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Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in his own words

So much for the notion that he wasn’t a jihadist, I guess. Examples of folks getting it wrong here and here and here. ... Read More

Signs of Spring?

Its been a long cold winter the proof of which many urban folks are being made well aware off with water mains freezing up and others being told to run their taps full time in order to prevent further loss... Read More

Dear Tom: ten reasons why Trudeau is right to support C-51

Dear Mr. Mulcair: Your New Democrats, who won’t commit to scrapping C-51 in the unlikely event they ever attain power, are presently attacking the Liberal Party leader for indicating support for the anti-terror law. You and your colleagues are being wilfully... Read More

Richard Warman Vs. David Icke: Warman Wins Again

From Richard’s website:DAVID ICKE SETTLES LIBEL ACTION5 March 2015British conspiracy writer David Icke and co-defendants have paid Canadian human rights lawyer Richard Warman $210,000 CDN (117,000 GBP) in damages and legal costs to settle a libel action against them.In 1999-2000,... Read More

In the Manning Foundation’s C2C Journal: me!

Link here. Story here: In my limited experience, one’s political origins originate with the The Four Ps. That is: the Place where one grows up; one’s Parents, or parental equivalents; the Politics of the era; and some memorable Personal event.... Read More

Hillary Clinton’s "email scandal"

Another hit at Hillary Clinton but chances are nothing will stop her from winning the presidency.  I think it was two years ago while on a vacation I was dining with some Americans-in-the-know  and the talk at the table boiled... Read More

Jihadi John apologist

No matter how and why the scum known as Jihadi John has become the scum he is,  scum he will remain in the eyes of every decent human  being on this planet.  Only idiots of the first order will find... Read More

Citigroup’s bad investment in Turkey = loss of $800 M ….

but will the executives responsible for, first the decision to invest and now the decision to take the huge loss, be deprived of their usual big bucks bonuses?  Never!And, yet you wonder why ordinary folks despise the banksters? From Bloomberg:... Read More

Climate Change AKA Global Warming Denial History

Here the case is made that “global warming” was supplanted by “climate change” because it sounded less urgent, (much as tarsands became oilsands), and other history is presented about the Denial movement infesting political discourse. Bad Science: A Resource... Read More

The moral turpitude of the Liberals for opposing the Victims of Communism memorial

Against entrenched opposition from the bureaucrats, the Harper Conservatives have succeeded in getting a Memorial to the Victims of Communism to the planning stages. Groundbreaking is set for this spring, but the Liberal Party and the Ottawa media is hell... Read More

Inevitable Revolution USA …. we can’t say we didn’t see it coming

Police State USA where the police know they have power to do whatever they like to descendants of slaves, brown immigrants and the homeless and unbalanced.  The inevitable revolution will be mainly due to the criminal behaviour of the police... Read More

Trudeau is right, the UBC students are not

Here. ... Read More

Why is Stephen Harper’s “Anti-Terrorism” bill so popular?

According to a recent survey published in the Globe and Mail Stephen Harper’s Anti-Terrorism bill enjoys the support of 82 percent of respondents across the country.  Wow, impressive right? When we look a little closer we see that this supports comes even... Read More

Is Harper Government a bigger threat to your security than terrorists?

Take Our Poll ... Read More

The butcher of Gaza is also an Oscar winning actor

Yes … we can’t expect anything less from evil which passes itself off as a saviour of “God’s  chosen people” while aiding and abetting with  jihadis who burn people to death and chop off heads on camera.  What a despicable... Read More

Do we Albertans ever get tired of being bent over and Punked you ask? (Spoiler: "Thank you sir, may I have another?")

The PCs finally face a tiny piece of reality and start talking about revenue, but since they are dedicated servants of the elite the goal of any new revenue generation will be to have it fall mainly, if possible COMPLETELY... Read More

Russian leader flashcards

Russian Leader Flashcards: one not dead, one totally dead. Collect ‘em all!                                                        ... Read More

Joe Clark, phone home: you are hereby forgiven for the lost luggage incident

Because mistaking living Russians for dead ones probably trumps what happened to you on your 1979 world tour, big guy. ... Read More

Max Yalden, RIP

Very sad.  A great and brilliant champion of human rights. ... Read More

Candidate Bill Blair

Apparently the Conservatives and the Liberals are both courting Chief Kettler. I think that’s nuts. How come? Here’s the pro-police Toronto Sun editorial board, no less, calling him “a scrambling man spinning stories. It makes us think he’s hiding something.” Torontoist called his... Read More