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Conrad Black: Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin has emasculated the high court of Parliament

I am afraid I must dissent from the ever-rising hallelujah chorus of adulation being orchestrated by and for the chief justice of Canada, Beverley McLachlin. I admired her lower court rulings in favour of free speech, and in the only... Read More

Christie Blatchford: Three year sentence brings sad, sickening end to onetime education superstar

It is a common enough scene in the criminal courts, and not without its own special heartbreak. An accused person, the long judicial process over at last and no more stalling possible, is formally sentenced, and as he is led... Read More

Andrew Coyne: Peter MacKay was a politician of many titles, but little achievement

Peter MacKay had been a Crown prosecutor for four years when, at the age of 31, he first ran for Parliament. His father, Elmer MacKay, had been a minister in the Brian Mulroney government. Though now remembered mostly for his... Read More

Rex Murphy: The deepest level of customer service hell, courtesy Hydro One

Soon after the explosive report this week by the Ontario ombudsman, dealing with Hydro One, I did a quick check of Dante’s imperishable Inferno and learned the noble Italian neglected to assign a place for corporate communications — customer complaint division.... Read More

Don’t want to play soccer against girls? You lose

Sometimes, religious accommodation is hard. Reasonable people will disagree. Is it an affront to secular society to allow a Muslim congregation to organize Friday prayers in a public school cafeteria? Or is it simply a practical way of minimizing disruption... Read More

John Ivison: Despite rumours to the contrary, Peter MacKay leaves federal politics as one of Harper’s closest allies

The received wisdom is that there is no love lost between Peter MacKay and Stephen Harper. Yes, they united the right but they came from very different points of the political spectrum. Harper famously kicked a chair when he heard... Read More

Putin’s new directive: Don’t mention the war … and Friday’s other reasons to fear for humanity

1. Add ‘$1,000 pay cut’ to that ‘tax on everything’ Justin Tang/THE CANADIAN PRESSStephen Harper and Joe Oliver: The budget they're holding included no mention of voluntary CPP plan. Stephen Harper is calling the Liberal plan for a mandatory increase in... Read More

Christie Blatchford: Remarkable verdict ends final murder trial for remarkable judge

His last murder trial, his last villain, his last big case at 361, as insiders refer to the University Avenue courthouse in downtown Toronto: It hardly seems fair, or even reasonable because frankly he is fit and gorgeous, but Gene... Read More

Sounds like ‘schmelection’: The CPP reform charade

Ottawa’s plan to study ‘options’ to allow Canadians to increase their Canadian Pension Plan contributions is the result of policy-making at the mercy of polls ... Read More

Sounds like ‘schmelection’: The CPP reform charade

Ottawa’s plan to study ‘options’ to allow Canadians to increase their Canadian Pension Plan contributions is the result of policy-making at the mercy of polls ... Read More

John Ivison: From helicopters to fighter jets, problems facing Canada’s defence procurement are systemic

Fifty two years ago, Bob Dylan released Blowing in the Wind, Lester B. Pearson was elected 14th prime minister of Canada, JFK was shot and the Sea King maritime helicopters entered service. For the past 25 years, we’ve been trying... Read More

Chris Selley: Thanks to the Senate, I’ve finally come around to liking the Reform Act

Having spent a year and a half dumping on Michael Chong’s poor battered Reform Act, I think I have somewhat come around — ironically enough, thanks to the unelected senators who now seem willing to amend or stall the bill... Read More

Kelly McParland: School is about learning. And that includes lessons on appropriate clothing

There is a reason insurance companies charge hefty rates to cover young drivers. It’s because they tend to be less mature than older drivers, more prone to taking risks, ignoring dangers, doing dumb things and getting into accidents. That last... Read More

Russia says FIFA scandal is all a U.S. plot … and Thursday’s other reasons to fear for humanity

1. Is all dirty plot (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin) Russian President Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin thinks the FIFA scandal is all a nefarious U.S. scheme to mess with Russia’s 2018 World Cup. “Our American counterparts, unfortunately, are using the same methods to reach their... Read More

Andrew Coyne: Whether voluntary or mandatory, there is no need to expand the CPP

If you’re just joining us, the Conservatives are now, as of this Tuesday, formally in favour of a voluntary expansion of the Canada Pension Plan, having earlier been opposed. The Liberals are now in favour of a mandatory expansion of... Read More

Christie Blatchford: Missed opportunities to save Bridget Takyi from death at hands of ex-boyfriend

It is a cruel touch that as the trial of Bridget Takyi’s killer was unfolding at the downtown Toronto courthouse, the city and indeed much of Canada was preoccupied with verbal violence toward women. In contrast to news reporters and... Read More

The darker side of solar power

Panels need to produce emissions-free electricity for quite a long time to make up for the greenhouse gases generated by their manufacturing ... Read More

Full Pundit: How to fix Canadian politics

Democracy in crisis? In the National Post, we find Andrew Coyne’s and John Pepall’s responses to the resolution, as proposed at a Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Ottawa last night, that “Canada’s democracy is in crisis.” Coyne, as regular readers would expect,... Read More

Another reason never to build a palace in Turkey, and Wednesday’s other reasons to fear for humanity

1. Manitoba NDPers skedaddle to Alberta THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris YoungManitoba Premier Greg Selinger: was it something I said? Rachel Notley’s victory has started a new western migration, specifically among NDP staffers from the crumbling Manitoba government who are abandoning Premier Greg Selinger... Read More

Andrew Coyne: We have the form of a parliamentary democracy, but not the substance

Last night in Ottawa, Post columnist Andrew Coyne and author John Pepall squared off in a debate sponsored by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. The resolution: Canada’s democracy is in crisis I suppose the best way to answer the question — is... Read More