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Shooting On Parliament Hill In Ottawa !!! UPDATED

 - There have been 3 separate shooting incidents in and around the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada. Details are sketchy. Early reports that Soldier at War Memorial has died from attack.- At least two people were shot after multiple... Read More

Canadian born convert to Islam was the Ottawa shooter

People on Twitter claim that the man had Algerian origins and had taken the Muslim name “Abdul”  …. but our overly politically correct media is still playing dumb on several issues and keeping a lot of details under wraps. From... Read More

Living well is the best revenge.

Lets respond to this attack on Canada by being as Canadian as we can just as hard as we can.By being decent, and courteous, and concerned about each other and committed to peace and justice and shared struggle. Lets respond... Read More

Some of the Blackwater mercenaries convicted for some of the crimes committed in Iraq

Just a stupid band-aid stick-on to appease the hard-hit unlucky Iraqis from decades of USA-lead war on them. The overall injustice done to the country of Iraq can never be undone. Matt Apuzzo writing at NYTimes: Former Blackwater Guards Convicted... Read More

Violent chaos in Ottawa follows Islamist attack in Quebec

Just two days after the deadly Islamist jihadi attack in Quebec comes a deadly attack in Ottawa.  It’s yet to be determined who the shooter(s) are.  My bet is, of course, on the Islamists.  Standing by for more news (and... Read More

Jonathan Kay’s dishonesty, the video

Here’s the video version of Ezra’s Sun column (see post below):Based on his conflict of interest, Kay should be fired from his Post job as editorial page editor. Based on his dishonesty and lack of ethics he should be fired... Read More

Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 7

Here it is! A new collection of our favorite stories from across all of WordPress. As always, you can find our past collections here. You can follow Longreads on for more daily reading recommendations, or subscribe to our free... Read More

A few of the residents of Ford Nation

The people who vote for Rob Ford and who will hopefully vote for his brother Doug Ford to be the next mayor of this city, are the kind of people that we ordinary folks can related to and chat with.... Read More

Shooting On Parliament Hill In Ottawa !!!

- There have been 3 separate shooting incidents in and around the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada. Details are sketchy. – At least two people were shot after multiple gunmen opened fire on Parliament Hill and the nearby cenotaph.-... Read More

Ottawa Attacked

A sad day of note in Canadian political history, as Parliament Hill was under gunfire today. A soldier was also shot at the nearby War Memorial. Putting the day’s events into perspective though, are Canadians less safe today because of... Read More

Updates on attack on Canadian Parliament in Ottawa

#cdnpoli #TOpoli #tcot Live updates from CBC on ongoing Parliament hill attack — MariaS Nunes (@Dodocanspell) October 22, 2014 ... Read More

Ottawa, right now

Here is an incredible video shot by Josh Wingrove of the Globe. It is looking down the Hall of Honour towards the library of Parliament. On either side of the hall are the rooms where MPs meet for caucus every... Read More

If you guys don’t come to our show tonight, I’ll never talk to you again

Actually, wait. If you don’t come, I will talk at you incessantly, without pause. That will motivate you better, I suspect. ... Read More

Climate Change Science Deniers, Ignorance and Media’s False Balance

Climate change deniers are science deniers. That makes them either stupid, or so incredibly biased/conflicted that they are willing to ignore science and dodge accusations of their own stupidity to accomplish some other goal. In BC we are producing oil,... Read More

The Big LNG Tax Regime Vomit Bucket

Cue sweet new day[tm] political campaign music, invoking images of a unicorn flying over our quaint village, then Robert Redford in voiceover: “LNG will be a $ trillion sector, reaping billions in revenue for the province [due to some kind... Read More

Jonathan Kay is a partisan, hopelessly conflicted Media Liberal Party hack

Ezra Levant provides absolute proof in “The book on Jonathan Kay”:Jonathan Kay, the comment editor of the National Post, took half a page in his newspaper last month to criticize me for criticizing Justin Trudeau.I had insulted Trudeau, said Kay.... Read More

70 days of unrest in Ferguson

If something is not done to quell this mini uprising,  it’s gonna blow up in everybody’s faces.  And, guess what?  A Missouri senator, Jamilah Nasheed was arrested last night with a gun in her possession.  This is a senator who... Read More

SFH at the Garrison Wednesday night!

For Shift! For Chris Turner! For Evan Solomon! For civil liberties! ... Read More

Here’s another one for the "Believe it or not" file

Frankenstein is kept alive and kicking by the total inefficiency of aid agencies from the Western powers and the UN. Jamie  Dettmer writing at DailyBeast: U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS   Not only are foodstuffs, medical supplies—even clinics—going to... Read More

On ISIS fight, Canadians are with Obama

So sayeth Abacus.  The polling firm didn’t ask, but I suspect that they would have found that Canadians don’t think the President is doing what he’s doing because of his ego, either. Libs, take note.   ... Read More