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Trump's KXL executive order mutually beneficial for Canada and United States

Today’s executive order advancing the Keystone XL (KXL) Pipeline Project is a major economic step forward for Canada, the United States and for North American energy security. Now more than ever, Canada needs access to new customers to the east,... Read More

Online Manufacturing Management Certificate, Register by April 16th

  How are you sharpening your competitive edge in manufacturing, construction or processing operations? Improve production, manage change, lead t… ... Read More

Statement by Environmental Defence’s Patrick DeRochie on the U.S. State Department approval of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline

Toronto, ON – The U.S. State Department’s approval of TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline is nothing more than a symbolic victory for the oil industry. The White House will soon learn a lesson Canada’s federal government already knows: approving pipelines... Read More

Forests, Climate Change and Carbon Markets: Windfall or Risky Business?

Global warming is already impacting ecosystems, economies and communities around the world. Here in Canada, we’ve seen extreme weather lead to flooding and drought, damaged housing and public infrastructure, and creating conditions that spur massive forest fires and insect outbreaks.... Read More

Myth-Busting Cap-and-Trade in Ontario

  Ontario’s first cap-and-trade auction is behind us, but there is still a fair bit of misinformation and misunderstanding around it. So we put together a handy guide to review the ins-and-outs of the program, and address four pervasive myths... Read More

Spring Member Forums – Coming to You!

MAR 22  Spring Members Forums are your chance to connect with other co-opers in your region and discuss a topic of importance. Check out the full calendar of events here! ... Read More

Statement by Environmental Defence’s Dale Marshall on environmental spending in federal budget 2017

Ottawa, ON – Today’s federal budget will enable the government to make progress on environmental initiatives, especially on climate change and clean energy innovation, although some of the announced measures are too modest to achieve federal commitments. This budget provides... Read More

Canadian Manufacturers Applaud Government Action to Support Advanced Manufacturing

(OTTAWA) – Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, the voice of over 10,000 leading manufacturers and exporters, is encouraged by the commitment the Go… ... Read More

How much atrazine needs to be in our water until Canada bans this harmful pesticide?

Joint blog with Karen Ross, Equiterre and Muhannad Malas, Environmental Defence  One of the most commonly used pesticides in Canada could be in the water flowing from your tap. Last week, we released our drinking water test results from Toronto... Read More

Clean Economy Alliance celebrates Ontario’s first cap-and-trade auction

Toronto, ON – The Clean Economy Alliance celebrates today’s launch of Ontario’s first cap-and-trade auction. The multi-sector coalition of over 100 prominent Ontario businesses and organizations acknowledges that the beginning of the cap-and-trade program marks a major milestone in the... Read More

Environmental Defence spokespeople available today to comment on federal budget 2017

Ottawa, ON – The federal budget to be tabled today may contain important spending initiatives on environmental priorities, including increasing green infrastructure, protecting freshwater, phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, and moving forward with the pan-Canadian climate framework to tackle climate... Read More

The Federal Budget needs to invest in the pan-Canadian climate framework

It’s often said that governments signal their priorities through what they spend money on. Well this week’s federal budget can signal the importance of climate action for the Canadian government by building on the pan-Canadian climate framework. This means providing... Read More

Staff nominations for Ontario long-term service awards

MAR 20  Ontario Council invites co-ops to nominate staff of Ontario housing co-ops and co-op management companies for its long-term service awards. ... Read More

The Truth Behind High Housing Prices in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

ONTARIO GREENBELT ALLIANCE and THE OAK RIDGES MORAINE PARTNERSHIP Today the Ontario Home Builders Association (OHBA) is at Queen’s Park trying to convince the Premier and her Cabinet that environmental laws designed to protect precious agricultural and natural lands are... Read More

2016 Joule Innovation grant recipient update—CMA members driving changes in health care

In 2016, Joule™ awarded its inaugural innovation grants to five CMA members. Six months after having received their grants, these physicians continue to prove that their ventures have immense possibility to drive changes in health care. Dr. Doug Kavanagh, Medical... Read More

Spring Education Events in Manitoba (Apr 22) and Nova Scotia (Apr 29)

MAR 15  Register now for a dynamic day of learning, discussion and networking. ... Read More

Cutting U.S. Great Lakes funding won’t make the lakes great again

This week, advocates for the Great Lakes are gathering in Washington to educate legislators about the benefits of Great Lakes programs. Although this is an annual event, this year the stakes are especially high. News that the current U.S. administration... Read More

Manufacturers need strong support to reverse massive and growing trade deficit

TORONTO (March 14, 2017) – Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) along with its strategic partners, today released Increasing Access to Domestic… ... Read More

Seven oil multinationals that are pulling out of Canada’s tar sands

Last week brought big news that Royal Dutch Shell, one of the world’s largest multinational oil companies, would sell off its Canadian tar sands assets. Shell’s withdrawal from the tar sands is the latest move in a growing trend in... Read More

Environmental groups find atrazine in drinking water and urge the federal government to ban the use of this toxic pesticide

For immediate release: March 14, 2017 TORONTO – Drinking water testing, commissioned by Environmental Defence and Équiterre found levels of atrazine, a harmful pesticide linked to hormone disruption in humans, fish and frogs, in Montreal and Toronto’s public distribution systems.... Read More