Is there really such a thing as an "honest Jew" …. maybe, maybe not…

because everything most of the Jewish people tell us is based on lies and deception.  Being the most capable people in manipulation (only the Saudis can better them, and that too only half the time) they are able to pull... Read More

Countries with a conscience are recalling their ambassadors from Israel ….

and some are suspending all trade with the killers of infants and children. Bolivia and Venezuela, who had already cut their ties with Israel during the last massacre, also made their views known on this latest slaughter. Brazil: Brazil President... Read More

Social media cause and effect

It seemed like the obvious response to Steve’s tweet. . ... Read More

Yet more interesting stuff about MH17 ….

this time from Alex Jones’ PrisonPlanet and InfoWars.  ... Read More

Ukraine’s civil war death toll goes beyond 1000

It didn’t suddenly happen to reach that number.  The conflict has been going on the last 3-4 months but most don’t even know about it because our wonderful  MSM thought it best to keep us in the dark for ulterior... Read More

Gaza Christians too become fodder for Israeli missiles from hell

Oh ….  you thought Palestinians were all Hamas terrorists, eh? You thought everybody in Gaza were Muslims, eh?  Think again.  Just like how the powers-that-be controlling the USA and the world media, had kept the number of Christians dying in... Read More

#TOpoli take note: there are interesting things to be seen in the classifieds

... Read More

UN school in Gaza bombed again by Israeli butchers, but wait… in less than 1-2-3 the partners-in-genocide will come out screaming that Hamas was hiding behind the kids ….

because, dontcha know their beloved Israel can do no wrong.  Can’t believe these Israeli Jews are descendants of Jews who were treated the same way they are now treating Palestinians. Disgusting! Very soon, one can expect to hear tall tales... Read More

Good, decent people always try to stop wars …. one of them is Paul Craig Roberts

Only blood thirsty vampires rising from their rotting coffins,  think the opposite, because blood, human blood is their life-line.  It is not appeasement and cowardice that makes people anti-war,  it is the total revulsion of seeing human beings turning themselves... Read More

According to BBC journalist, refugee camp for Syrians in Jordan is "fertile ground for small businesses"

This is what the Western countries have done to the Syrian people …. made them into refugees living the life of beggars.  And, for what?  For trying to oust Assad who is considered to be a BFF of Iran and... Read More

Might As Well Go Home Right Now

Target Canada’s new price-matching promises are, like the shelves of their stores, empty.   That is all. ... Read More

Whose job is it to play by the rules?

Here’s one thing that I don’t blame former Alberta Premier Alison Redford for doing — taking her daughter with her on many of her government flights was the right thing to do.  This is kind of thing any parent SHOULD do, and... Read More

World War 3 …. here we come, nukes and all

Watch the vid to the end and see if you can catch anything amiss with what the IMF woman says. It’s to do with numbers. I will update this post 24 hrs from now to give the answer.  Hint: She... Read More

Syrian child: "There is no love left in Syria"

Evil has taken over, dear children of the Middle East.  The documentary by Lyse Doucet should be out on YouTube any day now.  I wasn’t able to grab it from the BBC website as it has been restricted for viewing... Read More

Video: Toronto Transit employee states to reporter “We will kill all Israel”

In a Sun News segment where Jerry Agar and Paige MacPherson expose how the Media Party covers-up the pro-Palestinian lunatics who spew Jew-hate at every protest is a short clip where MacPherson catches (on camera) a Toronto Transit employee saying this:... Read More

Help identifying pro-Palestinian protester who told female Sun News reporter “Go fuck your mother”

After catching a tweet by Sun News’ Marissa Semkiw saying she was confronted by a Palestinian supporter telling her to “Get a real job” I asked if this guy at least had the brass to tell her his name. The... Read More

We know about "Takiyyah" from the Arabic but how about "Hasbara" from the Hebrew?

Both peoples know how to wring the maximum benefit from those tools. Noam Sheizaf writing at +972Mag: Hasbara: Why does the world fail to understand us? A short discussion of the Israeli term used to describe the ongoing, ever-growing, national... Read More

Too late the hero… New York Times decides to remove blanket thrown over news of civil war raging in the Ukraine which has been going on now for several months

If the various so called “reporters” and “journalists” and their paymasters the “newspapers” which are all controlled by just a few evil war profiteers, had not taken dictates from those evil ones to stay mum about the civil war in... Read More

New Editing and Media Updates Are Here

As many of you know, we periodically release new features and updates to the software that powers sites. We’re excited to share the freshest crop of improvements with you today, and hope they’ll make great content even easier to... Read More

Early Theme Adopters: Bloggy

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