I told you so: “Images Show the Buk that Downed Flight MH17, Inside Russia, Controlled by Russian Troops”

When I first wrote about the Malaysian Airlines 777 that was shot down over the Ukraine, I stated that the Kremlin’s fingerprints were all over the shoot-down. In response, I received a number of comments chiding me for jumping to... Read More

News You Can Luze

#CRTC sides with Rogers in carriage dispute over Sun News Network http://t.co/tHOY8dRTud— Steve Faguy (@fagstein) October 2, 2014 #CRTC: Rogers “set-top-box data that showed that #SunNews consistently ranked at or near the bottom of audience viewing levels”— Steve Faguy (@fagstein) October... Read More

SaskPower Carbon Capture and Storage Goes Online Late, Over Budget

I must print a “correction” to my piece in April when I reported that the SaskPower CCS plant was on time and online. The plant went online late last month, two seasons after it was scheduled, to deal with an... Read More

Byline: the fog of war

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Told ya …. the Hong Kong protests are USA-made, just like the Ukraine ones were

Laughably, I suspect the same PR company has been used for the making of  both videos.    USA has become far more shameless in the era of the first black Prez. You can’t venture into the dragon’s den and come... Read More

Jihadists by another name

Like I keep saying,  the actions and mindset of the “right sector” Ukrainians remind me of Muslim jihadis, nothing more, nothing less. From VineyardSaker: ….In fact, Seva Goncharevskii    is all over the news in Banderastan. Here he demonstrates with... Read More

When bold-as-brass Muslims meet gullible Canadian cops …

… you get a weird booklet about Islamic terrorism inspired and written by radical Muslims with RCMP contribution and apparent endorsement:Those bad-ass Muslims David Harris spoke about:Tarek Fatah contends that the RCMP has been infiltrated by radicals while truly moderate... Read More

Just 30 years later….

from the date “1984″ …George Orwell’s predictions from that book are about to become our reality  …. actually, some of them already are, all exactly as he foretold it. From ZeroHedge: A “No Social Media List” For Extremists And Potential... Read More

World War III news …. October 1, 2014

Syria, Novorussia, Iraq, Kurdistan, Canada, UK, USA, France, Ukraine, Turkey,  Afghanistan, Pakistan The jihadists trained, funded and armed by Obama, McCain and other warmongers did this:  From Yahoo: School bombing kills 41 children in Syria: monitor   At least 41... Read More

Sometimes, I see something on the Internet, and it precisely captures what I am feeling

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Canada’s Corporate Welfare Bums Sitting On $575 BILLION Hoard Thanks To Harper Conservatives Tax Cuts ….

Corporate tax freedom day continues to get earlier with each passing year thanks to generous government tax cuts, the Canadian Labour Congress says in a report issued Tuesday.While most individual Canadians don’t earn enough to pay off their taxes until... Read More

Biodefense weapons?

As Ebola is a hot item in the news these days,  this piece seems appropriate. According to the review below, it looks like Dr. Graeme MacQueen of McMaster University has written a fascinating book on the Anthrax incidents following the... Read More

The Russell Tribunal on Israel’s genocidal war crimes in Gaza …. Part Four

Part One is here.    Part Two here.     Part Three is here.  First vid below has Col. Desmond Travers talking about the munitions used by Israel on Gaza’s population. Second vid is from one of the question periods... Read More

Field of dreams

Loved watching tonight’s ball game. There is no game but baseball where the team that wants it more can come back to win, even against a better opponent. KC may not get very far against the LA Angels, but you... Read More

World War III ….. September 30

Iraq: Few extracts from Mindfriedo’s sitrep at the Saker site: Short Analysis   -Daash and allied Sunni fighters take over a few villages to the north of Fallujah  -One of the towns taken over is Sijir, close to Saqlawiyah Military... Read More

The end of "progressive" soft power

A modified version of this column by Kelly McParland appeared in today’s Post as an editorial entiled “The end of ‘soft power’”:U.S. President Barack Obama’s sudden about-face on the Middle East has exacerbated the difficulty that self-styled progressives face in... Read More

Google – sanctimonious, hypocritical, rent-seeking BIRD KILLER

In the Wall Street Journal, headlined “Google Kills Birds”: Our headline has the virtue of being true—as we will explain—unlike Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt’s assertion this week that people who oppose government subsidies for green energy are liars. The... Read More

And Still the Amber Liquid Flows

Hi folks – My apologies for this post. I had no opinions to express or thoughts of the day, so I decided to see what the Daily Post Challenge had to offer.  The challenge was to “Write a new poem,... Read More

The Fallen Saint

  A saint’s life ain’t easy. It’s harsh, painful, and miserable. I know. I lived with one for years. Misery loves company. People still say, “It’s so hard to imagine,” or “She seemed so nice,” or “I can’t believe that... Read More

Your Inner Drone: The Politics of the Automated Future

Nicholas Carr | The Glass Cage: Automation and Us | October 2014 | 15 minutes (3,831 words)   The following is an excerpt from Nicholas Carr‘s new book, The Glass Cage, out today. Our thanks to Carr for sharing this... Read More