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The delicate dears at HuffPo are offended

By this:  HuffPo doesn’t like what my former boss did. Poor babies.  The above image, from February 1996, is of one Jean Chretien throttling a protester, natch, who had gotten too close at a Flag Day celebration.  When that image –... Read More

New Theme: Libre

Happy Theme Thursday, all! Today I’m happy to introduce Libre, a new free theme designed by yours truly. Libre Libre brings a stylish, classic look to your personal blog or longform writing site. The main navigation bar stays fixed to... Read More

Humanists must engage with the Truth and Reconciliation Report

Earlier today I finally had some time to sit down and read parts of the Truth and Reconciliation report and set out why Humanist Canada’s response was woefully inadequate (at best). I Tweeted my responses and then built my first... Read More

Socialist barbarians at the gate of Fortress Liberal

Quote: Jennifer Hollett, the former MuchMusic VJ and now digital strategist, and Linda McQuaig, journalist and author, are the NDP candidates in the two federal ridings located in the heart of downtown Toronto – and right now, they are basking... Read More

Why Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump are doing well: they fight

After Donald Trump’s speech announcing his Presidential campaign, many conservative pundits laughed at The Donald. After that, Trump shot up in the polls – which says something about the state of conservative punditry as well as the state of the... Read More

Minimum Wage and the Laughable National Post. . .

The National Post Editorial of June 30th which argues that the performance of Rachel Notley in Alberta is a good reason not to vote for the NDP in October is a excellent performative demonstration of just how thin the arguments... Read More

Election 2015: Incredibly, 28% of Harper’s Conservative MPs are not running

The numberof non-runners is staggering:Stephen Harper is losing incumbent lawmakers at one of the highest rates in decades, and history suggests that weighs heavily on the Canadian Prime Minister’s chances of winning another term in power later this year. Of 166... Read More

Reinvented Video for WordPress

Today, we’re announcing a complete overhaul of VideoPress, the service that has powered more than 3,000,000,000 video plays on and Jetpack-connected self-hosted WordPress sites around the world. We’ve made the next-generation VideoPress dynamic, responsive, and lightning fast to support... Read More

How "Dominion Day" was dumped by the Liberals … and a salute to the Conservatives

From a previous post:Some history on how “Dominion Day” was dumped in favour of the meaningless “Canada Day”: … In hindsight, it was a case of identity theft, an act of historical vandalism. A quarter-century ago, 13 members of Parliament hastily... Read More

Heave Steve – Prince Albert Riding 2015 [Borgerson

... Read More

Greece & The Euro: Some words of wisdom from a Swiss Ambassador

Dr Daniel WokerIn an article headed Greece and the Nattering Nabobs of the Anglosphere in Real Clear World, Dr. Daniel Woker has some timely advice to the chattering classes: Cool it, you just don’t get it. A former Swiss Ambassador to... Read More


It’s WestJet, however, so the chances of actually getting there are somewhere between slim and none. Happy Canada Day anyway, eh?    ... Read More

New "Pot Garden" finished.

Besides getting the tower up as shown in my last post I have been busy with constructing a new “Pot Garden” to try and eliminate garden weeding but still permit the moving around of plants as they come into bloom... Read More

I’m happy folks are opposing the display of the Confederate flag

Good. But why not the pro-the pro-Nazi rag distributed by Canada Post, as well?    ... Read More

The censorious Media Party

The CBC is, again, attempting to censor Conservative ads showing Justin Trudeau saying something foolish: ... Read More

World War 3 … news and updates June 30

Some of the countries in it, either in major or minor roles:USA, UK, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria, France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger... Read More

#LoveWins! LGBTQ Bloggers Make Their Voices Heard

You might have noticed the rainbow banner across the top of over the weekend — our way of marking Pride month, celebrated by cities across the globe in June, as well as the US Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across all states.... Read More

Conflicted about Foothills

#andpThis is hard, I’m conflicted and not happy to be writing this.Bob Hawkesworth has thrown his hat into the ring for the Foothills by-election to replace Jim Prentice who took his ball and slunk home on election night resigning his... Read More

The Confederate Flag battle in the culture wars

In the aftermath of the Charleston atrocity, it has become clear that the Left has set its sights on the Confederate flag. In response, many conservatives have agreed that taking it down is the right thing to do. After all,... Read More

Trudeau, Dion and the Green Shift

Liberals still wince, a little bit, when reminded of Stephane Dion’s Green Shift. Some of them even attempt to rewrite history, and suggest they never supported it when it was party policy in 2008. But everyone did, including Justin Trudeau,... Read More