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Vaping: The battle for acceptance is rising

Natalia Jakobowska has not tried any of the cheesecake varieties yet.“But I’d love to,” says the 29-year-old nurse, who has settled so far on plain old vanilla as her flavor of choice.There are dozens and dozens of other taste options... Read More

Will sainthood for John Paul II, John XXIII unite church?

One has been compared to a rock star, the other to a humble parish priest — a saintly odd couple representing rival factions of the Catholic church.John Paul II and John XXIII will be united symbolically on April 27 when... Read More

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter dead at 76

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a professional boxer and defender of the wrongly convicted who spent nearly 20 years in prison for three murders before getting his convictions overturned, died Sunday in Toronto at 76. His career as a prized, top middleweight... Read More

Pope Francis prays for peace in Ukraine, Syria at Easter Mass

VATICAN CITY—Marking Christianity’s most hopeful day, Pope Francis made an Easter Sunday plea for peace and dialogue in Ukraine and Syria, for an end to terrorist attacks against Christians in Nigeria and for more attention to the hungry and neediest... Read More

Toronto runners return to reclaim Boston Marathon

The air was crisp that morning, the atmosphere electric. The 23,000 runners swarmed the grassy football field beside Hopkinton High School, the annual pre-race meeting point, and the lawn was buzzing with excitement. Competitors massaged their hamstrings, took gulps of... Read More

Raptors’ playoff jitters predictable but can be overcome: Feschuk

All week the Raptors had been talking about how they couldn’t wait for it: The hype, the noise, the buzz of playoff basketball. They couldn’t wait to stand amid the white-out of a sellout at the Air Canada Centre and... Read More

Raptors fall to Nets in Game 1

Deron Williams and Joe Johnson both scored 24 points as the Brooklyn Nets beat the Toronto Raptors 94-87 in the opening game of their NBA playoff series Saturday.Toronto, which won a club-record 48 games this season, erased a five-point deficit... Read More

Air Canada vows to fire baggage tosser caught on video

Air Canada is spending most of the weekend apologizing for what appeared to be a baggage-handling incident from a YouTube video that is circulating on social media. The video, titled “Air Canada baggage fail 20 ft bag toss in Toronto,”... Read More

NBA Playoffs Game Day: Raptors-Nets Game 1 blog

Mobile users click here to join Doug Smith with your comments and check out Star photos as the Raptors host the Nets in their NBA playoff opener at the ACC. ... Read More

Mexicans pay dearly for ‘green gold’

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO—Limes are to Mexican cuisine what olive oil is to Italian food.Here they squeeze the tangy green fruit over pretty much everything, from tacos and potato chips to fresh mango and coconut.So it’s understandable that a sudden increase in... Read More

Abuse of veal calves unveiled by hidden camera

Baby calves, just weeks old, are kicked, punched, slapped and yelled at by barn employees. Some are grabbed by the testicles to force them into narrow wooden stalls. Several lie gasping for air on slats stained with urine and feces.These... Read More

Rex Murphy: John Furlong — The complete Newfoundlander

Over the years I’ve more and more felt that Newfoundland’s personality, the peculiar charm and draw of the place, is the product of a “dynamic equilibrium.” The phrase might sound a little airy, like something that slipped past the jargon... Read More

Conrad Black: Vladimir Putin’s Middle Eastern harvest

For those hoping to ignore the Middle East during Easter and Passover, I am the Grinch who will steal the holiday. Approximately 140,000 people have died in the three years of the horrible imbroglio in Syria. Russia, despite its weakness... Read More

First World War begins at home

In 1916, my great-grandfather Jimmy Daubs stood on the top steps of the Parkhill Library on his way to war. He was a bandsman with the 135th Battalion “The Pride of Middlesex,” his hat jauntily tilted to the side, easy... Read More

Other Canadian children may be victims of alleged Dutch bullying suspect

RCMP say a man arrested in the Netherlands in connection with the online bullying of Amanda Todd may have dozens of other victims, including more Canadian children, according to a CBC report.A 35-year-old man was arrested in the Netherlands in... Read More

Captain of capsized ferry, 2 crew members arrested in South Korea disaster

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA—A prosecutor says the captain of the South Korean ferry that sank two days ago has been arrested.Senior prosecutor Yang Jung-jin says 68-year-old Lee Joon-seok and the crew members were detained early Saturday.The ship, the Sewol, sank Wednesday,... Read More

Christie Blatchford: The government doesn’t answer questions about its military recruiting mess

Now that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has put the Canadian Forces on notice that their presence is requested in Poland, I’ve no doubt the military will respond magnificently. The PM announced on Thursday that Canada is sending six CF-18 fighter... Read More

Only 20 applications to grow medicinal pot approved so far

OTTAWA—The federal government has received hundreds of applications from pot producers seeking to become licensed marijuana growers under the Conservatives’ new scheme, but has processed fewer than two dozen so far.In a formal written response last week to Liberal MP... Read More

U.S. delays decision on Keystone XL pipeline

WASHINGTON—The Keystone XL pipeline will not be completed this year.The United States administration has ignored the Canadian government’s demand for a decision soon on the controversial pipeline, so that construction could begin this summer.The administration has released a statement announcing... Read More

Sam the Record Man in Belleville the last of a once great retail chain

BELLEVILLE—Thirty-five years is a long time to be on your toes. But when you’re the last Sam standing, there’s no resting on your laurels.Far from it for Spencer Destun, who’s still moving and grooving with the business he started in... Read More