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Fly your own Blue Flag!

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Is the Canadian economy in recession?

Manufacturing GDP notes – April 2015 The release of GDP figures for April suggest that a recession may be inevitable in 2015. Even though the Ca… ... Read More

CAPP seeks 4-point royalty plan to make Alberta more competitive

The Alberta government should consider four principles to make the province more competitive for of oil and gas investment as it proceeds with its royalty review, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said today. “An appropriate royalty structure attracts investment,... Read More

Oil sands prepared to take greater role to tackle climate change

CALGARY, Alberta (June 25, 2015) – Canada’s oil sands producers are prepared to take a greater leadership role on climate action as part of the growing global intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said... Read More

Show us how Life’s a Beach

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Statement from Environmental Defence’s Adam Scott on Alberta’s climate policy changes

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Canada must act now to conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Yesterday, President Obama received authority from the U.S. Congress to finish the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. Canada must seize… ... Read More


The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) says the recommendations by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources on transforming the forest sector will help the industry reach the ambitious goals of its Vision2020. ... Read More

Canada’s Forest Products Industry: Growing a Greener Tomorrow

​by David Lindsay, President and CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada As the voice of the Forest Products Industry of Canada in Ottawa, FPAC works closely with politicians, public servants, academics and stakeholders from other industry associations. ... Read More

AIAC Statement: Industry Minister James Moore Will Not Run In Upcoming Election

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Statement from Environmental Defence’s Adam Scott on the partial requirement for hydrostatic testing on Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline

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Statement by Environmental Defence’s Nancy Goucher on Government of Canada’s new invasive species regulations

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Viking & Reignwood Group Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement With Commercial Commitment for 50 Twin Otter Series 400 Aircraft

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Statement by Environmental Defence on the loss of the Blue Flag for Sauble Beach

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Uncovering the Dirty Truth on cleaning products

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First-of-its-kind study shows cleaning products pollute indoor air, put Canadians at risk of dangerous health impacts

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Manufacturing key to economic diversification, growth: Mulcair

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters is pleased that the three major political parties in Canada have expressed support for Canada’s vital manufactur… ... Read More

Annual Meeting builds momentum for You Hold the Key

JUN 15  More than 650 housing co-op members and supporters attended CHF Canada’s 2015 Annual Meeting in Charlottetown to learn, network and address issues affecting the future of housing co-ops, the most urgent being the You Hold the Key campaign. ... Read More

Ontario signs landmark agreement to cut phosphorus runoff

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From Dumb Growth to Smart Growth

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