Russian FM Sergey Lavrov’s no-nonsense attitude is a rarity in politics

Sergey Lavrov is to be admired for his clear and intelligent insight into the machinations of the evil manipulators destroying our world but pretending to be our saviours.   Below just a few extracts from his speech in Paris on... Read More

Never believe what minions of Obama the Naked Emperor tells you

They are shameless in propagandizing and spouting stuff that even kindergarten kids would think beneath them to draw or write about. ... Read More

Canadian spies met their death by hanging in foreign lands because they went "rogue"?

Don’t know what to make of this story.   The strange part of this tale is not that they were tortured and killed (that’s a given as all those Bond films have shown us) but that the spies’ behaviour is... Read More

Saskatchewan Taxpayers Cough Up Millions To Open Doors For Premier Brad Wall With American Republican Lawmakers

By: Les Whittington Star Ottawa Bureau reporter, Laurent Bastien Corbeil Staff Reporter, Published on Mon Sep 15 2014  OTTAWA—When it comes to rubbing shoulders with movers and shakers in the halls of power in the United States, few governments are... Read More

Piecing together the tragic jigsaw puzzle of the greatest downfall of our times ….

the downfall of the mighty America the Great. Investors in Trump’s casino business are not having a good year.  One down and talk is afoot of another of his casinos closing soon. His casinos are not the only casinos closing... Read More

Rob Ford’s illness only makes Toronto city council elections more bizarre

The campaign to elect the City of Toronto’s next mayor got even more bizarre as Rob Ford withdraws from the race because of ill-health. Ford isn’t the most popular politician these days, but those who have wished he’d drop out... Read More

The Media Party do their best to bury Wayne Gretzky’s endorsement of Harper

Canada’s greatest sporting legend and probably the most recognizable public figure came out in support of PM Stephen Harper but you probably never even knew about it. The perfect example of how the Media Party buried it is this example... Read More

WordPressers Making a Splash

We might think of the end of summer as a slow news season. Not so for the authors and bloggers we feature today, who’ve been hard at work on some exciting projects recently. Rebecca Hains Writer, professor, and media scholar Rebecca Hains often... Read More

John Tory’s attacks on a hospitalized Rob Ford remind me of something

According to the Toronto Sun – and is well-known in political circles – Rob Ford is quite sick. Despite that, John Tory continues to attack Rob Ford, who isn’t even his opponent anymore.  Tory says the bedridden Rob Ford is... Read More

Can We TRUST The RCMP’s Warning On Threats To The Oil Industry?

Environmental extremism a rising threat to energy sector, RCMP warns!September 14, 2014RCMP bombed oil site in ‘dirty tricks’ campaignJan 30, 1999 ... Read More

The USA and allies’ pretentious bravado of taking action against ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz while USA’s #1 ally heals and repairs the enemy to fight another day

The treachery of Israel knows no bounds.  Thousands of Jewish Israelis being descendants of kapos, I should have learnt by now not to expect anything different than what their blood relatives did to their own people in Nazi camps. I... Read More

I Agree With Willie On The Issue Of Scottish Independence !!

Free Scotland ... Read More

I Agree With Willie On The Issue Of Scotish Independence !!

Free Scotland ... Read More

Edmonton Journal columnist tweets her dismay that new Education Minister is Christian

This from Edmonton Journal columnist Paula Simons is the perfect example of a journalist not being able to hold back their bias and bigotry as it’s so close to the surface: Simons would say the same if he was a... Read More

In Tuesday’s Sun: Scotland divided, plus bonus 007 reference

Scotland, heed the wise words of the guy who bites the heads off chickens. You know, Alice Cooper. According to urban legend, the rock star once bit the head off of a chicken. Reportedly, Alice then went on to play... Read More

From Russia with Love …. for Argentine’s economy

Tango away dear Russia and Argentina  …. you make good music together.  The first vid shows Argentina dancers, the second Russian. What an economic blessing the sanctions on Russia have been for Argentina, Brazil, China and a horde of other... Read More

The Gong Show is Back

Today we saw the return of Parliament or was it the first day of a very long election campaign? Clearly every leader was staking out their position on a variety of subjects and there are early indications that both Mulcair... Read More

John Tory’s Statement Withdrawing From Upcoming Debates

“With Doug Ford entering the race and less than six weeks to go until election day, we have entered a new phase of the campaign. John has extraordinary demands on his time and, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate every... Read More

Liberal MP says there’s goodness in ISIS terrorists who behead journos

Liberal MP Ted Hsu continued to confirm how soft a Trudeau government would be in dealing terrorism with this tweet: Expect the same non-reaction from the Media Party to Hsu as they did with Trudeau’s comments on letting convicted terrorists... Read More

Breaking News: ISIS/ISIL/IS/xyz have converted from Islam to …..

David Cameron, the mighty leader of the United Kingdom of the First Caliphate has the details. When one can’t reason with these idiotic leaders of the West, the only way to vent our anger is to ridicule them to hell... Read More