What Would Jesus Occupy?

13 When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 14 In the temple courts he found people selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money. 15 So he made a... Read More

The Ukraine Tipping Point

Ukranian DivideEvents in Ukraine are at a tipping point, and can go in one of two directions: towards a resolution that keeps Ukraine as one state, but with substantial powers devolved on regions, or a Russian influenced and assisted breakup... Read More

Movie: The Passion of The Christ

... Read More

Caliphate of the United Kingdom trying to close the flood gates

A bit too late wouldn’t you say!   IMO, it’s far, far, far too late.  Not just for the UK but also for many of the Judeo-Christian nations.  We are fighting a war that’s already been  lost to demographics… if... Read More

Suzuki calls for "a war on cars"

there is no war on cars — but there should be:… We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by cutting back on car use, choosing fuel-efficient vehicles, joining a car pool or sharing program and reducing speed. …Hands up, how many... Read More

In Sunday’s Sun: when democracy is just a word

A year ago this month, Justin Trudeau was a candidate for the Liberal Party leadership.  He gave a big speech to delegates at what was called the “Liberal leadership showcase.” Among other things, Trudeau said this:  “The only person Mr.... Read More

Anti-Wind Forces Vandalizing Property?

The OPP seems to think so.And its worth noting this statement from Ontario Wind Resistance:[Editors note: Before everyone jumps to the conclusion that it MUST have been an anti- wind protestor who did this, take a moment to remember other... Read More

Now the Green Gestapo are coming after your meatballs

James Delingpole:IKEA … are considering changing the recipe of their most popular food line – meatballs – in order to help save the world from global warming:… “On methane…we are aware of the meat issue with greenhouse gases. We are... Read More

Bill C-23, Fair Elections Act seems now on solid ground

Now that a Senate committee  has recommended nine changes to Bill C-23, Fair Elections Act, the legislation seems pretty solid. And, since Pierre Poilievre has, apparently, indicated privately that he’s open to changes, an amended version of the bill will... Read More

Air travel woes

Air Canada apologizes for luggage toss caught on video – Toronto – CBC News: In spite of Air Canada saying that tossing bags down the stairs isn’t their policy, its pretty clear from the video that there is nothing unusual... Read More

CBC panellist mocks Laureen Harper’s animal charity work

It should be no surprise that since the CBC ran its hit-piece yesterday on PM Stephen Harper’s wife (see here) others in their employ such as ex-Michael Ignatieff speech writer Adam Goldenberg would think making fun of a politician’s spouse... Read More

Target Excels…

…at their profferance of electric scooters for disabled customers.  My wife, she of the broken ankle, who I call Gimpy, has been testing these scooters at various department/grocery stores.  The one from Target was promptly delivered, easy to control, and... Read More

Another Rural Report.

Its been some time since I wrote anything about ‘rural affairs’ and government support, or lack thereoff, of our rural communities having be far more focused upon the road our federal government has been leading our counter which seems to... Read More

"Ism Ism Ism" or in other words "diversity, diversity, diversity"

British comedy used to be fun to watch before they got too politically correct. “The Thin Blue Line”  a TV series with Rowan Atkinson is from the mid 1990s.   ... Read More

The sins of the mighty USA in the nation of Iraq ….

the country that the “first” nation on Earth  invaded and destroyed for no reason at all.   Ned Parker writing at  NYReviewofBooks: Baghdad’s version of Tahrir Square is far shabbier than Cairo’s. It consists of a yellowed park, frequented by... Read More

Wanna see what Air Canada handlers do with your baggage ?

Disgraceful!  The owners of each and every mishandled bag as shown in this video should sue Air Canada. Is it any wonder that passengers have such a low opinion of this airline?   CBC via YahooNews: …Air Canada says it... Read More

Shocking new phenomenon: HuffPo admits global cooling

James Delingpole:Scientists believe they have discovered a near-unprecedented phenomenon – rarer, more elusive and mysterious than even the God Particle: an article in The Huffington Post on the subject of the environment and climate change which doesn’t once mention ‘man-made... Read More

Review: Liberal Ad Not a Wynne

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says she doesn’t like political attack ads, which is why, I suppose, her own political attack ad is so terrible.In fact, her ad is almost a textbook case of what not to do.Check it out:So the... Read More

O Politician, behold The Shape of the Future

So, you’re a politician? You want to lead our country into a better future? You think the past cannot be relied on as an accurate predicator of the future of the country’s economy? You think the middle class deserve a... Read More

Portuguese embassy targeted by jihadis in Libya

Wonder what the ineffectual Portuguese who have long lost their sea legs leave alone an appetite for any kind of combat have done now to get the Libyan jihadis gunning for them. From YahooNews: ….A security officer was wounded in... Read More