Add A Simple Payment Button To Your Premium Or Business Site

May 2016: Hajj Flemings, CEO of Rebrand Cities with renowned photographer, Shawn Lee, in a redesigned school bus en route to working with small business owners in Detroit. Earlier this year, while working in Detroit with small business owners and... Read More

Rebel, rebel, you’ve got CRA in a whirl

You all make us want to hurl. ... Read More

Rebel media boat hits an iceberg

How sad. Norwegian Cruise Line bows to pressure and cancels ‘neo-Nazi’ conference booking Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has bowed to pressure and cancelled a booking for a “neo-nazi” conference which was set to take place on one of its ships.... Read More

Sums it up nicely

I just did (yet another) interview with a reporter asking about whether tolerating neo-Nazis like Bannon is the price we pay for free speech, etc. I said chants of “death to the Jew” aren’t speech. They’re expressions of hate, and... Read More

Life is about choices

And some choices, they define you. You have to choose sides. Either you are against the racists, or you extol virtues of being besties with Bannon. That's the choice. #cdnpoli — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren)... Read More

Who’s In, Who’s Out, and I Don’t Know’s on Third

SOURCE: CJME News – Speculation Remains Over Who Will Replace Brad WallSOURCE: Globe & Mail – Race to Replace Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall Gets First EntrantSOURCE: CBC News – Who Will Replace Brad Wall as Saskatchewan Party LeaderSOURCE: CBC News... Read More

This was no Love Boat. More like the Raft for the Daft.

Campaign victory. @NCL_UK cancel @TheRebelTV's hate-filled cruise. More to follow. Thanks to everyone who backed campaign — HOPE not hate (@hopenothate) August 16, 2017 Well done to all wh... Read More

Speculate wildly, fellow hacks

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Better Blogging Through Podcasts: Announcing RadioPublic Embeds

We love podcasts: they’re like the blogging version of radio, a medium anyone can jump into and use to share their story. They introduce us to new voices and give us glimpses into new perspectives… and they pair perfectly with... Read More

X: Recipe for Hate news

You may be shocked to hear this, but the subject-matter of X: Recipe for Hate – Left-Right clashes in the streets, surging hate groups, and bigots in positions of great power – is in the news, these days.  So I’m... Read More


A white supremacist is the President of the United States of America. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) August 15, 2017 ... Read More

After today, there’s only one thing left to say

…or, you can sing along.  ... Read More

In yesterday walks tomorrow

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SFH Kinda Suck: number 141 with a, um, bullet!

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An Updated Login Coming to the WordPress Mobile Apps

Over the past few months the Mobile team has been thinking a lot about the login experience in the WordPress apps and how we could make it better — we’re never satisfied, you know, so we’re always trying to improve... Read More

SFH Kinda Suck now up on iTunes!

Right here! Buy several copies!   And press release here! SFH release new album, SFH KINDA SUCK, which kinda says it all TORONTO, August 11 – Shit From Hell, perhaps the most-appropriately named band in the known universe, today released their fourth studio... Read More

Canadian music guru calls SFH “the most self-aware band ever”!

Alan Cross takes note! Check it out! ... Read More

Old guy plugs book on CBC News. 

Film at eleven, literally.  ... Read More

A rebel founder quits the Rebel rebellion

My friend Brian Lilley, who has been with the Rebel since the start, says he can’t take it anymore – here. I am told (not by Brian) that the final straw was that lunatic Faith Goldy, in Charlottesville, promoting the words... Read More

Zundel may be dead, but neo-Naziism isn’t

Now in HuffPo.     ... Read More