The insanity of David Cameron compared to the commonsense of an Australian

While the UK leader outlines plans to seize passports of suspected terrorists before they leave for the hellholes  of  the Middle East thus keeping these dangerous individuals frolicking around in Britain, a Muslim leader in Australia comes up with an... Read More

Stories of POWs in the Ukrainian civil war

There are many.  But I picked this one because not only is it the latest one, it’s also shows what’s happening to the hundreds of soldiers who have now become POWs captured by their own countrymen. There’s not much hatred... Read More

The Daily News brought to you by Juice Rap

Funny! ... Read More

Letter to the Editor: Give Capital Region a Say on Pipeline: August 28, 2014

To the Editor, I couldn’t agree more with Mayor Fortin that citizens of southern Vancouver Island must have a say, and a definitive say, about the proposal to dramatically increase bitumen-loaded tankers through our waters.  I am also an intervenor... Read More

Montreal Gazette runs letter calling Justice Minister Peter MacKay “Machine Gun MacKay”

The Media Party’s attack on Minister Peter MacKay (see here) coordinated by the NDP-connected Broadbent Institute (see here) for daring to pose for a photo wearing a National Firearms Association t-shirt is getting smellier and smellier the more I look into it. For example, this... Read More

Another historical battle in progress for the Sea of Azov

I hope the separatists prevail and defeat the neo-Nazi battalions sent from Kiev. What kind of degenerates would bring the hated Nazis back to life?  Victoria Nuland of the USA led the way on behalf of her boss Obama, and... Read More

Against Collective Forgetting

Workers must do our part to Stop Harper! Happy Labour Day! In Stephen Harper’s Canada, we keep enumerating the things we’re losing: meaningful legislative debate, evidence-based policy, public science, a free and open society, among other things. But what happens... Read More

In Tuesday’s Sun: why Kathleen Wynne should be Prime Minister

So, 1,200 of your family, friends and neighbours are murdered, or go missing. Would you be upset? How about this: the murders and the disappearances have been going on, unchecked, since 1980. Is that upsetting? No? Then, let’s say you... Read More

Into the wild

The movies I love the most, as Lisa or my kids or family might tell you, are movies like Castaway, Life of Pi, All Is Lost, Open Water, and Into The Wild. Which might suggest that, were it not for... Read More

Whew! Nice to know that manly sports will be played by manly men

Just the thought of Michael Sam probably getting a boner while tackling another man was so eeek!  Thank the good Lord he is out, in more ways than one, and remains out of the game …. at least for now.... Read More

Albert Einstein: "It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."

... Read More

A Wee Design Flaw

The BrightSource Energy plant, a state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert, works on the principal of focusing sunlight on a bunch of towers full of water until the water boils and drives a series of steam powered generators.  Unfortunately, the reflected... Read More

Once again, Israel helps to keep ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz safe from Assad’s claws

What are partners in terrorism for, eh?  If terrorists don’t stick together, who will, eh? Let’s hope ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz remembers to send benefactor Netanyahu a “Thank You” note for saving their butts in the Golan Heights. Poor, sweet, innocent Israel…. always... Read More

NATO members will spend millions on their paid holiday-aka-NATO summit in Wales

Plenty of anti-NATO and anti-war marches are happening in Wales and in other countries.  More and more people are coming to the grim realization that this organization, just like the UN, has had its heyday but now it’s time for... Read More

Libya …. the NATO created Utopia is ideal for Terrorists’ Pool Parties on US property

NATO summit commences in the next couple of days at Cardiff in Wales.  Wonder which other country/countries are next on the list for NATO-made Utopias. For your viewing pleasure here’s the vid of terrorists having fun at a pool party... Read More

On the ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz issue and a harebrained UK ambassador

First off, WorldNetDaily (I don’t go directly to that fear factor rumor factory … this was through a link posted at a site I visited this morning) wants to tell us that a “source” has told it that  ”Saudis may... Read More

Obama has extremely misinformed advisers on the White House payroll …..

or perhaps they deliberately give him wrong information to make him look like a fool.  The initial teleprompter jokes don’t work anymore because those not deaf nor blind can see the man is highly articulate and deviously intelligent.  So, the... Read More

Health Canada Says Citronella Must Go….. but DEET OK

Health Canada is pulling the last of citronella-based bug sprays off the shelves by the end of December because of “the absence of adequate safety data.” The essential oil has been used as an insect repellent in Canada for decades. The... Read More

The Harper Tipping-point, Hope or Fear ?

I tend to agree with Heather Mallick in her recent interesting (and surprisingly forthright) article on why people like Trudeau over Harper. And I agree with what many commentators (and most of the polls) suggest, that we have finally reached... Read More

Christy Clark’s Liberals sacrifice BC children to protect Christy Clark’s Liberals

School will start late in BC because the BC government wont agree to any deal with its teachers that doesn’t give the government immunity from the Supreme Court for any consequences of its failure to bargain in good faith. This... Read More