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Who Will Be Mark Steyn’s Witnesses?

Just noticed another piece on Steyn’s website re the defamation case climatologist Mike Mann has brought against him.  Its largely the same old same old, but then there is this bit towards the end:I have a great legal team headed... Read More

Letter to Angela Merkel from VIPS

I can’t understand how so many people are fooled by Angela Merkel’s demeanour.  Maybe because she’s seen in church now and then, people think she’s a nice godly person?  Just look at the muzzies …. they go to their mosque... Read More

Latest on World War 3 situation

... Read More

NDP’s Charlie Angus wants RCMP reviewed on Duffy charges – Attawapiskat and Chief Spence, not so much

Politicians like the NDP’s Charlie Angus have no shame: The NDP is asking Canada’s director of public prosecutions to look at the evidence collected by the RCMP in the Mike Duffy case to determine if charges should be laid against... Read More

What does Saudi Arabia have to do with the terrorist ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz army? EVERYTHING!

Below the first few paragraphs from an article at HuffPo by Alastair Crooke, a Former MI-6 agent and the Authorof “Resistance: The Essence of Islamic Revolution” The dramatic arrival of Da’ish (ISIS)  on the stage of Iraq has shocked many... Read More

Crimea seizes luxury hotel of Ukraine’s oligarch, the key man responsible for the Odessa horror of May 2, 2014

I hope at least a part of the proceeds or profits from the running of the hotel, will go to the families of the victims of the Odessa horror of May 2, 2014.  Ihor Kolomoisky is suspected of being the... Read More

Trudeau’s family friend Fidel Castro calls NATO “Nazi SS”

It is well-known how tight the murderous Communist dictator Fidel Castro has been with the Trudeau family including attending and embracing Justin Trudeau at his father’s funeral: And the creepy love-letter written by Alexandre Trudeau: To celebrate communist dictator Fidel... Read More

Early Theme Adopters: Sketch

Sketch has barely been available for two weeks, but you’d never know it. This clean, cheerful, portfolio-focused theme is already a favorite — and not just for artists and illustrators. Here are three sites we love: All Cats Have Dutch artist... Read More

Putin warns west that he can take Kiev in two weeks, I say just try it

Apparently, Vladimir Putin said this to the President of the European Union Commission, “If I want to, I can take Kiev in two weeks.” If the United States had a real President, he would resound, “Go ahead, and try it.... Read More

The insanity of David Cameron compared to the commonsense of an Australian

While the UK leader outlines plans to seize passports of suspected terrorists before they leave for the hellholes  of  the Middle East thus keeping these dangerous individuals frolicking around in Britain, a Muslim leader in Australia comes up with an... Read More

Stories of POWs in the Ukrainian civil war

There are many.  But I picked this one because not only is it the latest one, it’s also shows what’s happening to the hundreds of soldiers who have now become POWs captured by their own countrymen. There’s not much hatred... Read More

The Daily News brought to you by Juice Rap

Funny! ... Read More

Letter to the Editor: Give Capital Region a Say on Pipeline: August 28, 2014

To the Editor, I couldn’t agree more with Mayor Fortin that citizens of southern Vancouver Island must have a say, and a definitive say, about the proposal to dramatically increase bitumen-loaded tankers through our waters.  I am also an intervenor... Read More

Montreal Gazette runs letter calling Justice Minister Peter MacKay “Machine Gun MacKay”

The Media Party’s attack on Minister Peter MacKay (see here) coordinated by the NDP-connected Broadbent Institute (see here) for daring to pose for a photo wearing a National Firearms Association t-shirt is getting smellier and smellier the more I look into it. For example, this... Read More

Another historical battle in progress for the Sea of Azov

I hope the separatists prevail and defeat the neo-Nazi battalions sent from Kiev. What kind of degenerates would bring the hated Nazis back to life?  Victoria Nuland of the USA led the way on behalf of her boss Obama, and... Read More

Against Collective Forgetting

Workers must do our part to Stop Harper! Happy Labour Day! In Stephen Harper’s Canada, we keep enumerating the things we’re losing: meaningful legislative debate, evidence-based policy, public science, a free and open society, among other things. But what happens... Read More

In Tuesday’s Sun: why Kathleen Wynne should be Prime Minister

So, 1,200 of your family, friends and neighbours are murdered, or go missing. Would you be upset? How about this: the murders and the disappearances have been going on, unchecked, since 1980. Is that upsetting? No? Then, let’s say you... Read More

Into the wild

The movies I love the most, as Lisa or my kids or family might tell you, are movies like Castaway, Life of Pi, All Is Lost, Open Water, and Into The Wild. Which might suggest that, were it not for... Read More

Whew! Nice to know that manly sports will be played by manly men

Just the thought of Michael Sam probably getting a boner while tackling another man was so eeek!  Thank the good Lord he is out, in more ways than one, and remains out of the game …. at least for now.... Read More

Albert Einstein: "It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."

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