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Encryption creating a barrier for police, documents suggest

OTTAWA—The growing popularity of programs that protect online privacy is creating a barrier for police and security agencies ability to intercept and use data, documents obtained by the Star suggest.Public Safety officials warned Minister Ralph Goodale in November that encryption... Read More

Two couples pool money to live under one roof

They don’t claim to have all the answers. Certainly they haven’t resolved the big question: What happens if the relationship ends?But two Toronto couples say they’re committed to figuring it out because pooling their resources to live under one roof... Read More

Families of lost indigenous teens hope deaths result in change with police

THUNDER BAY—It has been 16 years since Stella Anderson lost her son, Jethro, to the Kaministiquia River, and every day his death weighs heavily on her soul.She is reminded of the 15-year-old’s last moments every time she sees or uses... Read More

Head of northern CAS took beds, TV, dishes, lawsuit claims

If a lawsuit against a northern Ontario children’s aid society is to be believed, the retirement of the society’s executive director was an unorthodox affair.When Ernest Beck vacated the residence provided by the Tikinagan society in Sioux Lookout last summer,... Read More

Robert Nadler ID’d as second fatality of Mississauga home explosion

Police identified the second body discovered at the site of this week’s house explosion in Mississauga as Robert Nadler, spouse of Diane Page, the woman who also died in Tuesday’s blast on Hickory Drive.Const. Mark Fischer told the Star Nadler’s... Read More

Patrick Brown downplays appearance at BBQ hosted by controversial former Tory candidate

Patrick Brown insists he did nothing wrong by speaking at a “volunteer appreciation BBQ” at the Brampton home of a federal Conservative candidate fired for homophobic comments before last October’s election. Brown, who a year ago became the first leader... Read More

‘We are so thankful to Canada’: Relatives of imprisoned Canadian find refuge here

Their journey to Canada begins and ends with a man some of them have never met.After fleeing torture and imprisonment in Ethiopia and then eight years of waiting in UN refugee camps in Kenya, the extended family of a Canadian... Read More

Drunk-driving case tossed after Peel cops retain accused’s turban

A Mississauga man has been found not guilty of driving with excess blood alcohol because a judge found police violated his rights by withholding his turban for more than three hours after his arrest. Not only did the officers involved... Read More

Gaspé may be set, but Quebec’s cement deal is decidedly mixed

The province remains wedded to model of industrial development that produces more losers than winners ... Read More

Second body found in ruins of exploded Mississauga house

Peel police said Thursday evening that they have found a second body — a man’s — in a Mississauga home levelled in an explosion. The body has not been identified, but the owner of the house at 4201 Hickory Dr.... Read More

Christie Blatchford: The state of mental health care may be a disgrace, but the cops can’t fix it alone

The new Ontario ombudsman — Paul Dubé, who took over the office this spring after the painful leave-taking of former head Andre Marin — got much right in his first big report. Mind you, so did Marin: The investigation began... Read More

Quebec cement project a good deal for Gaspé – at expense of taxpayers

The province remains wedded to model of industrial development that produces more losers than winners ... Read More

Mississauga homeowner still missing after blast, police say

The owner of a Mississauga home levelled in an explosion has not been located, and Peel police are not ruling out the possibility of finding a second blast victim in the rubble. At the moment, Robert Nadler is unaccounted for... Read More

Rex Murphy: Those who voted to leave the EU weren’t stupid. They were just angry. And with cause

You have to consult the Lamentations of Jeremiah to find a grim parallel to the wailing and gnashing of Europhile teeth after the Brexit side won the recent referendum in the U.K. The Remain crowd have proved to be sore... Read More

In a post-Brexit world, Canada needs the U.S. more than ever

The Three Amigos met this week in Ottawa with an exceedingly messy Brexit and rising U.S. protectionism as worrisome backdrops. The meeting was more about optics than substance, but there was one clear and expensive request buried President Barack Obama’s... Read More

Conrad Black: Why Maurice Duplessis won four straight terms

I am probably the only person still standing who observes June 20 as a political anniversary: this year it was the 60th anniversary of the last of Maurice Duplessis’ unmatched five general election victories as premier of Quebec. Gouin, Taschereau... Read More

Body of second blast victim may be under Mississauga home explosion rubble

The body of a second blast victim may lie under the rubble of a former home on Hickory Drive in Missisissauga, Peel Regional Police say.A Peel Police spokesperson dismissed some media reports that the investigation into Tuesday’s blast on Hickory... Read More

Kelly McParland: Playing with fire in Northern Ireland

Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams, two men who should know better, are playing a dangerous game in demanding a vote on a united Ireland in the wake of last week’s plebiscite on Britain’s place in the European Union. They were... Read More

Special Peel police team searching for evidence of foul play in Mississauga house explosion

A special team of Peel Regional Police officers is searching for evidence of foul play as investigators continue to sift through the rubble of Tuesday’s deadly explosion on Hickory Drive that obliterated a home and damaged 24 others.Peel police was... Read More

Ontario doctors challenge ruling that would identify top OHIP billers

The Ontario Medical Association is seeking to overturn a landmark decision by the province’s privacy commissioner to release the names of top-billing doctors.In addition, a group of about 40 doctors and one physician acting alone who are on the list... Read More