jonathan Kay: An editor’s note regarding my work for HarperCollins on ‘Common Ground’

On Monday, HarperCollins Canada published Common Ground, a memoir authored by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. In an interview with the Toronto Star published last week, Mr. Trudeau described how the book came to be. “The actual writing of the book... Read More

John Ivison: In response to Quebec terror attack we must remember a healthy balance between security and freedom

Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one, said Benjamin Franklin. The day after an attack “clearly linked to terrorist ideology,” in the words of Public Safety minister Steven Blaney, the temptation is... Read More

Canadian Tire suspends hydrogen project after Star story

Canadian Tire informed the Star Tuesday that it has just suspended its hydrogen pilot project at a massive distribution facility under construction in the Caledon village of Bolton.“As of this morning we have temporarily suspended the hydrogen fuel cell pilot... Read More

Soldier attacker Martin Rouleau had passport seized, RCMP says

OTTAWA—Martin Rouleau, the suspected homegrown terrorist behind an ambush on two Canadian soldiers, had his passport seized by RCMP and may have been frustrated in his desire to travel to join Islamic State before lying in wait two hours to... Read More

Canadian soldier killed in suspected terror attack identified

The Canadian soldier who died a day after being run down by a suspected homegrown terrorist has been idendified as 53-year-old Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. Quebec provincial police confirmed the news Tuesday after a news conference at which they said... Read More

Quebec attack on Canadian soldiers linked to ‘terrorist ideology’

Martin Rouleau, the suspected homegrown terrorist behind an attack on two Canadian soldiers, may have been lying in wait for more than two hours before running his victims down with his car.Quebec provincial police told reporters Tuesday that the investigation... Read More

Kelly McParland: Monica Lewinsky takes on the trolls in a doomed tilt at Internet ignorance

It’s easy to feel some sympathy for Monica Lewinsky, who made a dumb mistake when she was 22 and has been paying for it ever since. Lewinsky famously had an affair with President Bill Clinton while she was an intern... Read More