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Former Islamic extremist smacks down Obama’s handling of ISIS

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Up in smoke

And here is another reason why I adore Kathleen Wynne. She saw a mistake, and she fixed it, fast. Great, great news. #Breaking Ontario makes U-turn on day old medical marijuana rule. — TorontoStar (@TorontoStar) November 26, 2015... Read More

If Freeland cannot carry debate with Maher,how will she do in international trade negotiations?

There is a video doing the rounds on the Internet this week showing the MP for University–Rosedale, Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s new Minister for International Trade, floundering as she tries to match wits with comedian and political satirist Bill Maher on... Read More

Adler-Kinsella Show: Trudeau’s honeymoon, my honeymoon and the theory of relativity

All right here, on iTunes podcast thingy. Anthony Calvillo, me, et al. ... Read More

Ontario’s gift to Big Tobacco?

At the outset, let me say that I am a card-carrying Ontario Liberal, and I have worked for the party, off and on, for two decades. But I am also a citizen who has fought Big Tobacco for just as... Read More

An outcome is a proof is a value

The usual suspects on the, er, cringe Right are apparently apoplectic about the way Justin Trudeau expresses himself. As such, they have been circulating the quote below on social media today, because they are in high dudgeon, etc. etc. Personally,... Read More

Why has the Real Clear Politics not updated its GOP presidential polling graphics since Nov 19?

Specifically, I am speaking of their “2016 Republican Presidential Nomination” graph, where results of all the national polls concerning the Republican Presidential contest are tabulated and turned into a running average, which is graphed. As I write this, this page... Read More

Gender discrimination OK with the Grits?

Ifind it curious how selective our new Liberal government in Ottawa is when it comes to discrimination. It is “simply unacceptable to discriminate against refugees who practise certain religions,” said the current federal minister of immigration, etc., John McCallum as... Read More

They can also come to my place, and I’ll kick their ass in Scrabble

(Lisa will cheat, meanwhile.) Seriously, however, we have looked into sponsoring a family of Syrian refugees.  Is there any way of doing it so that it is a bit less costly than at present?  Anyone know?   ... Read More

20,000 Twitter followers can’t all be wrong!

  20,000 Twitter followers! I’ve got more than Ralph Goodale and Michelle Rempel, notwithstanding my IQ is considerably less than theirs.  Not bad! Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper are in no immediate danger of me overtaking them, however. Damn.  ... Read More

Carbon Tax – Alberta-style?

 #cdnpoli #abpoliEarlier this year, no one would have thought carbon-rich Alberta would ever bring in a carbon tax.Not even the NDP thought it.So much so, they didn’t even put it in their election platform. Why? Because they knew Albertans wouldn’t buy it. ... Read More

Breaking News: Canadians are not stupid

It will be amazing news to our news pundits, but Canadians are not stupid knee-jerk war-mongering pearl-clutching conservatives.After all the news stories of the last week about how the Paris attacks made Canadians question Trudeau’s decision on withdrawal from air... Read More

So how do we defeat ISIS then?

In my last article, I pointed out that committing conventional forces to Syria would be strategically stupid. This naturally begs the question: how do we then defeat ISIS if not with large quantities of infantrymen at the point of the... Read More

Fellowship of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society

My high school geography teachers would be baffled, but I am deeply honoured to have been elected a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. The Fellowship includes many of Canada’s most intrepid explorers, who have sledded across arctic tundra,... Read More

In this week’s Hill Times: the religion of the poor 

Everyone has their own theory, these days, about why the world is going to shit. Mine is poverty, plus technology. ‎ ** So, flying el Al into Israel for the first time, two miles up, I could literally see where... Read More

The Alberta Climate Plan: Is Ezra Levant Right?

Not when he says the oil companies don’t represent the oil companies, but in his generally negative attitude towards the whole thing?  Well, let’s play Devil’s advocate for a minute.  What does Alberta get from the rest of the planet for... Read More

Paging Immigration Canada … Single men AND single women should not be accepted as refugees …

unless you want to shoulder the blame for Canadians getting killed violently in the near future by single jihadi women.Go to the link below and read the entire article and  see for yourselves how plenty of young Syrian women have... Read More

Welcome to the New and App for Mac

What if helped you… … update your pages and respond to comments from a desktop app? … manage all your WordPress blogs and sites in one spot, on any device? … spend less time on administration and uploading and more time... Read More

The Real Weakness of the Rightwing. . .

It seems that an increasing number of people are beginning to see the irony (and correlate hypocrisy) in the rightwing messaging around the issue of ‘terrorism.’ The right continually tells us that we have to be ‘strong’ and that we... Read More

Here’s a lede I’ve never written before

Leaving Jamaica shortly, but my prediction about this particular column: (a) some people will say I’m a fascist (b) some people will say I’m a leftist extremist (c) National Newawatch won’t link to it, thereby persuading me to fund a... Read More