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And the psycho tweet of the day award goes to…

No surprise, either.  This one has been a few fries short of a Happy Meal for a long time. Alternative version: “I will show my outrage about the plight of children by using your children as rhetorical cannon fodder.” ... Read More

If You Care

If you care about the economy, you cannot vote for Stephen Harper.If you care about healthcare, you cannot vote for Stephen Harper.If you care about veterans, you cannot vote for Stephen Harper.If you care about the lives of First Nations... Read More

Globe’s Tabatha Southey hopes Conservative minister sees dead children’s ghosts alongside his own

You really have to wonder how full of insane hatred you have to be in order to say this: Trying to blame Conservative immigration minister Chris Alexander for the deaths of two young Syrian boys trying to escape with their... Read More

After Election Speculations

Andrew Coyne Wrote an interesting article, on which a number of people have commented, about the uncertainly that might prevail even after the election. Coyne, though he has sometimes been a rather mindless supporter of the Conservative government, has become... Read More

Perhaps our Hearts Need breaking to remind us we are human. . .

The refugee crisis in the Middle-East and Europe is a complex issue. International turmoil, political economy, deep-seated historical conflicts. You can’t blame people for feeling bewildered by the events they see unfolding. As they used to say about the issue... Read More

KCCCC Day 32: the power of images

  Words are about information. Pictures are about emotion. Emotion equals power. Print folks - the ones who pour their souls into writing newspapers and magazines, the ones who craft profound essays for blogs, the ones who toil in government offices... Read More

CBC’s Rosemary Barton knew guest compared PM Stephen Harper to Adolph Hitler?

The newest Media Party darling is Ashley Callingbull who just won the title of Mrs Universe. Generally the Left doesn’t have much time for beauty pageant winners but Callingbull hates PM Stephen Harper so she automatically gets super-star status: Days... Read More

I have become the cranky old guy of the the Canadian political Internet 

   ... Read More

KCCCC Day 31: it’s the economy, duh

   It’s the economy, stupid, per Carville. And the economy looks not so good, this morning. See assorted pundits here and here and here and here. Worrying news stories here and here and here and here and here. All that bad news has a political effect, eventually.  And, increasingly, it looks like the Conservatives’ principal political opponent... Read More

A Niche of Their Own: Five Sites to Check Out Today

The blogging community is huge and diverse, with thousands of smaller clusters of sites built around shared interests, causes, and passions. It might seem daunting at first — like walking into a party where everyone already seems to know each other — but... Read More

Life In Scarborough: Scarborough Monday Nights

Stuck waiting for my wife t’other night, I hung around the Markham/Eglinton bus stop. The parking lot of our local Metro turns into the neighborhood meeting spot after dark.  Guys toting Goodlife gym-bags get on and off the bus in... Read More

We’re in a "tecnical recession". So, what is a "technical" recession?

Who knows?  It’s a meaningless term:We still don’t know whether Canada is in a recession. After a steady drumbeat of claims that Canada had fallen into a “technical” recession in the first half of 2015, second-quarter GDP dipped 0.1 per... Read More

Trudeau refuses to denounce Liberal who equated Canadian veterans to Nazis

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was asked by the media today about fellow Liberal, Oakville mayor Rob Burton’s comments comparing Conservative event security to Mussolini’s and Hitler’s murderous Blackshirts and Brownshirts (see earlier post here) yet refused to denounce him: Trudeau would... Read More

World War 3 News and updates … Sep 1

The countries in it, either in major or minor roles:USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Jordan, UAE, Qatar,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Yemen, Nigeria,France with (Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad ) Germany,... Read More

Conservatism’s Relativism about the Truth

Of course he rejects the Statistics Canada report concerning the definition of a recession. Just like he and other conservatives reject the ICPP reports on climate change, United Nations and Amnesty International reports on Palestine, unanimous verdicts of the Supreme... Read More

The Hot Nasties! The Secret of Immortality!

The one Maine Sessions Hot Nasties video that wasn’t posted – the song that Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham wants played at his funeral. As no less than Damian has noted, the notion that a couple of sixteen-year-olds (me and Pierre)... Read More

Christine Elliott: sore loser

On August 28, Christine Elliott, the widow of Canada’s legendary finance minister Jim Flaherty, announced her immediate resignation as Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP). She was most recently re-elected to represent the riding of Whitby – Oshawa in the Provincial... Read More

The Sociology of Neo-Liberalism in One Easy Lesson. . . .

Looking back now over many years, I think we can say that Stephen Harper’s goal during his time in politics has been fairly simple and clear. The overarching goal has been to make government less able to respond to the... Read More

KCCCC Day 30: when the water dries up, all the animals start looking at each other funny

  It’s September. It’s day 30 (by my count, anyway).  And that means all of the parties are going to get really edgy, starting today.  As the departed Rod Love once said to me: “When the water starts to drying... Read More

BC school curriculum – an overdose of aboriginal culture

Alongside the article on the “massive shift” in BC school curriculum (previous post) is a related article – Aboriginal perspectives help shape new B.C. school curriculum:With the new curriculum comes one notable and significant shift …Not only will students in... Read More