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Requiem for the regulators

Last week the CRTC, the government body that regulates radio, television and telecommunications in this country, got its hooks into Plenty of Fish, the Vancouver-based dating website, reeling in $48,000 in fines from the company under Canada’s new anti-spam legislation.... Read More

Let Ottawans use Uber if they wish

To conjure up the metaphor of the buggy-whip maker is to make a point about how the introduction of new technology to an industry has made old products obsolete. It has been used so often since the advent of the... Read More

From the desk of the Senior Liberal Strategist™

What’s interesting isn’t that Larry Martin has written a column about the downward slide of the Trudeau Liberals – lots of the other mostly pro-Grit writers are doing likewise, these days. What’s interesting is the answers he got to his... Read More

Ostrander Point Wind-Farm Case Goes Back To Tribunal

The decision is here.  Put briefly, the case will now get bounced back down to the Ontario ERT, where Ostrander Point Wind Energy will have a chance to convince the tribunal that their proposed remedy, a series of fences and gates that... Read More

Lisa does not like my paintings 

…so I’m promoting them on the Internet to irritate her.     ... Read More

Why the UK needs proportional representation

The Damsel is in distressThe Telegraph has this introduction to the article on safe seats:Has your constituency already been won in the 2015 general election? Find out here. Does your vote really count? New research shows that more than half... Read More

Hitler reacts to being denied gay wedding cake

“What moron would ever call me right-wing” [via Rebel] ... Read More

Dear Eve Adams

Step away from the Twitter.  Going after someone’s spouse – and, along the way, offering up what I hear is unmitigated bullshit – is bad for you, bad for your leader, and bad for the party you profess to support. Signed,... Read More

10 reasons the Saguenay ruling establishes Canada as a secular country

It’s been only 5 days since the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that the prayers said by the City of Saguenay discriminated against atheists, and already cities across Canada are reviewing their own practices. But I suspect (although caveated... Read More

On this day in 1968

This guy was sworn in as Prime Minister.  I still miss him. ... Read More

The Star is not happy with Mr. Trudeau

Quotage: “Time is running short for Justin Trudeau to produce his policies: Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s charm and magnetism aren’t enough to counter his weak economic credentials..One of the biggest challenges Justin Trudeau faces is his lack of economic heft. The... Read More

The Brown Retort

Since Patrick Brown looks set to become PCPO leader, its good to start looking for sources of intel on him now.  The Brown Retort has material on the PC MP that I hadn’t heard.  From the latest post (a couple of months... Read More

Does Joe Oliver hold the fate of a government in his hands?

Not really. The last time a budget single-handedly sank a government was in the Fall of 1979, when John Crosbie offered up a fiscal stinker that ended Joe Clark’s flirtation with power. Other than that disaster, I can’t think of... Read More

Oh Alberta! NDP Way In Front?

Even the pollsters involved don’t quite buy it.  And they are using “google surveys” to compile their results, so make of that what you will. As an aside, sure he’s wildrose but I’ve met Derek Fildebrandt once or twice and he... Read More

TS up & at ‘em!

Tabitha Southey’s column is priceless: TS begins work – as TS has begun work at every job TS has ever had – that is, with one clear objective: Whatever else TS may actually accomplish today, TS will try not to... Read More

We Grok Swann!

At least one #ableg leader knows how to do the Vulcan salute. Vote accordingly, Alberta!    ... Read More

Historian William Blum: "America wants world domination…."

and he goes on to say that for the last two centuries that’s what America has set out to do.  It matters little whether a Republican or a Liberal resides in the White House, the goal remains the same. And,... Read More

Harper Faces Frustratingly Fuzzy Future

Note: This column first appeared in the Ottawa Hill Times in September, 2014; I think the analysis still holds.For Prime Minister Stephen Harper this must be a particularly frustrating time.And no, what’s frustrating him isn’t the Conservative Party’s consistently poor... Read More

If you’re going to do the Vulcan salute, pal, do it right

This guy doesn’t just deserve to lose. He deserves to be dispatched by a Gorn. As reader Darcy Dupas said: set phasers on stunned.  ... Read More

World War 3 News and Updates …. April 17

Some of the countries in it, either in major or minor roles:USA, UK, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria, France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger... Read More