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Bank of Canada announces appointment of Advisor in New York Office

The Bank of Canada today announced the appointment of Sheryl King as Advisor to the Governor, effective 5 July 2016. Ms. King will represent the Bank in its New York Office. ... Read More

Rate Announcement to come at 10:00 (ET)

Automatically view the rate announcement the moment it is published. ... Read More

Public Investment and Public-Private Partnerships

Over the past three decades, public spending on infrastructure, as a share of GDP, has been on the decline worldwide. Although the link between infrastructure investment and economic growth is not yet fully understood, the quality of infrastructure clearly affects... Read More

Moving to a Flexible Exchange Rate: How, When, and How Fast?

A growing number of countries are adopting flexible exchange rate regimes because flexibility offers more protection against external shocks and greater monetary independence. Other countries have made the transition under disorderly conditions, with the sharp depreciation of their currency during... Read More

Preserving Financial Stability

Spurred by advances in information and computer technologies, financial liberalization and innovation took off inthe late 1970s. Although the changes in financial markets have been beneficial overall, our understanding of the new risks to financial stability lags behind, as demonstrated... Read More

Accountability Arrangements for Financial Sector Regulators

Policymakers are often reluctant to grant independence to the agencies that regulate and supervise the financial sector because of the fear that these agencies, with their wide-ranging responsibilities and powers, could become a law unto themselves. This pamphlet describes mechanisms... Read More

Integrating Poor Countries into the World Trading System

Efforts to liberalize world trade are increasingly focusing on strengthening the links between low-income countries’ trade policies and their development strategies. However, although greater trade openness promises faster growth for poor countries, it also presents risks to those with small... Read More

Financial Reform: What Shakes It? What Shapes It?

Financial sector liberalization was high on the agenda of policymakers during the last quarter of the twentieth century. But there were significant differences in the pace and scale of reform. This pamphlet examines the factors triggering-or impeding and even reversing-financial... Read More

Can Debt Relief Boost Growth in Poor Countries?

The Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative, launched in 1999 by the IMF and the World Bank, was the first coordinated effort by the international financial community to reduce the foreign debt of the world’s poorest countries. It was based... Read More

Liberalizing Capital Movements : Some Analytical Issues

This paper addresses the potential gains and risks of open capital markets by first looking at what classical economic theory suggests aboutthe benefits of capital mobility and then examining the counterargumentsarising from problems of incomplete information and other distortions.It shows... Read More

Should Financial Sector Regulators Be Independent?

In nearly every major financial crisis of the past decade-from East Asia to Russia, Turkey, and Latin America-political interference in financial sector regulation helped make a bad situation worse. Political pressures not only weakened financial regulation, but also hindered regulators... Read More

Taxing Wages: Canada

The tax burden on labour income is expressed by the tax wedge, which is a measure of the net tax burden on labour income borne by the employee and the employer. ... Read More

Independent Advisory Council announces candidates for the 2018 bank note featuring an iconic Canadian woman

The Bank of Canada today announced that the 2018 bank note independent Advisory Council has narrowed to 12 names the list of iconic Canadian women who could be featured on the first bank note of the next series. ... Read More

Bank of Canada designates Automated Clearing Settlement System under the Payment Clearing and Settlement Act

The Governor of the Bank of Canada has designated, effective 2 May 2016, the Automated Clearing Settlement System (ACSS) for oversight under the Payment Clearing and Settlement Act (PCSA) as a clearing and settlement system that has the potential to... Read More

Stress Prevention: Central Banks and Financial Stability

Deputy Governor Lawrence Schembri discusses central banks and the maintenance of financial stability. ... Read More

Bank of Canada Review – Spring 2016

This issue focuses on the upcoming renewal of Canada’s inflation-control target. Bank researchers discuss the estimate of the lower bound to policy interest rates in Canada. They also discuss downward nominal wage rigidity and whether its presence warrants considering a... Read More

Slowing global trade growth signals new balance point, Governor Poloz says

... Read More

A New Balance Point: Global Trade, Productivity and Economic Growth

Governor Stephen S. Poloz talks about slowing international trade growth and the implications for productivity and the global economy. ... Read More

Minister Morneau Takes Middle Class Message to Ottawa Business Leaders

... Read More

New products and technologies needed to aid small farmers, UN agriculture chief says

The head of the United Nations agricultural agency today called for great use of agroecology, biotechnology and other creative tools to eradicate hunger, fight malnutrition and achieve sustainable agriculture. ... Read More