Open Nominations. Edmonton Mill Woods Edition.

Varinder Bhuller, the candidate who already was green-lighted for the Liberal Party of Canada’s nomination in Edmonton Mill Woods dropped a bombshell right in Justin Trudeau’s lap with his latest Facebook post   (Highlighting mine) “I received my Green Light... Read More

Gruending On John A. & Clearing The Plains

Since James Daschuk’s Clearing The Plains came out last year Canadian’s have been forced to reassess  John A. MacDonald’s place in the pantheon of Canadian heros.  Among a fair bit of back-and-forth on the subject, Dennis Gruending’s short piece stands... Read More

The Rumble: Trudeau, Obama, kings and cake

... Read More


It wasn’t Roger Ebert’s elegy that got me thinking about it: I’m Irish Catholic and, like my Jewish friends, I think about death all the time.  Goes with the territory. Anyway, Twitter is a good a place as any to... Read More

LPC Potential Nominee For Thunder Bay-Rainy River Is Very Hot

This is of course irrelevant to reasoned political discourse, but I thought I would mention it here.  I’d vote for her.  In a minute.   ... Read More

LPC Potential Nominiee For Thunder Bay-Rainy River Is Very Hot

This is of course irrelevant to reasoned political discourse, but I thought I would mention it here.  I’d vote for her.  In a minute.   ... Read More

More impending chaos in the Middle East?

Saudi King Abdullah is dead.Yemen’s government falls to Iranian backed rebels.  Anti-American rebels, no less.  So, now what happens to Obama’s prize drone-strike program? ... Read More

The wahabi fuck is dead

Great day!,,,,, ... Read More

Break The Law And Aussie Cops Will Make You Listen To Nickelback!

Oi Oi Oi Indeed.  ... Read More

In Friday’s Sun: little interview, big problem

Should Canada have participated in the First World War, when we weren’t contributing anything that our Allies didn’t already have? Should we have joined the fight against fascism in the Second World War – because we weren’t certain we would... Read More

Down Bayview

John Klein:Here’s what was happening in Toronto 30 years ago today. Originally posted on Grandparents' Journal: Jan. 22, 1985 Up at 22 degrees this a.m. & up a bit further later, compacting the snow & making frightful slush on the... Read More

Ernst Zundel and his secret Liberal past

Every Canadian past the age of 40 has a mental image of Ernst Zundel: the neo-Nazi in a hardhat, surrounded by goons in Brownshirt uniforms, perpetually in trouble with the Canadian justice system. For those too young to remember, Zundel... Read More

Right about now, the PM is throwing a big dictionary at a staffer

H/T Louis Butko. ... Read More

Sunny out…the future not so much!

Its been a while since I wrote anything on this my personal blog having been busy assembling a series of articles detailing the demise of our democracy under the Harper Regime for my Democracy Under Fire blog. Needless to say... Read More

Arnold Chan

Arnold is an old friend from the Team McGuinty days, and an impressive new Liberal MP.  He is an amazing person, very driven, and I am very confident he will beat this. ... Read More


Rejection of George Orwell’s Animal Farm by Knopf.  For those of us who slave away behind a keyboard, worth clipping and saving. ... Read More

Should I Join "Ello!"?

Got an invite yesterday from some dude named “Lucian”.  I’ve heard its like Facebook For hipsters, & with hotter women.  On the other hand, I was in one of my favorite Scarborough blue-collar pubs the other day and overheard some... Read More

Fossils To Museums

I was an 8 year old awash in fossils, so I was a tad more generous than this former 9 year old PEI lad with his much more valuable fossil. I donated a lower mandible piece from a ~12,000,000 year... Read More

Fact checking the Pinocchio-in-Chief

During his SOTU address yesterday Obama boasted about US diplomacy success in negotiations with Iran saying:”… for the first time in a decade we’ve halted the progress of its nuclear program and reduced its stockpile of nuclear material …”That might... Read More

My official complaint filed against Global News’ Tom Clark

I have sent the following complaint to Troy Reeb, Senior Vice President of News for all Shaw Media: In the aftermath of the recent Paris tragedy, a popular myth quickly spread that the Conservative Party was seeking to raise funds by... Read More