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#cdnpoli #tcot #TOpoli “Kurdistan and the Unity of Iraq: A Referendum in a Powder Keg” via @grtvnews — MariaS Nunes (@Dodocanspell) September 18, 2017 #cdnpoli #tcot #TOpoli “More Bases, Military Exercises: The (Para)Military Option Against Venezuela in Action” Read More

Before you migrate to the USA, are you aware of the fact that it’s now a police state?

Gone are the days when America stood for freedom of every kind.  Barbara Nimri Aziz at GlobalResearchSo you dream of leaving your class-infected, corrupt, and poor homeland  oligarchy for America’s legendary freedoms? All the glamour and freedoms generated by Hollywood... Read More

How are Soviet and East European weapons landing in the hands of headchoppers ….

and more importantly, who are the culprits responsible for the sale of those WMDs which have killed over half a million in Syria alone??Daniel McAdams at RonPaul Institute Scandal: The Pentagon’s $2 Billion Underground Syria Weapons PipelineWhy is the Pentagon... Read More

The "Self-Esteem" notion is a racket

... Read More

CBC Opinion Producer smears me as a “nobody” after criticising her column

The egos of most journalists are fragile especially those like Robyn Urback who sold her soul to become the producer and columnist for CBC’s online Opinion section which was set up in November 2016 to compete against struggling newspapers where... Read More

Uncle Sam’s helicopters evacuated headchoppers from Deir ez-Zor before Assad’s army could get to the murderers

Twenty ISIS commanders are reported to have been saved by the unsavory USA.  If true, you can well imagine how these 20 headchoppers will be used by those in control of the USA, for future terrorist attacks in the USA... Read More

Cartoons …. Weather Reporters

... Read More

Do you still believe the 9/11 official narrative?

If you do, have you asked yourself the questions posed in the article below?  This is a “Must Read” … lots of info within.Tony Cartalucci at LandDestroyer September 11, 2001: Questions to Ask if You Still Believe the Official Narrative... Read More

On 9/11 … a Must Watch

Rebekah Roth’s channel has been deleted by You Tube.  You gotta ask, what are they afraid of if she is a lunatic with loony ideas as many are claiming?? The brave and determined Rebekah Roth continues to push for the... Read More

The murders of 9/11 – the mystery of the whodunit will continue until the culprit …

is found and punished. How far the US has fallen since that fateful day!  Remember how the entire world poured its sympathy and prayers on America, how the world showed genuine horror of that day and continued doing so days... Read More

My complaint filed against Black Press editor who told me: “go fuck yourself”

Mike Thomas, Publisher Yukon News: I was recently on the receiving end of deeply unprofessional conduct from Chris Windeyer, the editor of Yukon News, a Black Press newspaper. On September 2 of this year, I tweeted to Windeyer asking him... Read More

Sooo….what has "good" neighbor Israel been doing lately to help the headchoppers in Syria?

The second item by Sharmine Narwani was published just a day before Israel bombed the sovereign state of Syria for the ….  I have lost count of the number of times it has.  From ZeroHedgeIsrael Launches Air Strikes On Syria... Read More

Sophie Shevarnadze talks to Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia ….

on the Syria situation and the US/Russia relationship within the UN and outside the UN ... Read More

Whose Side Are You On?

Interesting read. Major Danny Sjursen’s  (served in Iraq and Afghanistan) article at TomDispatch.Foreword by TomDispatch:Whose Side Are You On?  In some closet, I still have toy soldiers from my 1950s childhood.  They played a crucial role in an all-American world... Read More

Hurricane Irma’s fury in Barbuda and the Caribbean ….

Thankfully, there was only one fatality in Barbuda which has only approximately 2000 dwellings.  Irma is now expected to make a landfall in Florida, unless by some miracle it veers sideways away from that State. ... Read More

Nuclear Armageddon at hand …. courtesy Donald Trump

I wonder how deeply disappointed the anti-war folks must be who voted for this charlatan believing his lies of  anti-war.  I think the first inkling  anyone got as to the kind of liar Trump was, concerning the military and wars,... Read More

The evil of the Colombian government

Abby Martin talks to Human Rights Advocate Daniel KovalikThere’s so much we don’t know about the evil being done by the Colombia government while it enjoys  the protection of the Empire. ... Read More

Dare to question a reporter’s professionalism, get told to “go fuck yourself”

Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau was in Whitehorse on Friday and his local media fans were out in full-force gushing breathlessly over him, the one who stuck-out most to me was Jackie Hong from the Yukon News: Besides this tweet,... Read More

Unsavory in the USA and their handmaiden the MSM and the MSM of US allies ….

are deliberately taking away our attention from what they are doing at the Russian border by working hard  to divert all our focus on anything and anywhere but the Russian border and the coming nuclear war. Johannes Stern at World... Read More


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