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Qatar is stealing Sunni Muslims from Bahrain

Some news items from the sheikhdoms are just as ridiculous as the dictators who are all great friends of the leaders of  Western countries.  Birds of a feather stick together.  To prove to you how dictatorial and undemocratic these hellholes... Read More

Extensive damage in Los Cabos, Mexico after hurricane Odile

Tourist spot hit and the govt. had to send in troops to stop looters. From WorldBulletin: The government said it had sent in 8,000 troops    and federal police to reinforce security after looters made off with everything from beer... Read More

The New Democrats Get It Right On Iraq – Walkom

By backing Barack Obama’s ill-considered war, Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau have signed onto a fool’s errand.America’s latest Middle East war is a fool’s errand.U.S. President Barack Obama’s campaign against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria is hastily conceived,... Read More

Kurdish fighters are outnumbered by ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz jihadis on the Turkish border

The more action the West takes against these monsters, the more grows their hatred for the West and thousands more Sunni Muslims are joining the jihadi army. The bombing from Western jets is the best recruitment advertisement for joining the... Read More

Defending our right to choose

The days when old men get to decide what a woman does with her body are long gone. Times have changed for the better. #LPC defends rights.— Justin Trudeau, MP (@JustinTrudeau) September 18, 2014I’m glad to see Trudeau and the... Read More

The Scots say “No” to independence, so what now say the English?

In their Sep. 18 referendum, the Scots voted 55 per cent to 45 per cent against independence from the United Kingdom. This David Cameron, the British prime minister, said represented the “settled will” of the Scottish people that puts an... Read More

House Resolution #24 "Audit the Fed" passes in the US Congress

The push to audit the Fed which was started by Dr. Ron Paul is taking on wings. Maybe it’s not too late to rein in the mad spending habits of the corrupt US government with the few good, conscientious, freedom... Read More

Media Party lie that Trudeau learns his bad behaviour from Harper

Media Party members who finally do criticise Liberal leader Justin Trudeau usually add a caveat which partially excuses him by laying the blame on PM Stephen Harper as if Harper has set the bar for nastiness. The latest pusher of... Read More

Wow! Mysterious donor offers reward of $30 M to catch killers of MH17

This is what I call putting your money to good use. Could it be that one of  the Russian billionaires close to the inner circle , maybe even Putin himself,  is the mysterious benefactor?  The inner circle knows why and... Read More


iT is AS I FEARED!  Your elders HAVe bETRayed YOU!!!You tRIED to coNvince THEM WITH SWEET REASONB@!!!  BUT THEY DIDN”T LISTEN!!!  tHEY fLUE off TO THE CASINO In their jewel encrusted walker with A JET PACK On the back, then took... Read More

Separation anxiety

Today’s Sun – the first one. Good to see. ... Read More

Old man, take a look at me now, I’m a lot like you were, etc.

“Old men”? Look, lots of us agree on his position on reproductive freedom. We were taking that position long before Justin Trudeau was, in fact. But calling your opponents names – to wit, “old men” – is dumb. Makes him... Read More

Politics panel

Thanks to CTV News for the opportunity to appear on their True North political panel today. Link can be found here. ... Read More

Linda McQuaig Ramps Up Her War On Independant Thought…..

  Another day, another  editorial by uber left wing-nut Linda McQuaig over on  i-politics .McQuuaig regurgitates the talking points of the left, that the evil despicable  Stephen Harper is trying to stop independant thought, this time by forcing Canada Revenue Agency,... Read More

Systematic racism in Israeli society

Abby Martin shows just a teeny weeny part of the horrible racism from Israeli Jews and it’s being told to her by an IDF whistleblower.  I will be posting more of the Israeli racism and their hatred of not just... Read More

Police state America deploys military surplus gear to police personnel of schools

What this proves to those who are still able to add 2+2 makes 4 is this: The country’s powers-that-be have over-ordered all kinds of weaponry thus enriching themselves with the commissions they make on such orders placed and at the... Read More

Sweden’s Muslim immigration problem

This is what happens when politicians we vote to high places have less intelligence than a dead drunk homeless bozo wandering in the streets. The kind of situation Sweden finds herself in now, is a very dangerous one. Not only... Read More

A $15 federal minimum wage will not solve inequality – but it could help

I am going to vote for the NDP’s motion on reinstating the federal minimum wage. A federal minimum wage would only apply to federally regulated industries which comprise only a small portion of the workforce. The reaction to this motion... Read More

Ontario Press Council dismisses my complaint against Globe for omitting who funds anti-oil groups

My June 16 complaint: Just as politicians and lobby groups must publicize their sources of funding in order to be accountable to the public, reporters seeking to inform that same public must make this information a prominent part of their... Read More

Best wishes to Rod Love and his family

I hate this fucking disease. ... Read More