Wind Will Be Cheaper Than Natural Gas

Will be? Naw, it has been for years. Still, SaskPower is building another 350MW of natural gas to go online in 2019, while building far less than 300MW of wind power by then. They’ve a target of 50% renewable generation... Read More

Open Letter to the City of Greater Sudbury Regarding Anti-Muslim Soldiers of Odin in Our Community

An Open Letter To: Chantal Mathieu, Director, Environmental Services, City of Greater Sudbury.It’s recently come to my attention via a post made to social media that there is an organization in our City that has been picking up and disposing... Read More

Don’t Do That

The pompous Saskatchewan Minister of Bad Ideas, serving under the skillfully bad leadership of Premier Brad Wall, has asked people who’ve lost bus service, to just stop hitchhiking, because he doesn’t like to see it. “People have always hitchhiked, and... Read More

Government of Canada To Open Data on Energy Use?

The Liberals Government has done squat in Regina since coming to power, when it comes to (hydro) power generation. I’ve produced over 5 MWh of solar power, and sent almost 3 MWh of that onto the electrical grid, while three... Read More

Greater Sudbury Council is Out of Control

Maley Drive. A new Kingsway Entertainment District. Four-laning MR 35. Six-laning MR 80 to the Valley.  Straightening the S-curve on the Kingsway by buying up vacant lots. Building a new parking facility at Bell Park. Funding for a new Synergy... Read More

More Small Town Banks Closing in Saskatchewan

"Those people that sit with their pointed heads and their pointed pencils and tell us and take … the bank away from us — — Saskboy (@saskboy) July 9, 2017 “they don’t think about what goes on in these... Read More

You Are a Dunce, Go Soak Your Head

Look at which anti-healthcare, and pro-wealthcare GOP politicians participated in preventing their inspiration from having healthcare provided by the state. The Dad Who Inspired the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Can't Afford His Own Treatment — Esquire (@esquire) July 8,... Read More

Roman Concrete

I remember some about this story a few years ago.  I don’t think the formula for the Roman mix was well understood at that time. Portland Cement doesn’t cut it. Glad they made this breakthrough, it should help build more... Read More

Conservative Party Should Be Sorry

The Conservative Party of Canada, in response to Omar Khadr being awarded a damages settlement for torturous conditions of his imprisonment, said, “No words,” on their Facebook post. I’ve some words. A political party that was okay with leaving a... Read More

A Look Back At Moose Jaw High Street

This mural was destroyed by a fire.   ... Read More

Mapping the Way Forward for a Kingsway Entertainment District

The recent decision by Greater Sudbury Council to locate a new events centre on vacant lands on the north side of Kingsway, just west of the intersection with the Highway 17 by-pass, represents a sharp departure from the vision contained... Read More

Crystal Ball Gazing: How Sudbury Gets a New Kingsway Event Centre – Not on Merit, but on a Technicality

Here’s why we’ll have a new Event Centre on the Kingsway after tonight’s Council meeting.  For the most part, I believe that the decision will be decided not on the merits of either the Kingsway or the downtown proposals, or... Read More

Will Mandryk Eat His Privatization Crow?

Has anyone watched Mandryk eat crow about this doozy of a column defending Wall’s last campaign yet? “NDP must get off privatization merry-go-round“ “On Tuesday, Wall emphatically said “no” to selling SaskPower, SaskEnergy, SaskTel, SGI and even STC. He reminded... Read More

At The Bird Feeder …..

Its been a while since I have posted anything, having a stroke tends to slow one down and change your priorities I find, Still I was ‘lucky’ and have very few lasting effects and am now able to function fairly... Read More

An Open Letter to My Ward Councillor, Fern Cormier, Regarding the Events Centre

I am writing to you today to express my thoughts on the matter of a new events centre for our community, which I understand Council will be discussing at its upcoming meeting on June 27, 2017.  I am writing to... Read More

Wall Built A Saskatchewan You Can’t Easily Leave

Saskatchewan Blogger Tammy Robert wrote about the bad governance of Brad Wall. So Brad Wall had his Finance Minister write about the character of Tammy Robert. Meanwhile, Wall’s Government has brought about a very justified human rights complaint by a... Read More

Motorsports in a Time of Climate Crisis: Sustainability Must Be Our Focus

It’s 2017. Are we finally going to start taking the climate crisis seriously? Are we prepared to do more than just treat terms like “sustainability” and “low carbon economy” as meaningless buzz-words?  Are we finally going to acknowledge that we... Read More

KCTMO – Playing with fire!

Frightening this wasn’t listened to in time. Grenfell Action Group It is a truly terrifying thought but the Grenfell Action Group firmly believe that only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord, the  KCTMO, and... Read More

Mothers Day Walk

After a mild frost first thing the Mrs and I took our annual ‘Mothers day walk” around our woodland trails this Monday ( I know, I know, we were a day late…. that seems to sum up my life off... Read More

The seasons of the year.

Each year we await the signs of spring with great anticipation, the arrival of the birds from warmer climes throughout April and May are carefully noted and compared with the arrival time from previous years, The same is true of... Read More