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Christie Blatchford: Alan Kurdi’s story should galvanize the world — but Harper can’t be blamed for this tragedy

I may stand alone here, probably do, but I was grateful Thursday, as waves of emotion washed over the country and the world at the picture of little Alan Kurdi lying dead on a Turkish beach, for a prime minister... Read More

John Ivison: Migrant crisis suddenly the biggest issue in the election campaign — and Harper’s on the high wire

Talking to a Liberal friend Wednesday evening, we mused on whether the progressive vote would eventually coalesce around one or other of the opposition parties. “There is another scenario,” he said. “The complete collapse of the Conservative vote.” I said... Read More

Quebec City’s new hockey arena could yet become an albatross

Issues from a falling loonie to Pierre Karl Péladeau’s murky status still dog the dream of a Nordiques revival ... Read More

Chris Selley: The migrants’ journey from hell

On the one hand, we have the horrifying image of a dead three-year-old boy, Aylan Kurdi, face down in the sand on a Turkish beach — drowned along with his mother Rehan and brother Galip on their way to Greece... Read More

Kelly McParland: Syrian crisis is a chance for Canada to show its generosity

In an earlier generation, during a previous refugee crisis, Canada responded with an outpouring of generosity and humanitarian enthusiasm. In the late 1970s, Vietnamese refugees began fleeing their country in droves, escaping the hardships that followed the end of the... Read More

AFN’s elected leader won’t vote, but will keep asking Ottawa for money, and other reasons to fear for humanity

1. China pledges to use military for good Ng Han Guan / Associated PressChinese troops practice marching ahead of a Sept. 3 military parade at a camp on the outskirts of Beijing China’s president used a massive military parade in Beijing... Read More

Wynne is right to shun the anti-sex-ed zealots

Ontario is just the latest global battleground over who should teach kids about the birds and the bees ... Read More

Andrew Coyne: It isn’t just the election results that are impossible to predict — it’s what happens after

We have reached the end of the “phoney war” stage of the campaign. From Labour Day on, the parties will be using live ammunition. That said, it was a surprisingly frisky August: from the revelations at the Mike Duffy trial... Read More

John Ivison: Trudeau and Mulcair drop gloves in fight for undecided voters who ruled out the Conservatives

The Liberals don’t care about battered women. The accusation comes in the form of a press release from those nice New Democrats, who say the Justin Trudeau’s party opposes their plan to combat violence against women. The spurious allegation may... Read More

Christie Blatchford: This protester has served 10 years and seven months in jail and no one cares

At 11:02 Wednesday morning, Linda Gibbons sat uncomfortably, hands cuffed behind her back, in the rear seat of a Toronto Police squad car. She was taken first to 53 Division, transferred to 55 Division where all women are held overnight... Read More

Kelly McParland: Alberta’s NDP has one chance to get it right. Just don’t say ‘Bob Rae’

During her victorious election campaign, Rachel Notley firmly resisted comparisons to Ontario’s ill-fated experiment with the NDP government of Bob Rae. Alberta is not Ontario, 2015 is not 1990 and Bob Rae isn’t even a New Democrat any more, she... Read More

Alberta, where’s that? Ontario says it’s doing fine, thanks … and other reasons to fear for humanity

1. Bad cold to America! ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty ImagesAn Iranian woman stands in front of the painted wall of the former US embassy in Tehran, before the recent clean-up President Obama is a single vote away from securing victory for his nuclear... Read More

Chris Selley: Fifty years later, just about everyone loves Toronto’s weird, unlikely City Hall

Send a Torontonian back in time to 1957 and he might get quite bored quickly. You couldn’t drink until you were 21 and had secured a permit. The international food scene was … embryonic, let’s say. The word “multicultural” had... Read More

John Ivison: Harper’s aversion to government intervention in the economy is both political and personal

The debate over whether Canada is in a real, or merely technical, recession provided a master class in political leadership from Stephen Harper. If a true leader has the clarity to see the right thing, the confidence to admit publicly... Read More

Kelly McParland: Even beer barriers are Harper’s fault, Trudeau claims

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau found something new to blame on Stephen Harper Tuesday: it’s the Prime Minister’s fault, he suggested, that Canada’s provinces can’t co-ordinate their beer laws. Trudeau’s suggestion took place when he was asked about a potentially ground-breaking... Read More

Russian jets over Syria, and other reasons to fear for humanity

1. Reality on Line 1, Mr. Mulcair Postmedia NewsAlberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci Hello Mr. Mulcair? Alberta calling: the new NDP government in that fair province has finished its celebrations and stumbled into the Treasury just in time to realize it’s... Read More

Marni Soupcoff: Keep the cops out of our mail!

Every call from Canadian police for more power to examine our private stuff probably stems from a desire to stop crime. For example, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police recently passed a resolution asking the government to grant police... Read More

John Ivison: It hardly matters if a $2-trillion economy contracts by 0.1 per cent — except during an election

The hurricane of spin over Tuesday’s GDP numbers has made land already. The Mike Duffy trial has petered out, to be replaced by the burning question about whether the Canadian economy is back in recession (Stephen Harper’s morning press conference... Read More

Andrew Coyne on Mulcair’s amazing vow: Could the party of spending really balance the budget in year one?

Three things to bear in mind as you listen to what the parties are telling you about the economy and their respective plans to “fix” it. 1: None of it is true. 2: If it is it’s usually a bad... Read More

Kelly McParland: Mulcair can only benefit from claims he’s not a traditional left winger

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d suspect there was a conspiracy under way to covertly boost the image of Thomas Mulcair among non-NDP voters. There’s no question Mulcair has made a real effort to separate himself from the party’s... Read More