The worst news

For those who didn't get to meet him, here he is in the National Film Board short film about Wood Mountain, Sask. — Saskboy (@saskboy) September 22, 2017 ... Read More

More Vague First World Problems

I made a large purchase last week Tuesday, and have had problems paying for it. Oh, I’ve got the money, I mean I’ve had some difficulty sending it to the seller. I put a deposit down instantly over the phone... Read More

One Green’s Thoughts on the NDP Leadership Contest

I’ve been putting off writing this blogpost for far too long.  In part, my procrastination stems from a general feeling of boredom related to the subject matter – even though the subject matter is important.  I had been hoping that... Read More

Saskatchewan’s Worst Former Minister?

Do you use that sexist language about your daughter, mother, sister? We need more women in politics. Your sexist comments won't stop us. — Catherine McKenna (@cathmckenna) September 20, 2017 Gerry Ritz makes his latest bid for the role... Read More

Promoting Bigotry, Racism and Misogyny in Greater Sudbury, Part 2: Time to Talk About Taxpayer-Subsidized Discrimination

Promoting Bigotry, Racism and Misogyny in Greater Sudbury, Part 1: The Ever-Changing Public RealmIs there a place for the expression of bigotry, racism and misogyny in Greater Sudbury? No. There isn’t.Yes, we tolerate these hateful sentiments among us, because we... Read More

Ted Cruz Likes Porn, Literally

So Ted Cruz, how will you remember 9/11? Ted Cruz: — Antony Copland (@SprowstonStud) September 12, 2017 8 months ago, this Twitter user claimed Ted made the same mistake while watching Twitter-hosted porn: Well that was weird. In my... Read More

Hurricane Harvey A Poignant Reminder for Why We Must Decarbonize Economy

The loss of life and property damage from Hurricane Harvey has been a very real human tragedy for those living along the U.S. Gulf Coast.  For the rest of us, the impacts from Harvey have largely been felt at the... Read More

4-Laning MR 35 and the Multi-Million Dollar Costs of Convenience, Part 2

In Part I of this series, I questioned some of the reasons that Greater Sudburians are being told by elected officials and others that we must 4-lane MR 35 between Azilda and Chelmsford, at an estimated cost of $38 million.... Read More

Hawaiian Luau and Other Fun

My camera broke: ... Read More

Plastic Is Out of Hand

Plastic almost always ends up as waste within a year or two of its production. We’re making too much of it also, at an increasing pace. “Of the 8.3 billion metric tonnes of virgin plastics ever made, half was made... Read More

Scheer Shouldn’t Shrug Off Toxic Rebel Association

CPC leader Andrew Scheer told reporters Wednesday he would not grant interviews to Rebel Media if the editorial direction remains as it is. — Rosemary Barton (@RosieBarton) August 17, 2017 This was in response to me, and countless others calling... Read More

Nazis Ruling News Cycle In USA

The “loons” on the right wing really stuck their foot in their mouths this week, so better balance things out so they don’t seem so violent and crazy by bringing up some possibly comparable event from years ago on the... Read More

Open Letter to Greater Sudbury Council re: Kingsway Entertainment District Site and Building Design and the Need for Public Engagement

The following is an open letter to Greater Sudbury Council re: the Report to Council dated August 9, 2017, from CAO Ed Archer regarding Site and Building Design for the Kingsway Entertainment District.—-I am writing today with regards to a... Read More

Site Design for the Kingsway Entertainment District Must be Unfettered by Constraints, Include Public Engagement

Whoa. Hold your horses, City of Greater Sudbury! A report dated early August from Ed Archer, Greater Sudbury’s CAO, envisions moving the Kingsway event centre and casino developments ahead via some form of ‘comprehensive process’. It sounds good, but it certainly... Read More

It’s Going to be More Difficult to ‘Drain the Swamp’ in Ontario

“Drain the swamp!” might have been the cry that helped put Donald Trump in the White House, but as far as preserving Ontario’s natural heritage goes, it’s really bad advice.  Swamps and other wetlands – bogs, fens and marshes –... Read More

Moose Jaw Reunion

I was in Moose Jaw for a family reunion on Sunday. My Dad was in hospital fighting off another infection, while his immunity is compromised by chemo. The rest of the Kleins who could make it were in Wakamow Valley... Read More

Wind Will Be Cheaper Than Natural Gas

Will be? Naw, it has been for years. Still, SaskPower is building another 350MW of natural gas to go online in 2019, while building far less than 300MW of wind power by then. They’ve a target of 50% renewable generation... Read More

Open Letter to the City of Greater Sudbury Regarding Anti-Muslim Soldiers of Odin in Our Community

An Open Letter To: Chantal Mathieu, Director, Environmental Services, City of Greater Sudbury.It’s recently come to my attention via a post made to social media that there is an organization in our City that has been picking up and disposing... Read More

Don’t Do That

The pompous Saskatchewan Minister of Bad Ideas, serving under the skillfully bad leadership of Premier Brad Wall, has asked people who’ve lost bus service, to just stop hitchhiking, because he doesn’t like to see it. “People have always hitchhiked, and... Read More

Government of Canada To Open Data on Energy Use?

The Liberals Government has done squat in Regina since coming to power, when it comes to (hydro) power generation. I’ve produced over 5 MWh of solar power, and sent almost 3 MWh of that onto the electrical grid, while three... Read More