Some of my tweets Nov 11 – 18

#cdnpoli #tcot #TOpoli Meanwhile, in the midst of dropping bombs on Yemeni civilians, torturing detainees, planning dropping of bombs on Lebanon, recruiting more jihadis n PR firms 2hide sins …#Trump’s n Israel’s “moderate Islam country” does this. — MariaS... Read More

Get ready for additional invasion of privacy and privates at the hands of the TSA

I hate travelling by air into the United States of America.  It’s a torture like you won’t find at any airport in any other country on this planet.James Bovard at RonPaulInstituteThanksgiving Travel: Trump’s Holiday Gift is More Invasive Airport Security... Read More

Cartoon: Newspeak

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Are you man enough to stand up to the Alpha Dogs or are you a cowardly little puppy?

Really worth a full read.Robert Lipsyte at TomDispatchBeating Back the Bad Boys  …..The real job, the hard job, for all of us male bystanders, isn’t to rescue women, but to rescue other men from their own worst behavior and so... Read More

The Murder of a President OR in other words "the 1963 coup in America"

From The Fifth Estate … an updated documentary on the JFK Files: The Murder of a President ... Read More

Some of the dirty tactics used by the USA on nations it wants brought down

Will Venezuela prevail and come out stronger or will it go under?  Only time will tell. From Misión Verdad translated and published at TeleSur US Pressures, Threatens Against Venezuela Debt RestructuringThe U.S. Treasury has organized an assault via U.S. banks... Read More

Nigel Farage wants EU to set up a "special committee" to look into George Soros and Open Society’s collusion with EU members

Nice! ... Read More

Ontario students at the mercy of striking college personnel

They should get a major part or the entire part of the tuition for that period, returned to them. That would be only fair.Meagan Fitzpatrick at CBC NewsWill a lawsuit help Ontario students get their money back after college strike?... Read More

Syrian Kurds’ and USA’s secret deals smuggling headchoppers out of Raqqa ….

and chances are these same headchoppers will do plenty of damage in the near future in the countries who paid them to destroy Syria.  Patiently waiting for Karma to come along and do the needful like only Karma can.Quentin Sommerville... Read More

The other side of Korea

Lee Camp of  RT’s Redacted Tonight speaks to Anya Parampil about the historical context of current U.S. aggression against North Korea.Worth a watch. ... Read More

In Saudi Arabia …. Game of "The Corrupt Hunt for the Corrupted"

If you are not loving the upheaval going on in the wahhabi cavemen world of Saudi Arabia, then you must be a caveman yourself. David Hearst at MiddleEastEye EXCLUSIVE: Senior Saudi figures tortured and beaten in purgeSeveral detainees taken to... Read More

Alberta Party taken over by PCs

 #abpoliGreg ClarkMETRO CALGARY FILE PHOTOAlberta Party leader and nice guy Greg Clark stepped down on November 10, a Friday before a long-weekend, which is a subtle method to subvert any media traction.The announcement then fell only to the fanfare of... Read More

Trudeau cabinet minister tweets photo meeting with criminal organisation representative

Less than a week after Liberal environment minister Catherine McKenna threw one of her staffers under the bus for “saluting” the murderous regime in Syria (see here) McKenna posted a photo from her personal Twitter account meeting with a Greenpeace official:... Read More

America’s death bed pipe dreams

Dying empire not giving up on invading and colonizing weak countries.  Now, its evil gaze has fallen on Mid Africa. Eric Margolis at his blogMISSION CREEP IN DARKEST AFRICA `Take up the white man’s burden’Rudyard Kipling, poet laureate of British... Read More

Corbett talks to Sharmine Narwani on the Mid East fiascos produced and directed by the usual chaos creators

This is a “must watch” analysis on the goings on in the Middle East. #cdnpoli #tcot #TOpoli James Corbett talks to Sharmine Narwani on the present situation in the MidEast n the possible future trends. — MariaS Nunes... Read More

South Korea’s Sunshine Policy = South Koreans desire to have peace with their brothers in North Koreans but …

the USA is hell-bent on preventing that peaceful outcome. The reason being, the USA’s lucrative war business which includes the stationing of thousands of US troops in South Korea and the offloading of billions of dollars worth of weapons on... Read More

Cartoons from around the world on Trump

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Business Development Bank of Canada president must resign after publicly defending Liberal finance minister

The Business Development Bank of Canada is a non-partisan crown corporation that should never involve itself in political partisanship yet during this Star fluff piece on scandal-ridden Liberal finance minister Bill Morneau, the president and CEO Michael Denham did just that:... Read More

When a black Brit travelled from Maine to the inner parts of America

British journalist travels through the “whitest” part of the USA to the “darkest” reaches of it …. in more ways than one.  He gets to meet the racist Spencer as you can see from the vid embedded below.  Gary Younge... Read More

David "Cop-a-feel" and the 93-year old ex-CIA chief and past President of good old America

Disgusting!Tegan Jones at FAIRMedia Make Excuses for Bush Sr.’s ‘Cop-a-Feel’ Assaults In the flurry of career-ending sexual assault claims coming out of Hollywood, it may seem natural for the media to overlook a little awkward groping from an aging former... Read More