An Open Letter to Greater Sudbury Council Regarding the Downtown ‘Large Projects’ Site Selection Process

The following is an open letter to Greater Sudbury Council regarding a request for decision on a report to Council dated November 15, 2017, titled, “Greater Sudbury Convention and Performance Centre / Library Art Gallery Update,”. The request for decision... Read More

What To See in Saskatchewan

Here’s a great video of some of the great things to see while looking around Saskatchewan. I’ve lived here nearly all my life, and I still haven’t seen it all yet. I love the Dark Sky Preserve at Grasslands National... Read More

Why Is CBC Opinions So Bad?

I’m kinda surprised they haven’t asked me to write for them. We need CBC, but we don’t need CBC to promote the status-quo, we need it to tell stories from all over Canada that won’t be heard without the public... Read More

An Open Letter to Greater Sudbury Council Regarding the Draft Integrated Site Plan for the Kingsway Entertainment District

The following is an open letter to Council and select municipal staff with regards to the Integrated Site Plan for some proposed elements of the so-called “Kingsway Entertainment District”. It is intended to be my submission as part of the... Read More

The Kingsway Entertainment District – How Council’s Vision Fails Greater Sudburians

“1.2 – VisionThe Official Plan functions as much more than a land use planning document – it also encompasses our objectives related to social, economic and environmental matters. The vision statements below reflect the collective aspirations of those who live... Read More

A gripping tale of lost Bitcoins

I’m just glad this wasn’t me. You probably won’t be disappointed reading this tale of a man losing his Bitcoin recovery information, and the low-tech, and high-tech means he tries to recover them from the ether. ... Read More

Political Games Over Caribou Protection Harming Northern Ontario’s Reputation

“I can tell you that we’re frankly fed up with being portrayed as an area that has no regard for the sustainability of our environment that we live in and have lived in and intend to live for generations and... Read More

Growth Beyond Cities

As I subscribe to the Rural Ontario Institute news feeds I get occational links to their recent reports on rural issues the moast recent being the Rural Ontario Foresight Papers which discusses a wide range of issues from rural growth... Read More

EV Charging in Regina

This blog post is a 7 month update to my earlier summary of the status of EV charging in Regina. Most EV owners charge at home, where they park for the night. Fillin' up, at home.#KickGas every day. —... Read More

A Tale About Buying an Electric Car

There’s no place to buy a used Electric Vehicle in Regina, in 2017. This is a problem. It’s one I don’t have the ability to solve, but it affects me because I’m interested in helping people know how to get... Read More

Spy Agency Fighting Malware

Canada’s CSE is attempting to make it easier for organizations to detect malicious software in files. ... Read More

A Loss For Canada And Our World

Gord Downie was the pride of our nation: Chantal Kreviazuk — chantal (@chantalkreviaz) October 20, 2017 He's our Rock Pounding Father of Canadian music, and he's gone. http... Read More


“Flabbergasting” If you need to hear every Conservative talking point repeated without a thought in the world, try the Regina Chamber CEO’s take on CTV: “Nation building” “tidewater” “energy independence” “What’s in the best interest of the country” “a lot... Read More

Twitter Suspended Victim

Some days (most days) Twitter really sucks at limiting abuse, and supporting victims of the same. People wonder why it's so hard for women to come forward with their stories and then #RoseMcGowan gets suspended from @Twitter #ROSEARMY — Julia... Read More

My Tax Dollars Hard at Work or Hardly Working? A Quick Analysis of the Recent Moonglo Zoning Decision

OK, so I’ve read the recent Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) decision about the proposed change in zoning in the Moonglo neighbourhood.  What a gong show for the City this whole exercise proved to be.  And as a taxpaying resident of... Read More

#CrudePower The Price of Oil tonight at #UofR

We haven't ignored the sour gas story in SE sask. We broke the story two years ago — Geoff Leo (@gleocbc) October 4, 2017 So this is the resulting attention from that story 2 years ago. Does the public... Read More

Jagmeet Singh’s Leadership Success Points the Way Forward for Electoral Co-Operation Between Greens, NDP

Bramalea-Malton-Gore MPP Jagmeet Singh has been elected leader of the federal New Democratic Party, with a convincing first ballot win (53% of votes cast – more than 33 percentage points over second-place finisher, Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus). Singh’s election... Read More

Grey Bruce Area Heath Care

This year has been a bit traumatic for both myself and some other family members health wise, non of us had previously not had much to do with hospitals and associated heath services till this year so it was mostly... Read More

What A Week

A week ago my Dad passed away from complications due to his cancer treatments. I last saw him in person 3 weeks ago on Labour Day Sunday, and he seemed to be doing about as well as anyone who has... Read More

The worst news

For those who didn't get to meet him, here he is in the National Film Board short film about Wood Mountain, Sask. — Saskboy (@saskboy) September 22, 2017 ... Read More